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globeWelcome DE faculty!  Whether you live in Greenville, another county, or across the country, you are an important part of our campus. Please bookmark this page and check back now and then for updates, plus new instructional materials. Note, especially to adjunct faculty: Sometimes there is a delay with new instructors having access to Blackboard until contracts are signed, all paperwork is submitted, etc. It is important that you keep in close contact with your department (and possibly HR) to make sure that everything is in order. (P.S. Like Blackboard, this WordPress site is best viewed in Firefox. Please switch browsers if you have trouble navigating through this page.) To do a system compatibility check, go to: System Check. As browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome perform better for Blackboard; Firefox is also recommended for Mac users. Windows 8 users may find that Google Chrome works well in Firefox.


  • On May 12, 2014 (after spring grades have been submitted), Blackboard will be down for a few days as we perform some updates and add some enhancements to Blackboard. Many tools and features are the same, but you’ll see a new, updated “look” as well as come very cool new features! Some of our favorites: Inline grading, totally new and efficient calendar, group management, date management, updated discussion board. Look at our blog post for a preview!
  • Blackboard/Blackboard Community Programs offers “The Blackboard innovative Teaching Series” on their website and this may be of interest to our instructors. There are training webinars for instructors who use Blackboard, free AND archived, with a variety of topics (e.g., best practices). We offer Blackboard training sessions (look on Cornerstone), of course.

At the start of each semester,  make your course(s) available: Control Panel > Customization > Properties > #3 Set Availability (screenshot below)


Virtual Reading Corner

A few of our favorite sources for timely articles and best practices in distance education/higher education:

Virtual Training! Videos and Instructional PDFs

Blackboard Overview


  • Assignment Tool (creates link for students) – download the PDF
  • Creating and Deploying Tests – download the PDF
  • Creating a Test From a Pool – download the PDF
  • Test-Taking Troubleshooting Tips for Instructors – download the PDF
  • Test-Taking Tips for Students – Share with Students – PDF
  • Respondus LockDown Browser – read the blog post for information (see below for instructor comment)
  • Respondus LockDown Browser – read the FAQ
  • Rubrics with Assessments – download the PDF
  • Rubrics with SafeAssignment – download the PDF
  • Rubrics – Creating Reports – download the PDF

From one of our instructors:

“I was hesitant about requiring LockDown Browser for the 150 students taking 12 quizzes per semester in my classes.  I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed with problems and questions.  However, the problems were few and as usual the Bb team would swoop in to help me with any and all of those.  The online instructional materials created by the Bb team are very effective.  Students taking the few minutes to review those rarely have additional questions about using LockDown Browser.”   KVS

Grade Center

  • Allen’s 15-minute overview of the Bb9 Grade Center: WATCH Allen’s Video
  • Gradebook Housekeeping – download the PDF
  • Weighting Grades – download the PDF
  • Creating a Report – download the PDF
  • Smart Views – download the PDF
  • Creating a SmartView for Multiple Sections – download the PDF

Course Design/Organization (including Copy / Merge)

  • Matt’s 17-minute overview of Bb9: WATCH Matt’s Video
  • Cindy’s 50-minute recorded training session (Pirate ID/password may be required): WATCH Cindy’s Video
  • Upload single or multiple files to your course from Files area – watch now
  • Basic course design – content/organization – download the PDF
  • Create a banner (easy) for your course – download the PDF
  • Course Copy/Section Merge – videos, PDF, or submit request – go here
  • Course Copy – download the PDF
  • Section Merge – download the PDF
  • How to Archive a Course – download the PDF

Interactive Tools

Helpful Links


We value our DE faculty and always like to hear from you, so please contact one of us with any questions or suggestions of what you’d like to see on this support page:

(P.S. Like Blackboard, this WordPress site is best viewed in Firefox. Please switch browsers if you have trouble navigating through this page.)