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LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser by Respondus is a tool instructors may or may not use in their Blackboard courses for test taking. Look here for product and download information.

URL to install LDB: Get the URL from the Blackboard Help tab once you are logged into Blackboard. (If you need to re-install, no need to uninstall first version.)

LDB is Windows and Mac compatible. If you use a Google Chromebook / Laptop – those are NOT compatible with LDB. (The Chromebook operating system is mostly a browser itself.) LDB also works with an iPad, but it requires the instructor to revise the settings, and we can provide the instructions if we get the instructor’s name.

LDB in computer labs? Yes! LDB has been installed in most computer labs on both east and west campus.

Browser Information

Firefox is recommended as the browser for Blackboard 9 at this time, for both PC and Mac. Google Chrome is also certified. With Internet Explorer (IE), you may not be able to download/open Word documents and/or view all images, plus you will have security popups on a frequent basis. That may change with future service packs and we will update our blog when new browser information comes along. From the Blackboard login page, you can run a system compatibility check. is now available to ECU students and faculty! Login to ECU’s to view over 3,000 top-quality instructional video with subjects such as PhotoShop, Microsoft Products, CAD Drawings, Creating Marketing Plans, HTML and CSS, Resume Writing, Video Production, and many more titles. You can even create customized playlists to watch later.

“Help” Resources for Students

Whether you are are a new or experienced user of the Blackboard course management system, here are some basic navigation how-to’s:

menu bar imageOnce you log into Blackboard (using your Pirate ID and passphrase), you’ll see a menu bar with navigational links. The example in the screen shot is representational; the menu bar will look different from course to course.

Instructors decide what menu items to include in his or her course, so you may see differences from course to course. Under most circumstances you will have at least two common menu items, e.g. Announcements and Grades. Once you are in your course(s), by clicking the menu item (link), you will access content areas and tools in Blackboard.

Reviewing Your Submitted Exam and Test Results

To review test results through the Test link:

  1. Click on the Test link.
  2. Click the Begin button to launch the Test Previously Taken page.
  3. Click on the OK button.
  4. The exam and its results should display.

To review test results through the My Grades Area:

  1. Look for the Test for which you want to review the results. Click on the grade/score you’ve received for that test to go to the View Attempt Page.
  2. Click the grade in the Calculated Grade column to view your exam attempt.
  3. The exam and its results should display.

Note: You can only view your answers and the correct answers if your instructor has enabled these feedback options on your exam. If these options have not been enabled, the Calculated Grade link will not allow you to view the test questions or answers.

Blackboard’s On Demand Learning Center

Blackboard has many short videos available for students to learn about the tools and features in Blackboard 9. YouTube short videos for students.

How to Remove Past Courses

Until courses are permanently removed, you can hide them from your view in My Courses. It’s easy! Follow the instructions in this PDF: How to Hide Past Courses.

Important Browser & Add-on Information

  • System Compatibility Check – click here to check for compatible browser and java version on your local computer
  • Firefox – download here
  • Mac Users – use Firefox or Google Chrome, if Safari is not working as expected
  • Google Chrome – download here
  • Java – make sure you have the latest version (allow updates): Free Java download
  • Adobe reader – make sure you have the latest version: Free Adobe Reader

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard can now be accessed on your mobile device via Blackboard Mobile Learn. Blackboard Mobile Learn allows students and instructors to interact with Blackboard on their Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad device. Click here to view videos of Blackboard Mobile Learn on your mobile device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn offers a wide variety of features for easy viewing of Blackboard content on mobile devices. Students will be able to view grades for assignments on mobile devices on Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Student Features:

  • View announcements, tasks, class roster, grades, and embedded media.
  • Respond to discussion board forums.
  • Comment on classmates’ blogs and journals.
  • Favorites allow you to see only certain Blackboard pages inside Blackboard Mobile Learn

After downloading Blackboard Mobile Learn and running it for the first time, search for “East Carolina University,” then select “East Carolina University” and enter your Pirate ID credentials. Explore the functionality of this program.