Campus Resources

Provided by ITCS

  1. Web Server Information–This page provides information about the various servers that you may host personal or course websites, departmental websites and also where you can store streaming audio and video.
  2. Smart Classrooms Finder
    If you are looking for a Smart Classroom, this page allows you to search various buildings to find a room and to see what equipment is available in that room.
  3. Software Downloads
    Download free software offered by the university.
  4. Student Computer Support (ACE)
  5. ACE stands for Academic Computing Environment. This program is designed to help students make informed decisions when purchasing a computer for college and to help ensure that the computer continues to work properly. ACE coordinates with academic departments to identify what models meet departmental requirements and recommendations, negotiate affordable pricing with vendors, and most importantly, ACE provides on-campus technical support for ECU students free of charge.


  1. University Multimedia Center
    The UMC develops a range of full-service technology design and consulting solutions for faculty research and instructional use. Our team designs and develops multimedia projects for interactive course content and promotional purposes, and consults with faculty members on the instructional use of creative technology.