Blackboard Crocodoc to BOX migration

Changes to the Inline Grading in the Blackboard Assignment Tool

Blackboard’s current service for Inline Grading in the Assignment tool is a web-based tool called Crocodoc. Crocodoc allows the instructor to view and add feedback to a document without having to download the document. purchased Crocodoc in 2013 and recently announced that the service would move to the new comparable replacement service called “New Box View”. Over the winter break, the Inline Grading tool in ECU’s Blackboard environment will transition to the New Box View, which will provide a similar end user experience for Inline Grading in Blackboard.

Blackboard worked with Box to convert data in Crocodoc to the New Box View, including the process to migrate all documents and annotations associated with each Blackboard course. During the winter break transition, all existing documents and annotations in ECU’s Blackboard environment will be converted to the New Box View. This transition will require a 3-4 hour downtime.

Crocodoc and Box Comparison
crocodoc vs box













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