At the Helm- A guide to sailing the Club Sports Waters

At the Helm- A guide to sailing the Club Sports Waters



What’s happening!

Ahoy Pirates!

Let’s get started!

1-      We would like to extend a thank you to all of those who attended the club sports bruncheon, which was held on Tuesday, April 26th at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium. This was the inaugural event and it is the hope of all of us in the club sports program that these will become an annual event. It couldn’t have been such a success without your support!  

2-      Each club should have turned in their respective budget and final report to Gray. If you have not turned it in please do so ASAP to avoid penalties.

3-      We hope everyone has an advisor in place to start helping your club in the fall 2011 semester. They must be faculty/staff of the University! If you still need an advisor please let us know; we will help you find someone! You CAN NOT put Gray down as your advisor when you register as a student organization.

4-      Don’t forget to donate to the Club Sport Program or your respective club via PayPal by visiting our website!  Friends, Family, Sponsors and Alumni may also use PayPal to support the club!

Upcoming Events- from the Crow’s Nest

On the Horizon: If any club is interested in participating or competing during the summer please contact Gray Hodges – to discuss operating plans and facility reservations.  We strongly encourage clubs to be active during the summer sessions. Volunteer, service work and working with youth programs are excellent ways to stay involved during the nontraditional seasons.


Gray’s Anatomy

For this week’s edition of Gray’s Anatomy I will want to express my appreciation to everyone in the club sports program for extending a welcome hand during my tenure in the program. Some of you have already heard this if you were at the club sports bruncheon so bear with me J

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all of you for allowing me to come into your world and learn so much.  It hardly seems that I have been here 2 ½ years. Your energy, passion and commitment to each of your sports inspired me to pursue this profession. When I first took this position I didn’t know what to expect and as each day went on I found that to be true; and I loved it. During my time as graduate assistant  we added new clubs, competed in more national championships, and developed more leaders, more than in any other period of time in the programs history, all while finding time to aggravate Gray.  It is my hope that you have learned something from me as I most definitely have learned something from you. I currently am applying at other Universities to become their “Gray”- It is my hope to model  other programs after ECU and build a tradition of merit as we are so lucky to have here. However, as I may don new colors on my shirt I will always bleed purple and gold. I thank you again and hope that you will always cherish this program and University forever, as I know I will. I wish you good fortunes going into your upcoming academic year and season- Go Pirates


Gray    Justin

Weekly Quote-

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
~Albus Dumbledore