Man Who Recovered Goldsboro Nuclear Warheads to Speak at ECU

Dr. Jack Revelle, a retired explosive ordinance officer, will speak to students, faculty, and the public at 4:30 pm on Monday, March 25th. The lecture will take place in Room C207 of the Science and Technology Building on campus. This lecture is sponsored by ECU’s College of Business, College of Technology and Computer Science, and the Office of Military Programs.

Dr. Revelle is one of the men responsible for locating and disarming two hydrogen bombs that were accidentally dropped over Faro, N.C., when a B-52 crashed on its way to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.  Then a first Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, ReVelle led a 10-man team responsible for disarming and recovering those two bombs, one of which was nestled in a tree and the other buried in a tobacco field and swamp.

Revelle will be joined by Joel Dobson. Dobson authored the 2011 book, “The Goldsboro Broken Arrow,” which tells the story of Revelle’s team. Much of the historical account was only recently declassified and released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Free parking will be available in the lot at the bottom of College Hill, near the intersection with 10th Street.

For more information,

Contact: Dr. Evelyn Brown, professor in the Department of Engineering

Telephone: (252)-737-1027



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