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Making Past Bb sites unavailable / Hiding Current Sites


Making Your Past Courses Unavailable 

Hello ECU Faculty

The ECU helpdesk and Bb support staff are getting lots of calls about past semesters’ sites still being available from the student perspective.   Please make your past sites unavailable today or over the weekend.  Having past sites open is never a good idea because….

  • You generally don’t want your past students to still have access to course content and assessments.
  • It confuses students who think they have completed the course but still see it listed in the My Courses module.

Here is how to turn student access to your past course sites off.

Control Panel / Customization / Properties / Set Availability / Toggle to NO.

Making Course Unavailable


Hiding Your Past Courses

Many of you have called and emailed about how to hide past courses.  Hiding is a nice way of removing past sites from your view without deleting them.  A best practice is to only show the courses for which you need access, e.g., only the Fall 2014 sites. (You may want to make sure the course is unavailable to students first; see instructions above.)

Here is how to remove past sites from your MY COURSES view.

Click the WHEEL ICON in the MY COURSES Module / uncheck the courses you don’t want to see / Drag and drop to re-order if you want / Click SUBMIT.


New Features Videos

V I D E O S  from the Blackboard Team on some of the new features in Bb as of May 2014:

Mini videos from Allen on some of our favorite new features and tools after our May ’14 upgrade:

Consider adding a link to an announcement in your course for students who may benefit from learning how to set up their Blackboard profile. Take a look at Allen’s Student Intro/Overview Video (3 min).

Check out Blackboard’s YouTube Channel for their short videos on the tools and features in Blackboard.


Blackboard SP13 Pilot Information

This blog post is for members of the Blackboard Service Pack 13 Pilot Group for Spring 2014.

In anticipation of your Spring ’14 course(s) having a home on the SP13 pilot server, you may be wondering  how you will notify your students of their course site(s). We have a couple of choices for you, which are quick and easy!

  • Create a permanent announcement in your course shell on the regular production server ( Write a sentence or two explaining that students need to click a link to the pilot server ( for the entire semester. Make this course available!
  • Send an email to your students, explaining that they need to click a link to “go here” ( for the entire semester.
  • Or, do both … it won’t take long for your students to get in the groove of SP13.

Reminder: Make your course available on the SP13 pilot server – when you want students to enter your course site. How? Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Course Availability > Click Yes > Submit.
We have created a Resource List for the SP13 Pilot. Many of the new features and tools are listed. You will find tutorials in either PDFs, quick videos, or Blackboard’s On-Demand web pages. We will add more tutorials to this blog post, so check back often.

Matt Long, Cindy Bowers, Allen Dennis


SP 10 & 11 Help Page

SP 12 & 13 Help Page

Take a look at Allen’s Faculty Intro/Overview Video (6 min)

What’s new for SP13:


SP 10 & 11 Help Page

SP 12 & 13 Help Page

Take a look at Allen’s Student Intro/Overview Video (3 min)


What’s New in Blackboard Learn? – Short Video and Slides

Blackboard On Demand Learning Center – Bookmark this page