Final push before Fall Break

Are you feeling to pressure? We are! We know that this is one of the most hectic weeks coming up, as students are preparing for mid-terms, big projects and lots of stress! We have seen that reflected in our office and our clients, and we wanted to spend today focusing on some positive coping skills to help address that extra anxiety you might be feeling.

For some students, this point in the semester is the “wake up call” that their current schedule or routine isn’t working for them. Maybe they haven’t really had to study before, or they didn’t have a specific way of keeping track of assignments in a planner or calendar, just assuming they could wing it. Fall Break is a great time to get back on track! Take a couple of hours one day to figure out where you are with your classes. Sit down and write down the remaining tests, assignments, projects, etc. in your preferred planner/calendar. If you don’t have one yet, get one! Decide if you want to use one on your phone (like the built in calendars in most operating systems) or one that can be

google-calendar_logoaccessible from your phone or computer, like Google’s calendar. Some people still prefer paper planner or schedule books, and that’s okay, too! Just commit to one and transfer the rest of your syllabus into it. You will start to see patterns when professors are going to assign certain tests or projects, and if several coincide, you can go ahead and plan on how you will stagger your work on them. (That means not procrastinating until the last minute…)

The Pirate Tutoring Center is also a great place to start if you feel like you need some support in study skills or time management. Take a few minutes to calculate your current grades in your classes, and figure out where you need to focus the most energy and effort.

Some other ways of beating stress are finding healthy routines that allow you to get rid of that extra tension and nervous energy. It might seem counter-intuitive to try and add more things to your schedule, but when they are healthy habits that will make your feel better, it’s worth it! Go for a walk on the Greenway this weekend, starting at the bottom of College Hill and trekking over 1.5 miles to Greensprings Park. Check out the kayaks,


corn hole and beach volleyball over at the North Rec Complex! Take a break tonight with Pirate Night at Mendenhall, where you can design your own license plate and play trivia games with your friends (not to mention free midnight breakfast–yum!)


These breaks will help you stay refreshed and ready to tackle your homework after enjoying some of the fun activities campus and the surrounding community has to offer. As always, if you need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to call and ask for an appointment with one of our counselors. We know what a hectic time this can be and we are here to help students through it and to get you connected to the resources that can offer additional support.

Have a happy Friday, and GO PIRATES! Beat the Heels!

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