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At the Helm- A guide to sailing the Club Sports Waters

Ahoy Pirates!

Spring Semester is in full gear and as we approach spring break, we wanted to provide an update on all the happenings of clubs sports before all you guys take off for vacation!


1-     After dropping the first two games of the regular season, the Club Baseball team has once again put the entire country on notice, dominating their last six to run out to a 6-2 record to begin their title defense.  The Diamond Bucs posted a 10-2, 3-1, 13-2 series sweep over the Blue Storm of Macon State, followed by a sweep of Virginia Tech.  For his efforts against the Hokies, Brian Burgess was named the NCBA National Player of the Week.  In three games against a tough Virginia Tech team, Burgess went 8 for 10 with 2 doubles, 2 HR’s, 7 RBI’s, 5 Runs and 2 walks.

2-      The Golf Club got back to their usual antics, posting another tournament win this past weekend.  The Citadel, Kentucky, USC and Clemson all fell victim to the two time defending national champions.  Tom Duty fired a tournament low 71, while Jonathan Hockaday finished 2nd with a 76.

Nuts and Bolts

Let’s examine some of the more important topics right now in Club Sports.

1- Budgets – The budget process is about to undergo a major overhaul.  Starting this spring for the budget requests, you will now be required to both submit a budget and make a presentation justifying the reasoning behind it.  The due date for budgets is March 27.  After the 27th, you will receive a 10% deduction.  After April 3, you will not receive a budget for the fall!  Remember, if you do not make a presentation to the Club Sports Staff, you will not receive any allocation!  When you submit your budgets in March, you will have an opportunity to sign up for a presentation time slot.  We are encouraging two to three members to be involved in the justification process.  More details will follow soon.

2-   Website and Results – Whenever you guys have a game, event, workshop and/or show, then you need to send the results to Brent Wynne at your earliest convenience.  We are trying to keep your websites up to date with the latest information on how you guys are doing, but we cannot do this without a little cooperation on your part.  If you get an email soliciting you for results, please respond in a timely fashion.  Also, take a moment to review your respective websites and let us know if there are things you want us to add or subtract.  If you have pictures, please send them to!

3-    Marketing – We have seen an absolute explosion in the amount of marketing requests that we have taken on this year for club sports.  We are thrilled that you guys are starting to take advantage of such an incredible resource.  Keep in mind, marketing requests take a minimum of two weeks to complete, so you all need to plan accordingly.  For example, if I know my club needs T-shirts and designs for a show in April, then I need to have that marketing request in sometime in early March.  You give our marketing team a week’s notice, they’re good.  If you give them two weeks, they’re great.  If you give them a month, they’re unstoppable!

4-   Workshops – You guys have done a good job attending the mandatory workshops during the Spring Semester.  We still have two Sportsmanship Series remaining.  The dates of those are March 22 and April 11.  Remember, at least one member of your club has to attend one of these presentations in order to receive credit for attendance.

5-  Website Reconstruction – If you haven’t yet noticed, the club sports website has received a major face lift.  We have gone in and deleted over 200 pages and tried to direct most of the traffic back to the homepage.  Instead of having your individual game results, practice schedules, contacts and photos on each individual page, we now will house all this information on the home page under several master documents.  If you have some time, go take a look at the changes at

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

Feb. 23                       Leadership/Coaching feat. Coach McNeil       Hendrix          5:00 pm

Feb. 25                        Women’s Rugby vs UNC       NRC #2             1:00 pm

Feb. 25                        Women’s Volleyball T.          SRC 3&4          9:00 am

Feb. 25                        Swim Meet                                     Minges             Noon

Feb. 25-26                Frisbee Tournament             NRC 3-7          9:00 am

Feb. 26                        Women’s Soccer vs NCSU/UNC NRC #1      11/1/3

Gray’s Anatomy

For this week’s edition of Gray’s Anatomy, I simply want to say thank you to all of you that have worked so hard during this transitional time in Club Sports.  We have really thrown the kitchen sink at you, and we couldn’t have imagined a better reaction.  We know that being an officer can be very stressful at times and that we have contributed to that stress by raising our standards of you.  However, I hope each of you can see the real value in what we are trying to do here.

I thought Brent Falcon at the start of the year meeting said it best when he said that running a club sport is the basically like running a small business.  Folks, you are all business owners in a lot of ways!  Being able to budget, schedule, run practices, coordinate trips, etc., are all desirable skills that will look really great on your resumes one day!

So when you having a bad day because of the laundry list of things you have to do for your clubs, remember that all that hard work is truly going to pay off one day.  So keep your heads up, and continue to move forward no matter what we or anyone else puts in your path.  You guys are the future leaders of tomorrow, and we fully expect that you will act like that today!

Go Pirates!!!



Weekly Quote-

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”

~Lou Holtz~