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Blackboard And HIPAA Information

The upload of protected health information (PHI) into BB is prohibited and is a violation of HIPAA Privacy and Security. Penalties for HIPAA violation may be significant. This is inclusive of any patient data e.g. MRI’s, X-rays, Videos of patients , research data containing PHI or any other data containing any identifiable patient  information.

If you have any doubt, stop and contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer @ 252-744-5200. Visit the HIPAA website for additional information.


New Tool – Auto Submit Helper

During our most recent maintenance upgrade, a new feature was added to assist faculty in submitting abandoned test attempts. This new feature works behind the scenes and is called the “Auto Submit Helper”. You are receiving this email because one or more test attempts by your students have been submitted by this tool, per our queries.

 So, what is the “Auto Submit Helper?”
The Auto Submit Helper finds abandoned test attempts and automatically submits them to your grade center, but ONLY if the following Test settings are in place.

  1. The test has the Timer feature engaged.
  2. The test has the Auto Submit feature engaged.

 What is an “abandoned test attempt”?
These are test attempts that are in progress but have exceeded the allotted time limit.

So, if you are giving your students 1 hr to finish an exam during the timeframe of 10-11am the only “auto submits“ would be exams that the student or the auto submit feature failed to “submit” by 11:01am .  These are considered abandoned attempts.

How will you know if Auto Submit Helper found abandoned attempts to submit?

  1. If you review your grade center history (Grade Center/Reports/View Grade History) you will see attempts/submissions with the words “ Null, Null” next to the user name.  This will be an indication that the auto submit helper indeed submitted the test attempt.
  2. You will likely get a call from your student since the grade will normally be lower than expected.

Please keep in mind that in all cases the attempts were failed attempts. Prior to this new feature, you would have had to manually submit the attempt and/or clear the attempt. You still have the choice to clear the attempt to allow the student to retake the test.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Matt Long, Cindy Bowers, or Allen Dennis

Known Issue – Username and password requests in Bb

We have received some calls about having to enter username and password info multiple times when attempting to open Internet Explorer files.  This is a known issue that has a solution.

Blackboard still does not recognize Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser (“IE 7.0″) as fully compatible. If you are using IE 7, please add Blackboard as a Trusted Site .

To address these two issues, you must add  as a Trusted Site.  

1 -Open the Blackboard login page in Internet Explorer 7.0 and choose Tools and select Internet Options.
2 – Go to the Security tab and click on the Trusted Sites icon. Click Sites to open the Trusted Sites box.
3 – The URL for the Blackboard Academic Suite server should appear in the Add this website to the zone field. If not, enter the URL that is used to access the Blackboard Academic Suite in the field. ( ) Click Add.
4 – If the site was added correctly then the Blackboard site should display under Websites
NOTE: Make sure that Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone is NOTchecked.
5 – Choose Close and then Ok. Close the Internet Explorer window and reopen to the Blackboard website.

Here is how ——>  LINK

Blackboard Planned Maintance Downtime 12/20 – 12/23

Hello ECU Faculty, Staff and Students –
You have be forwarded to this page because Blackboard is currently offline.  Blackboard is currently unavailable for a planned downtime that started on 12/20 at 8am and will run through 12/22 5pm.

12/20 – 8:05am – Blackboard is now offline
12/21 – 11:50am – Q/A testing .


 – When is the downtime?  The planned downtime is from 8am on 12/20 through 5pm on 12/22.

– Who does the downtime affect? 
Everyone.  Nobody will be able to login to Blackboard during this planned maintenance window.

– Where can I ask a question about the downtime?
  Here.  We encourage you to ask questions about the downtime in the comments section.  We will reply back in that area.

– I’m a student.  Will Blackboard look and work the same as it did before the upgrade?

– I’m a faculty member. Will Blackboard look and work the same as it did before the upgrade?
Yes.  But… you will notice some nice enhancements to the following features.

****Here’s a Blog Post with all of the details on the three new feature enhancements.****

  • Announcements – You can now send your announcements out as emails  Video Tutorial
  • Exams – You now have a feature that will auto save all answers on an exam after a give amount of time.  E.G.  All test questions are auto saved after 5 minutes and the test closes out. Video Tutorial
  • Rubrics – Rubrics are not viewable for the student and are directly embedded into the gradebook from the faculty point of view.  Anything that can be graded can be assigned a rubric. Rubrics can be shared and copied in Bb as well. Video Tutorial
If you have any questions about the downtime you are encouraged to leave a comment on this blog post.  We will answer all questions in a timely manner.  If you have any technical questions about the new features, I encourage you to ask them inside the Bb9 Yammer Group.
You can also email me directly at
Happy Holidays,
- Matt Long
Bb Support Team

Blackboard Upgrade Plans

Hello Everyone –
Wow… it’s been a while since I have blogged.  From here on out I plan to blog at least once a week about Bb and tools that can be used within Blackboard.  Today I want to talk about ECU’s Bb upgrade plans.  Currently we are on version 8.0 and plans are now in place to upgrade to version 9.x.  We have just gotten access to a Bb9 developmental server and will be running a very small pilot in the fall.  Then, a much larger pilot in the spring with plans to upgrade to Bb9 after the Spring 2011 semester. ( May 2011).  I will be publishing an upgrade plan here very soon with much more detail on how this upgrade will take place. We will be involving as many people as possible.

Here are a couple of Blackboard created videos about Bb9 by Bb. – ( Blackboard 9.1 features page ).  As you will see the interface is very different.  This is both the most exciting part about the new platform and the most challenging.

Questions? Comments?


Spring 2010 Welcome and a thanks

Hello ECU Faculty –
I hope you all had a fantastic winter break. I know I did (besides the ice storm in Boone,NC and no power for 2 days but that’s another story). :-)
Below you will see a checklist of sorts for the beginning of the semester. Please review and email me if you have any questions. Welcome back !

  1. Make your course available – Be sure to do this.  If you don’t your students will not see your Spring 2010 Bb site.  Here is howControl panel / Click Settings / Click Course Availability / Toggle to YES /  Click Submit. You will need to do this for each of your Spring 2010 sites
  2. Enrollments – We will be  updating Bb with enrollments multiple times each day through the drop add period.
  3. Course Content - If you still need the Blackboard Team to rollover content or collapse sections you can request that process here.
  4. Fall 2009 Sites - I will make all of these unavailable this weekend.
  5. Problems - If you have any questions regarding Blackboard you can contact your Instructional Technology Consultant for local support or contact my team for phone or email support. (Matt Long – / 252-328-9074 or Matt Powell – / 252-7371264) More on this topic in a moment.
  6. Training - I will be announcing training over the weekend. We plan to do group training in Austin 309 and Centra training throughout the semester. If you are interested in my visiting your unit for training  please email me and we will schedule a date and time.
  7. Bugs - If you notice any odd behaviors in Bb please report them to me.  I’m working closely with systems to review these “bugs” and search for a fix with Blackboard.
  8. A huge thanks !! - James Cook was provided a career opportunity that he could not pass up near the end of 2009. I’m sad to report that he no longer works at ECU.  He will be missed and his contributions will not soon be forgotten.  If you would like to say “thanks” do so in the comments area of this blog post. His position will be filled in the coming weeks. I will keep you all posted on this subject.

Well, I guess that’s about it.  I will be updating this blog site weekly with any news that I think will be helpful in your use of Blackboard. I will do my best to limit the amount of emails I send out.  But, you will be getting a good amount as we launch into the Spring 2010 semester.   Thanks so much and welcome back !

Matt Long

Holiday Break 2009

Hello All –

I will be away from my laptop and mostly off the internet through the 28th of December.  If you have recently sent in a copy content request we will process it when we get back. I will be sending out information on training, new features, work arounds and known issues in regard to Bb 8 once I get back to work.  I hope you all have a great winter break.  Enjoy yourself !!!

– Matt Long

Blackboard Upgrade Downtime 12/19 – 12/22

– 12/20 –
Bb is now up and working normally. Thanks to all that were involved in the upgrade.
12/19 2:26pmFALL 09 Student Grades - If you want to check your final grades for Fall 2009 just login to Onestop . All grades were required to be entered into Onestop today, by noon.  Onestop is always going to be where you want to go to check your final grade in any course

12/19 11:07pmNR in Onestop.  I would contact your instructor and also the registrars office about this on Monday.  Click HERE to go to the Registrars Office main page. The number is at the bottom of the page.

Hello ECU Faculty, Staff and Students –
If you attempted to access Blackboard at ECU you ended up here because we are in the middle of a planned downtime to upgrade Blackboard. The downtime window is from 12/19 1pm through 12/22 1pm.  If we finish the upgrade a little early my team will send an email out to all ECU faculty letting them know that Blackboard is again available to use.

New Feature Information:
Students - Nothing changes for you regarding the user interface.
Faculty - The Gradebook area is the only change for you all.  This area is now named the “Gradebook Center”.  CLICK HERE to review the new features and review some tutorials on the new features.

Video Explanation:

Once we complete the upgrade all Spring 2010 enrollments will be added.  if you have any questions feel free to email me at .

Matt Long
Blackboard Admin

Copy Content Requests – Spring 2010

Hello ECU Blackboard Faculty –
Please submit all of your copy content requests using the following link. We will be processing the requests as we get them so expect a 24-36 hour delay. If you do not see that the content you requested has been copied after 2-3 days please email me or James Cook. or

If you notice that you have double content email us as well.  That means one of two things has happened.  1) – You have accidentally submitted the same request 2 times. 2) – We somehow processed that request twice. Either way it’s a simple fix for us.

Matt Long

Welcome to ECU's Blackboardblog

Join us on our Blackboardblog! This site is dedicated to our ECU Blackboard community. Through this site, you will be provided with important Blackboard information concerning updates, upgrades, and downtime. Also, in addition to Blackboard, we will introduce new tools from time to time that can be used to enhance your Blackboard course and strengthen communication and social presence. As we continue to update this site, we recommend that you follow us on Twitter to stay current with our tweets. We rely on this heavily to send in quick updates about Blackboard, new tools, etc.

We hope that this site provides any information you may need to help with your Blackboard and education technology experience. If you have any question, please contact one of our Blackboard admins. All of their information is listed on this page.