EAC Visual Data

What is it?

EAC is an outcomes assessment tool within Blackboard that provides detailed test and item reliability statistics to improve the quality of exams, exam questions, as well as rubrics.  It also can examine student performance on learning outcomes across course and over time. 

Item Analysis

EAC can help determine:

  • Exam reliability as a whole (KR20)
  • Exam reliability based on question (Cronbach with Deletion)
  • Question difficulty (p-value)
  • Question and test correlation (Point Biserial)
  • Quality of answer choices


Learning Outcomes

EAC allows the instructor to associate questions on an exam that represent desired learning outcomes.  Reports will show performance on learning outcomes at the cohort level as well the student level. 

Rubric Reports

Examine rubric validity by using EAC rubric reports.  These reports provide analysis of the rubric itself and learning outcomes associated with the rubric.  Areas of strength and weakness can be easily identified for rubric criteria as well as learning outcomes associated with that criteria.  

How to Add EAC to Your Course

1) Go to your course’s control panel.

    Click “Tool Availability” under “Customization.”


2) Check EAC Visual Data and click Submit.

    EAC will now be available in your list of course tools. 



For help or a demonstration of EAC, please contact Adam Brewer (brewera@ecu.edu) or Matt Long (longm@ecu.edu).