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Daniel Kariko (photography) continues to garner international media attention for images in his “Suburban Symbiosis: Insectum Domesticus” series. The baby mantis at left was included in articles featuring his work in both the Daily Mail and Wired in May.
Kariko has more than 50 images in his collection, created by combining multiple stereoscopic and scanning electron microscope images, which provide stunning color and sharp detail, respectively, in Photoshop. Kariko treats each image as portraiture, paying hommage to the 17th century Dutch masters. He’s won multiple awards for individual images.

His boll weevil image won the artist a Wellcome Image Award. It appeared in a variety of online outlets, including IB Times, Wired and Forbes. The boll weevil and 19 other winning images were exhibited at the Wellcome Trust headquarters in London and are currently touring 11 science centers, museums and galleries across the U.K. and U.S.