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At the Helm- A Guide to Sailing the Club Sports Waters

What’s happening!

Ahoy Pirates!

Let’s get started!

1-      Tuesday, April 26th we will be having a club appreciation luncheon for Club officers, coaches, and advisors.  You will be receiving a personalized invitation via email shortly that will require you to RSVP by a certain date. This Luncheon will be held at the Club Level overlooking the Football Stadium. This is also when clubs will turn in their 2011 Fall Budget. Please SAVE THE DATE- April 26th.

2-      If you have any upcoming games or tournaments you are considering hosting here at ECU please let us know ASAP so we can coordinate field reservations, officials, and staff to work the events!

3-      We want Results! We cannot tell people about how successful you are unless you communicate with us!  

4-      Effective for the Fall 2011 Semester- Each Club will need to have a faculty/staff advisor. This person is someone other than Gray. Ideally, an advisor would have an interest in helping with home games and practice, have a general interest in the club, help with budget development and be someone to confide in if you had a problem with our staff, etc.

5-      Don’t forget to donate via PayPal by visiting our website! Friends, Family, Sponsors and Alumni can also use this feature to support the club.

Upcoming Events- from the Crow’s Nest

On the Horizon: March 19th & 20th

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Saturday @ 5:00/8:00 vs. UVA

–          Men’s Lacrosse at North Rec Complex*Saturday @ 3:00 vs. UNC-Charlotte  

–          Women’s Rugby at North Rec Complex*Saturday @ 1:00 vs. JMU

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Sunday @ 12:00 vs. UVA

–          Women’s Volleyball at Student Recreation Center*Saturday @ 9:00 – Tournament

–          Field Hockey at North Rec Complex*Saturday @ 12:00/1:15/2:30- UNC & NC State

Further Out: March 26th & 27th

–          Baseball (D-II Team) at JH Rose*Saturday @ 12:00/3:00 vs. Duke

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Saturday @ 5:00/8:00 vs. UNC

–          Women’s Soccer at North Rec Complex*Saturday @ 2:00 vs. UNC 

–          Baseball (D-II Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Sunday @ 12:00 vs. Duke

–          Baseball (D-I Team) at Guy Smith Stadium*Sunday @ 12:00 vs. UNC

Gray’s Anatomy

The Final Stretch- Only a few weekends are left for us as we wind down another year. While the start of season is important, the finish is everything. Think about it from an athlete’s perspective- What’s more important to the athlete, how they start the race or how they finish? This is a time where the impressions you make in your club, on and off the field, will play an important role going into next year. Maybe your  team finished 3rd in the conference, lost a meet by 2 seconds, or competed at a national tournament- these events will be the benchmark in which your club will measure next seasons success.  Each club can take where they are now and help set goals of where you want to be next year. As Will Rogers once said, “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” I know some are probably excited that the season is coming to an end, some who may be graduating are bittersweet, and some may be thankful for just an opportunity to go out and compete and play. Whatever your personal feelings are during these last month’s I am confident that you will play out as hard as a Pirate can. Stay Focused and keep moving on the track.



Weekly Quote-

One day of practice is like one day of clean living.  It doesn’t do you any good.  ~Abe Lemmons