Back-to-School Budgeting

The College’s Mark C. Weitzel, a lecturer and certified professional financial manager, recently spoke with WITN’s Anna Phillips about the topic of back-to-school budgeting. Her conversation with Mark can be viewed here.

This topic is essentially the backbone of the College’s personal finance class, which is team taught by Weitzel and Len Rhodes, COB’s director of Technology, Information and Operations and instructor in the Department of Finance.

One point that Weitzel likes to emphasize in the course is that students need to take the time to understand their budget and the money they have available to them.

He says students get excited when they get their financial aid and/or scholarship money at the beginning of the term. However, if that money is not handled correctly, it will disappear long before the end of the semester.

“But, there are easy steps students can take to ensure bills get paid and money is still available to them at the end of the term,” says Weitzel.

Expect more helpful information from WITN, Anna Phillips and Weitzel over the next months.

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