Accounting Student Finds Music Industry Niche in NYC

Attaway (1)

Three years ago, senior business student Mitchell Attaway took his first accounting class and failed. After taking it again with a different instructor, something clicked. He earned an A and even began thinking about a career in accounting.

A music industry buff, he applied for and received an internship that summer doing volunteer management for six major music festivals with 35,000+ attendees each. The next summer, he worked additional music festivals and met Patrick Templeman, business manager for the Electric Forest festival and managing partner with PS Business Management LLC – a full service business management firm based in New York City that works with individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry.

“It was no easy feat getting into the accounting trailer to meet Patrick,” Attaway said. “I asked if he would mind sitting down and speaking with me at some point over the weekend. He said it would be no problem after quizzing me on my SEC Football knowledge. We sat and talked for almost an hour about what he did as a business manager. Then I asked how he would recommend I get involved. He contemplated the question and then said, ‘I need an intern. Have any friends in NYC?’ I did.”

The next week, Attaway was off to New York to spend the last three months of his summer working at PS Business Management. He posted entries for tours, closed accounts payable, performed comparative analysis for various tour routes, and more. He says it was a blast.

After returning to ECU for a semester, Attaway decided to get a taste of corporate life.

“I thought Madison Square Garden would be a great fit since there was so much going on there as far as music and entertainment,” Attaway explained. “I gave Patrick a call and asked if he had any contacts. He said he did and would be happy to pass my name down the line. So, I received a call for an interview in late December 2013. They said my past experiences and major were exactly what they were looking for. So, after jumping through all the hoops of a drug test, background check, etc., I got the acceptance call for my spring semester internship the day before drop-add ended.”

At the Madison Square Garden Company, Attaway worked as a student associate for facilities finance. Each day, he would develop a Flash Report, a per event P&L for the facilities’ food, beverage, and merchandise sales. This was done for each of the seven nationwide venues that held an event the night before. He would also help facilities align their accounting systems with the corporate accounting system. In addition, he assisted with budgeting the next year’s food, beverage, and merchandise projections.

Attaway said, “It was very helpful to see how such a large company can operate so efficiently. I was also the only intern who was able to meet the new CEO and persuade him to give me some time for an informational interview. This was the highlight of my internship and proved to be a very enlightening conversation.”

While in NYC, Attaway also worked with the music magazine Relix. He says this allowed him to grow his network of contacts even further within the field of music/entertainment.

He plans to graduate this spring and pursue his CPA designation.

Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Joshua Bendickson

Dr. Joshua Bendickson: Department of Management

BendicksonBendickson began his teaching career in 2003 at Austin Public Schools and has since worked in industry at Robert Half International and taught at Louisiana State University. This is his first year at ECU.

He received his B.S. from St. Cloud State University in 2003, his M.B.A. from Augsburg College in 2007 and his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.  Bendickson conducts research in Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Capital and International Business. Outside of work he participates in many recreational activities like tennis, volleyball and softball.

Professor Bendickson has an interest in aviation, and his favorite song is “Going to California.” Finally, his all-time favorite movie is a classic, Forest Gump.

Welcome to ECU, and we hope that you enjoy it here!

MSA Student Wins Best Student Poster Award

MSA StudentMengyuan Fang Farley, an MSA student at ECU and graduate assistant at the Center for Healthcare Management Systems, won the Best Student Poster award at the 2014 North Carolina Health Informatics Career and Internship Fair/Symposium. The event was held on Oct. 24th at the East Carolina University Heart Institute to discuss the latest research trends and developments in health industries along with job opportunities.

Twenty posters from five North Carolina universities (including Duke University, East Carolina University, North Carolina Central University, UNC–Chapel Hill, and N.C. State University) and healthcare organizations such as Vidant were selected for the final presentation at the Fair/Symposium.

Farley’s poster title was “Effects and Sustainability of Healthcare Information Exchange.” Her project was conducted under the guidance of Drs. Yajiong (Lucky) Xue and Huigang Liang.

Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Thanh Ngo

Dr. Thanh Ngo

DSC_0161 (1)

    Dr. Thanh Ngo was born in Vietnam, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Foreign Trade in 2001. She came to America in 2003 in order to receive a Master’s degree in Economics, and after this she began working at the University of Texas- Pan American and stayed there for 8 years before relocating to Greenville, NC.

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” are words that Ngo values very highly, despite her busy schedule, she devotes a lot of time to her 6 year old daughter. She enjoys getting out and being with her family, and she has done a lot of research over her years of teaching. She has 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals on corporate restructuring activities, specifically mergers and acquisitions.

She enjoys the books Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics, and likes to spend her free time with her daughter.

Welcome to ECU Dr. Ngo!

Develop A Global Business Perspective- Study Abroad

Written by Dr. Haozhe Chen, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

I have been involved with COB’s summer study abroad program since 2010, and I have served as a faculty leader for trips to Australia and China. In addition to experiencing foreign cultures, I believe the visiting various companies in foreign countries is particularly meaningful and relevant to our business students. In today’s global economy, no matter where our COB students end up after they graduate from ECU, they are likely to be dealing with international partners. That’s why our college has specific curriculum requirements to develop our students’ international perspective. We also intend to enhance such initiative with our study abroad programs. Therefore, we have put in substantial effort in arranging excellent company visits for our international trips. These visits have been thoroughly enjoyed by our students.


In recent years, our students have visited a wide range of companies on their trips. For example, both FedEx and UPS have hosted our groups at their hubs in Guangzhou and Shanghai in China. Finding out how American logistics companies operate overseas was very exciting for our students. Seeing pallets of Apple’s iPhones at the UPS HUB that were ready to ship to the U.S. (including North Carolina addresses) certainly made our students better understand the close economic ties between countries.  We’ve also visited some of the busiest container ports in the world – Port of Guangzhou and Port of Shanghai. Watching thousands of containers being processed for shipping to different international destinations helped our students better understand the complexities of global supply chains.

Our students also had the opportunity to visit some of the well-known international companies on their trips. For example, in China we visited Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing and Toyota’s plant in Guangzhou. At Lenovo, our students were not only given a private tour of different research labs, they also listened to an American executive’s sharing of his work experience with the Chinese giant. At the Toyota plant, our students learned how the company is making huge investment to expand in the world’s largest auto market.


Besides the global companies, our students were also able to sit down and have meaningful conversations with successful entrepreneurs in China who have turned their small business into large corporations. During the interaction, the insights and experience shared by them were thought-provoking and motivational.

To give our students the opportunity to better understand the entire business environment, we also scheduled business visits to other types of organizations. For example, we have visited the Federal Reserve Bank in Australia and the Futures Exchange Market in China. Also, we have visited one of the largest real estate developers in China to gain an in-depth understanding of China’s booming real estate market.


Through these company visits, our students have gained significant amount of knowledge about international business that is not possible to learn in the regular classroom. More importantly, they have developed a well-rounded international understanding that will benefit them for their future careers. We can conclude that these company visits have been priceless to our students. We therefore encourage you to take advantage of our well-designed COB study abroad trips.

Students are encouraged to join the COB in Summer 2015 in Australia:

Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Aneil Mishra

Dr. Aneil Mishra

Aneil Mishra Headshot #2

Dr. Mishra was born in New Delhi before locating to Michigan, and then he later attended Princeton University.  After working at General Motors for several years, he then earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan.  His academic career began at Penn State, and then he taught at Wake Forest for a decade.  He then helped to launch the online MBA program at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to teaching here at ECU, Mishra has also taught 8th grade Economics and Sunday School.

His favorite quote is “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”  by Barry LePatner, Esq. While talking about experience, Mishra has been teaching for 22 years; however, he does make time to relax and spend time with his family. His wife Karen is a marketing professor at Meredith College, and he has two children. His daughter attends college in Virginia and his son is a junior in high school.

During his free time, Dr. Mishra enjoys taking walks with his wife, bicycling, and watching movies.

Welcome to ECU, Dr. Mishra, we are excited to have you on our team!


This years visiting scholars- Xiaolin Sun & Xin Li

ECU Visiting Scholars 2014

This year ECU would like to welcome two visiting research fellows, Xiaolin Sun and Xin Li.  Xiaolin Sun is a Professor of Business Administration at the College of Business at Xi’an University of Finance and Economics.

Sun is sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Sun is sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

She has many research interests, which involve behavioral and managerial aspects of information systems, including IT capability, IT governance, job stress and competition strengths. She has published more than 30 papers and her research has appeared in leading journals in China, such as Studies in Science, China Soft Science, Statistical Research, Information Science, and Journal of Information. She plans to visit ECU for one year during which she plans to study the impact of IT capability on organizational performance.

Li’s research work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.




Xin Li is an Associate Professor at the College of Pharmacy at Nanjing Medical University. His research interests include Social and Administrative Pharmacy, including Clinical Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Administration, and Pharmacoeconomics. He has published 30 papers since 2003, and his research has appeared in journals, such as PLoS ONE, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, and International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and his work has been widely cited. He plans on staying at ECU for six months during which time his main focus will be analyzing the impact of pharmacist interventions on antibiotics use in hospitals.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the Center of Healthcare Management Systems click here:

Alumni Making a Difference in the Raleigh-Area: Meet the Edwards Brothers

Who are they?

Kelly Edwards (MBA ’02) and twin brother Chris Edwards (MBA ’02) are the co-owners of Edwards Insurance and Financial Strategies, a Raleigh-based insurance and financial services firm with five locations in the Triangle. Both are ECU graduates and are making a name for themselves in Raleigh.

Pair of investors on a roll to rehab houses in southeast Raleigh

Pair of investors on a roll to rehab houses in southeast Raleigh

What do they do?

The brothers also own and operate The Edwards Companies – Investment Real Estate Group, a Raleigh-based full service investment real estate firm. The brothers were recently featured on WRAL-TV, as well as the Triangle Business Journal for their work on homes in southeast Raleigh. They buy homes that need repairs and after they have completed the necessary repairs, they rent the homes out as an investment. “More folks come down to downtown Raleigh with Citrix, Red Hat, more jobs downtown, nicer restaurants … people want to live down here,” said Kelly Edwards.

You can read more about the brothers on

Investigate the Business of Healthcare


Since 2008, the College of Business has been collaborating with the College of Allied Health Sciences to organize the annual Business of Healthcare symposium. This year the College of Business is collaborating with the College of Allied Health Sciences to organize the 2014 North Carolina Healthcare Informatics Career and Internship Fair/Symposium at the East Carolina Heart Institute on Oct. 24. College of Business Dean Stan Eakins will give a welcome speech in the morning. Dr. Huigang Liang, Director of Center for Healthcare Management Systems will start the poster session at 1:00pm.

heart institute2

Health informatics is a fast growing field. A new study found that between 2007 to 2011, job postings for positions in healthcare informatics grew by 36 percent, compared with a 9 percent growth in all healthcare postings, and 6 percent increase in all U.S. jobs. Informatics positions now constitute the eighth-largest share of healthcare occupation postings.

Students in management information systems, business administration, and other related majors are encouraged to attend the career and internship fair to look for job and internship opportunities. Faculty members are welcome to join with colleagues from other NC universities and practitioners from healthcare organizations to explore research ideas.

Detailed agenda is available a


Become More Independent, While Learning How Interdependent the World Is- Study Abroad

By Dr. Elaine Seeman, Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

globeabroadMy study abroad experience began when I was in college (a long time ago!).  I backpacked through Europe for three months in the summer between my sophomore and junior years.  I came back a different person in so many ways. Since then I have wanted to help others enjoy this transformational experience.

In 2003, I began leading Summer Study Abroad trips for the College of Business.  Since then I have taken students to Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia and China.  I have gone to Australia multiple times and look forward to returning in 2015.  I always look forward to seeing friends that I have made and visiting my favorite places; in some ways, visiting Australia (especially Brisbane), now feels like going home.


On every trip, I have learned new things myself, while watching students’ view of the world, business and themselves expand. Students become more independent, while learning how interdependent the world is.  I have seen friendships, marriages and business relationships begin during these trips.  Some students have gone to graduate school, stayed to work, or made lasting business connections in the country that they visited.  Others have become determined to see more of the world.  Everyone grows and gains a fresh perspective of our country’s role in this world.

The site visits are one of the best parts of the trip. Here are some of the highlights:

-Amaretto di Savona in Italy asked us to preview and critique its TV advertisement campaign targeted for the US audience.

-Visiting both the UPS and FedEx distribution hubs in China.

-Australia’s Central Bank economists explaining how they developed monetary policy that helped the Australian economy expand during the recent global recession.

-Observing trading at the Chilean Stock Exchange in Santiago

-Google Argentina in Buenos Aires gave all of us an understanding of what working for such a tech company would be like and helped us see how Google operates internationally and within a focused market.


To learn more about the Summer 2015 trip to Australia: