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Written By: Meredith Johnson, Peer Mentor


Many of you may not know this valuable resource that is available to students in The College of Business Advising Center. This resource is The Peer Mentors and is comprised of six junior and senior business students that are here for one purpose, to help other students succeed.

They are here to serve as role models for first year and transfer business students. They participate in all of the College of Business events; you probably saw them at Open House when you first toured here. They are here to offer a student perspective for The College of Business. Most of them have taken the same classes that you have taken and are involved in some of the same organizations that you are involved in. These six Peer Mentors are spread across 4 out of the 5 majors offered in The College of Business. They are actively involved in the business student organizations and you may see them at a meeting.

The Peer Mentors are also actively involved in The College of Business Living Learning Community (LLC) here on campus. The Peer Mentors helped at LLC Move-In Day at the start of the school year. They also attended the Haunted House on College Hill with LLC students. Peer Mentors also get together during one of their weekly meetings towards the end of the semester and put together goody bags for exam week for LLC students.

There are some requirements for the Peer Mentors. One of which is having weekly office hours up in the advising center. These are available to students so they can come up and talk to them about any question or problem they may be having. They are also available during class registration time for students to come and get guidance about staying on schedule for graduation and suggestions for schedules. These office hours are a set schedule every week of the semester.

Now let me introduce you to all of our 2014-2015 Peer Mentors:

DesiThis is Desi Franc. Desi is a Senior Marketing and Supply Chain Management Major from Charlotte, North Carolina. Desi has been with the program for two years now and offers valuable experience from being an RA in the LLC for two years. Desi says the key to success is to stick with this quote “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”-Wayne Gretsky.


This is Meredith Johnson. Meredith is a Junior Marketing major from Cary, North Carolina. This is Meredith’s first year as a Peer Mentor. Meredith currently handles all of our social media sites. When asked why she wanted to be involved with the Peer Mentors she said she wasn’t involved her Freshman year and decided what better way to get involved than with The College of Business and to be able to help incoming Freshman get involved early and find their place here at ECU.

kyleThis is Kyle Kwiatkowski. Kyle is a Senior Accounting and Managerial Finance Major from Greenville, North Carolina. When asked why Kyle wanted to be a Peer Mentor he responded that he believes all students have the potential to be successful as long as they have the motivation and study skills to achieve success.

ShannonThis is Shannon Murphy. Shannon is a Junior Finance- Risk Management and Insurance Major from Mooresville, North Carolina. Shannon is a former LLC student and from her involvement in the LLC wanted to become a Peer Mentor after working closely with them. Shannon says her key to success is to live by this quote from Steve Jobs “Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that kept me going was that I loved what I did”.

zekeThis is Zeke Sigler. Zeke is a Senior Accounting major from Wilmington, North Carolina. Zeke is also a former LLC student and after working closely with the Peer Mentors then wanted to be one himself. Zeke says that the key to success for him is to live by this quote from Mark Twain “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

lindseyThis is Lindsey Sing. Lindsey is a first year graduate student pursing her MBA from Charlotte, North Carolina. This is also Lindsey’s second year as a Peer Mentor. Lindsey is able to offer students the grad school process. Lindsey says the key to success is following this quote from Walt Disney “Around here we don’t look backwards for long… we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Now that you have met The Peer Mentors we hope to see and hear from you soon. If you would like to email us with any questions or concerns email us at Also, Like us on Facebook at . We are also on LinkedIn:

ECU Professor’s Research Makes Cover of Premier Accounting Journal

RebeccaFayAn article authored by East Carolina University Assistant Professor Rebecca Fay recently made the front page of the Journal of Accountancy, the leading journal published by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). The magazine reaches 500,000 accounting and finance professionals each month, more than all other accounting publications combined.
The article, “I’m not biased, am I?” was published  as the Journal of Accountancy’s cover story on Feb. 1, 2015. Norma R. Montague, assistant professor of accounting at Wake Forest University, served as co-author.

In the report, the authors explore five common judgment biases that can affect accounting and auditing decisions, concluding that learning how to spot and short-circuit these biases can help CPAs maintain their objectivity.  The authors also include a decision-making quiz so that readers can learn about their decision-making process and how it relates to their accounting work.

Fay explained, “The first step toward enhancing our decisions is recognizing the specific problems that may occur. In 60 seconds the quiz provides readers with an opportunity to determine whether common types of bias are affecting their decisions. It shifts the topic of bias from merely a textbook concept to something that is relevant to the reader personally.  Hopefully the article will pique interest and point readers to the wealth of literature available.”

To read the full article, click here:

Fay joined the ECU College of Business as an assistant professor of accounting in Fall 2011. Originally from Virginia, she earned her PhD from Virginia Tech and holds both a BS and an MBA from Liberty University. She is s a licensed CPA and has seven years of experience in public accounting. She worked as an audit manager with Cherry, Bekaert & Holland before returning to academia.

Internship Outside of Comfort Zone Pays Off

Written By Dr. Susanne Killian, Career Counselor, CoB Career Center

Henry David Thoreau stated, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” This quote encompasses the career path of Wings Mankedick, a Master’s of Business Administration student here in the East Carolina University College of Business.


Wings is a fantastic example of how students can mold their graduate experience into a holistic and experiential route to a dream career.  By combining his academic interest in marketing and his love of the outdoors he secured an internship with the marketing department at the Voyageur Outward Bound School, which is a program that seeks to challenge students based on four main values: compassion, integrity, excellence, and inclusion/diversity.  The program also utilizes expeditionary travel to develop leadership skills and encourages participants to work as a group to complete goals.  Outward Bound uses adventure to develop personal leadership skills and to increase one’s understanding of the world around them.

This adventurous spirit is evident in Wings’ choice of participating in an internship outside of his comfort zone as he states:

“My career goals have changed drastically since I first started the MBA program at East Carolina University and this internship was more or less the biggest turning point I have had since the transition.  Two years ago I was on my way to having my dream job working for a Business Management consulting firm, but I soon realized my heart belonged to the woods, outdoor education, and adventure.  I still wanted to be able to use my past education in my future career and have found that marketing for organizations that I believe in, such as Outward Bound, could help bind together two loves in my life.  This is why I challenged myself to complete an internship with Outward Bound.”

We can conclude from this notion that internships are great opportunities for students to experience the real world of work, and in this case, a new realm of the world of marketing.

The experiences that Wings gained through his internship have enriched his education here at ECU which he clearly expresses:

“I have many new skills and also many programs I am now familiar with.  I definitely believe that part of my success was having pre experience and education in the marketing field.”

Wings not only benefitted himself through his internship, but also made a positive impact on the Voyageur Outward Bound School as they now wish to continue the marketing internship that he pioneered.  As he explains the value of the internship, “I believe it was very beneficial for anyone looking for a career in marketing.”

We are fortunate to have students such as Wings Mankedick leading our graduate programs to excellence through their strong work ethics and ability to realize the value of a holistic, graduate experience.  It is our hope that other students follow this example and search for their own passion along their path to a rewarding career.

**If you are interested in interning please contact Dr. Killian via email or make an appointment by calling: 252-737-1236

New Year- Time To Update That Resume!

Written by Sharon Justice, Department of Management


The start of the New Year always brings time for reflection, refocus, or resolutions.  Often, we think that resolutions have to be momentous, life changing events.  It’s not too late to start the New Year off with new habits that can make a difference, not just resolutions that get lost in the shuffle.  Here are a few to consider:

Update your resume:  With the beginning of the New Year, it is a good time to reflect on what you have accomplished since last year.  Did you work over the summer?  Did you start a new job?  Did you study abroad?  Have you been a volunteer?  Everything has potential to be a resume builder.   Remember to always make strong arguments for your accomplishments by using power verbs and incorporating facts and figures into your resume.  Don’t simply state job duties.  Expand your impact and grab attention by explaining what you accomplished and why it was important.  Remember, the resume is your teaser advertisement for you.  Take charge and spend time crafting the foundation that can be easily customized whenever you want to apply for a position.

Set up a LinkedIn profile, or update your current profile.  This online social media tool is an excellent way to stay connected with friends, work associates, prior colleagues, people you want to get to know…you name it.  Spend time crafting your headline, pull updated accomplishments from your resume.  Find new groups or people to share with.

Explore Twitter:  Don’t just tweet random thoughts.  Find groups with common interests and join the conversations.  Maybe you don’t start out adding your own tweets, and that it ok.  Follow a conversation on a hot topic one evening.  See what others in your industry are talking about.  Join a group of Millennials as they talk about entering the workforce after college.  Follow recruiters where you want to work.  Twitter has so much to offer, go see for yourself.

Refine your Pitch.  You never know when you will meet someone unexpected.  Have your pitch ready to share.  It’s your opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself.  You never know where these new connections and conversations may take you.

Now is the time to start off the New Year with new habits.  Take time to make a few updates and explore a new tool.  You may just find that the New Year brings you closer to your goals.

Student Highlight – Hunter Rudd


Hunter Rudd likes to think big – and since he first started taking classes online at ECU in 2008, he has achieved victory on many fronts. He is set to graduate this spring with honors and most recently earned the Ward/Thompson Scholarship for 2014-15. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A full-time student, Rudd lives in Chapel Hill where he owns a photography business called Rudd Photography LLC . He specializes in high quality corporate imaging and has dozens of commercial and private customers.
unnamed (1)
What’s even more notable, Rudd is a Special Forces veteran. He enlisted in the U.S. Army after 9/11, dropping out of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania to become a Green Beret and serve for 10 years in the Middle East. He earned three Bronze Stars, two Meritorious Service Medals, and one Purple Heart during his service. He still teaches at Ft. Bragg.

He met his wife, an Air Force Intelligence Analyst, when they were both deployed in Afghanistan. In 2011, the couple decided it was time for a change. They left the military and pursued academics full-time.

“I wanted an institution that would work with me while I was in the service, to achieve my dream of bettering my understanding behind the art and science of management,” Rudd explained. “ECU fit that bill perfectly. Having a brick and mortar campus, along with a reputation for academic and athletic excellence, it stood out from the crowd of universities that were offering online education to service-members.”

Rudd’s wife is a currently a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, dual-majoring in Political Science and European Studies. She hopes to pursue her graduate degree next year, just like Rudd plans to earn his MBA.

In addition to juggling his full-time studies and work, Rudd actively participates in veterans groups such as the VFW and the American Legion. He’s currently the senior strategic planner for UNC’s newly formed student veterans group, the Carolina Veterans Organization. Rudd said that even though he is an ECU student, the veterans community at UNC has welcomed him wholeheartedly, surmounting any college rivalry.

This past fall, as part of MGMT 4343 (a senior-level elective course that provides a deep and applied exploration of leadership), Rudd and other ECU business students had to complete a hands-on leadership project – giving them the opportunity to lead others and make a difference. For his project, Rudd surpassed even his own expectations. He led a team of volunteers through the Carolina Veterans Organization to raise more than 4,500 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC and TABLE, a non-profit that provides healthy, emergency food aid every week to hungry children living in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, N.C. The project was close to his heart, having lived through war and seen the devastation wrought by nutrition deficiency.

In all, Rudd’s student-veteran team spent more than 202 man-hours reaching out to local business and manning Fill-the-Truck events at community grocers. They started with the goal to deliver 1,000 pounds of food the week of Thanksgiving, but they quickly surpassed it and made an even larger impact within the community.
unnamed (2)
Rudd said, “In my leadership within the military, you don’t readily realize how easy leadership is in such a hierarchical and compulsory environment. Through Dr. Grubb’s MGMT 4343 course, I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone and lead in a volunteer project. That presented a number of challenges for me, but in the end I was successful in not only raising more than 4,500 lbs of food donations, but I also learned a great deal about the art and science of leadership in the civilian world.”

Rudd says that he has been humbled by the academic rigor of ECU’s College of Business experience, and he believes that with his education, he can truly change the world.
“The ECU College of Business is one of the most interconnected schools that I’ve seen,” Rudd said.  “Aside from our career services, the rich network afforded by our distance education programs for both undergraduate and graduate business studies gives our students and alumni incredible reach within virtually every industry. In addition, our professors possess some incredibly relevant knowledge on not just the theory of business administration, but also the application. It is through educating our students on the application, not just the theory, that ECU finds its most critical value proposition for those businesses wise enough to recruit from our graduates.”

College of Business Scholarships Make a Real Difference in Students’ Lives

Written by Ms. Anne Fisher, Director of College of Business Professional Programs

A college degree can open countless opportunities to recent high school graduates, as well as to older adults who have been in the job force for years. Unfortunately, with college tuition costs rising steeply over the last several years, many students are struggling financially to complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Scholarships can make reaching reaching the ultimate goal of earning that college degree a reality.


Each year, the College of Business awards more than 125 scholarships valued at more than $200,000 thanks to donations of generous alumni, faculty, and friends of the College. Scholarships range in value from $250 for one year to a fully funded MSA degree program, including tuition and fees (valued at approximately $13,000). Applying for scholarships is easy! Students complete one online application, and then he or she is considered for any scholarship for which he meets the eligibility criteria. Each scholarship has its own unique eligibility requirements that are established by the donor. A wide variety of scholarships are offered, and funding is available for most any set of circumstances. Criteria categories include, but are not limited to:

  • BSBA concentration (Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing and Supply Chain Management)
  • MSA student
  • MBA student
  • Demonstrated Leadership Service
  • Demonstrated Community Involvement
  • Demonstrated Financial Need
  • Demonstrated drive and determination
  • In-state residency status
  • U.S. citizen
  • Permanent residency in a particular county in North Carolina
  • Interest in a particular job field (risk management and insurance, public accounting, legal field, non-profit management, real estate, etc.)
  • Non-traditional students
  • Students who are mothers
  • Full-time status
  • Member of a particular student organization (American Marketing Association, National Association of Black Accountants, Student Accounting Society, etc.)

The ECU College of Business faculty and alumni are proud of their students and their school, and they are willing to commit their financial resources to making our College even better. More than twenty College of Business faculty members fund scholarships for our students. Numerous alumni, some graduating only three years ago, and others graduating up to sixty years ago, also fund scholarships. These generous donors inspire our students to reach new heights and drive our college to earn even more accolades as the quality of our students continues to improve.

So how can you help?

  • Encourage any ECU College of Business undergraduate or graduate students to apply for scholarships NOW. The online application i The application link will close on Saturday, January 31st at 5:00 pm.
  • Consider establishing a College of Business Scholarship. Scholarships can be annually funded or and endowment can be established. For more information on establishing a scholarship, contact Preston Lovett, the College of Business’ Major Gift Officer, at (252)328-9562 or

Students, faculty, and alumni can work together to make the ECU College of Business better than ever!

Personal Finance in the College of Business

Written By Dr. Len Rhodes, Department of Finance

Almost everyone agrees that we in higher education should do something about increasing personal financial literacy and capability among students. Believe it or not, there are still many institutions that do nothing to promote personal financial education on their campus. However, the College of Business has been doing something about it for some time now. Continue reading Personal Finance in the College of Business

Alumni Highlight: J. Robert Mann, Jr.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 12.25.33 PMSince graduating from ECU’s MBA program in 2002, Robert Mann has stayed busy building high profile projects across the country.

He first worked in Washington, D.C. on the post 9/11 Pentagon rebuild, then tackled the Howard Hughes Medical Institute East Coast campus, one of the largest private funding organizations for biological and medical research in the United States. He also worked on the Newseum in Washington, D.C., an interactive museum of news and journalism.
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Students Participate in N.C. State Human Resources Conference

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 12.25.53 PMThe 2014 N.C. State Human Resources conference was held in Greenville, N.C. earlier this fall, and ECU’s Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter was invited to volunteer and participate.

Ten students from the College of Business attended the event over the course of four days. With more than 700 HR professionals from across the state attending the conference, students networked, asked questions, and made meaningful connections.
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Strategic Marketing Class Visits Silicon Valley

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 12.26.07 PM

This past summer, 18 students in Dr. Tracy Tuten’s Strategic Marketing Innovation Class learned about innovation first-hand by visiting some of Silicon Valley’s top companies.

Students first studied innovation in the classroom, teaming up to report on 10 companies which they then visited during the fourth week of the course. While on-site, the class was able to tour the corporate campuses of Google, Apple, Ideo,, Walmart Labs, Clorox, Joyent, Twitter, Netflix, and Goodby, Silvertein & Partners.
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