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Welcome DE faculty!  Whether you live in Greenville,
another county, or across the country, you are an important part of our campus. Please bookmark this page and check back now and then for updates, plus new instructional materials.


Note, especially to adjunct faculty: Sometimes there is a delay with new instructors having access to Blackboard until contracts are signed, all paperwork is submitted, etc. It is important that you keep in close contact with your department (and possibly Academic Affairs and/or HR) to make sure that everything is in order. To do a system compatibility check to make sure your computer is ready for Blackboard, go to: System Check. As browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome perform better for Blackboard; Firefox and Chrome are also recommended for Mac users.

Each Semester

  • Here is a FAQ list for instructors re: Spring Semester Things to Do
  • is available to ECU students and faculty! And, there is a Blackboard building block for, so you can even direct your students to specific instructional videos to add to their learning experience. Login to ECU’s to learn more and view over 3,000 top-quality instructional video with subjects such as PhotoShop, Microsoft Products, CAD Drawings, Creating Marketing Plans, HTML and CSS, Resume Writing, Video Production, and many more titles. You can even create customized playlists to watch later.


  • ECU Standards for Online Learning are included in the ECU Faculty Manual.
  • The Faculty Senate Manual has a section on roles in Blackboard.
  • Browser Info: Reminder: Blackboard works best using Firefox as the browser (for Macs also); please remind your students. The gradebook is especially noticeable (slow, not working properly) if you are using IE instead of Firefox. Google Chrome also works very well with Blackboard.
  • Share the URL with your students for the Student Support Page on this Blackboard Blog. It has tips, troubleshooting, LockDown Browser info, and more.
  • We offer Blackboard training sessions (look on Cornerstone), and if you cannot be in Greenville for training, Blackboard Learn has very good mini-videos and tutorials available online. This URL will get you started. Or, contact one of the Blackboard team members if you have a specific tool or feature you are interested in.
  • Interested in LockDown Browser for giving online exams? To learn more: RLDB-QuickStart-Bb-Instructor. Also look at our blog post. Advise students that they will find the URL to download Respondus LDB to their local computer on the BLACKBOARD SUPPORT tab on their Blackboard landing page.
  • Do you teach more than one section and would like your sections merged? Instructions here.


At the start of each semester,  make your course(s) available: Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability (screenshot below)

course availability screenshot

Browser Info: Reminder: Blackboard works best using Firefox or Google Chrome as browsers. For Mac users, we also recommend Firefox and Chrome if the display of Blackboard doesn’t seem right or things are missing, e.g. Submit or Save buttons. Please remind your students of the same. For Windows 10, the new Edge browser is not yet fully compatible with Blackboard.

SafeAssignment – updated feature as of 5/2015

Before our most recent upgrade, SafeAssignment was an assessment option in the list of assessments. Now, instructors just click Add Assessment > Assignment > in the assignment settings, you will now be given a choice of a traditional assignment or SafeAssignment. You will no longer see the green checkmark icon associated with just the SafeAssignment.


Make your Assignment a SafeAssignment (Click image to enlarge)

SafeAssign is a product within Blackboard that can be used as an educational tool to help students identify and properly attribute sources. There are two ways instructors can use SafeAssign: (1) Create a SafeAssignment and (2) Direct Submit. When a student submits an assignment via SafeAssignment, it is compared to an Institutional Database (ECU) and the Global Reference Database (optional) in order to identify areas of overlap. In addition, SafeAssign provides a Direct Submit option for instructors. This feature allows an instructor to submit a student’s paper. We do not recommend using the Direct Submit option to “only add papers to the Institutional Search Database.” Direct Submit does require student consent. The recommendation, which maximizes the benefits of the tool for both instructors and students, is to use the SafeAssignment option. Here are a few of the benefits.

  • SafeAssignment automatically creates a gradebook column and options for feedback to the student with an option to attach a document for student feedback.
  • SafeAssignment organizes files submitted by user and assignment name.
  • SafeAssignment has an option to download all student papers that were submitted as SafeAssignments (not including originality reports). That is done from the actual SafeAssign tool under Course Tools in the Control Panel.

Full Student View – NEW!! and long-awaited!

screenshot student view

You now have an icon to click, giving you a full student view in your course – even the gradebook! (Click the image to enlarge.)

To learn more, please visit this site:

Student View





Upon leaving student view, this box will appear. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Learn from our PDFs and Videos

Assignments & Tests

Grade Center

Interactive Assessments & Tools

Tools and Productivity

Best Practices, Good to Know, etc.

Links to Mini Videos and/or Instructions from Blackboard (this is a partial list; you will find other videos for tools and features from the following links)


IMPORTANT: [From the Office of IT Security, please see the blog post regarding FERPA and Blackboard.]

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard can now be accessed on your mobile device via the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Blackboard Mobile Learn allows students and instructors to interact with Blackboard on their Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad device. Click here to view videos of Blackboard Mobile Learn on your mobile device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn offers a wide variety of features for easy viewing of Blackboard content on mobile devices. Blackboard Mobile Best Practices.

Instructor Features:

  • Create and view announcements.
  • Create and view discussion board threads.
  • Post comments on students’ blogs and journals.
  • View tasks, class roster, and embedded media.
  • Favorites allow you to see only certain Blackboard pages inside Blackboard Mobile Learn.

After downloading the Blackboard Mobile Learn app and running it for the first time, search for ” East Carolina University ” then select “East Carolina University” and enter your Pirate ID credentials.” Explore the functionality of this program.

Update: Blackboard Mobile Learn is now carrier agnostic! This means that all Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices can use Blackboard Mobile Learn over their carrier’s wireless data network. All wireless carrier’s are supported by this new feature.


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