At the Helm- A guide to sailing the Club Sports Waters

What’s happening!

Ahoy Pirates!

Back again! We apologize if you received multiple messages from a similar list-serv. The situation is being addressed and is anticipated to be fixed soon. We hope everyone had a SUPER weekend! Here is a list of items for you to view:

1-      We will be coming by practice and doing roster checks- all members need to have some form of Identification with them. IF someone is practicing or playing and not on the current roster list, you will be subject to a fine.

2-      We need a copy of your playing schedule ASAP– If you know you are going to be traveling, go ahead and reserve a van!

3-      You need to be looking for a faculty/staff advisor for your club, someone other than Gray. Ideally, an advisor would have an interest in helping with home games and practice, have a general interest in the club, help with budget development and be someone to confide in if you had a problem with our staff, etc.

4-      Clubs- When you travel to away matches and games you will now be required to fill out a “Results form” that will be located in you van packet.

5-      Don’t forget to donate via PayPal by visiting our website!

Upcoming Events- from the Crow’s Nest

On the Horizon: February 12th

–          Men’s Lacrosse at North Rec Complex*Saturday @ 2:00 vs. Texas Christian University

–          Baseball (D-II Team) at JH Rose High School*Saturday @ 12:00/3:00 Doubleheader

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Saturday @ 3:30

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Sunday @ 12:00/3:00 Doubleheader

Further Out: February 19th

–          Women’s Rugby*Saturday @ 1:00 vs. Virginia

Inside Gray’s Anatomy-

Hello Pirate Supporters!  Just a friendly reminder that you can donate to the club sports program or an individual club via PayPal, which is located on our website!  As we move forward, clubs need to be seeking someone in the ECU faculty/staff family to become an advisor for their respective club. This person doesn’t have to attend every practice or game; but needs to be someone who has a general interest in the particular activity and can advise the club on decisions such as: budget, tournament direction, fundraiser opportunities, etc.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to come see us!


– Gray

Weekly Quote-

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
~Mark Twain