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Dr. William Swart, a professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, recently published, “Extending the Principles of Flipped Learning to Achieve Measurable Results: Emerging Research and Opportunities.”

With detailed case studies, the book presents an opportunity to improve the learning experience for millions of students by implementing a “flipped class” approach to learning, which takes the best aspects of both online and regular classes. It also shows how to measure flipped learning results to implement Deming’s P-D-S-A cycle for achieving continual improvement in flipped classroom results.

Dr. William Swart

Dr. Swart writes in the book’s preface, “After almost four years of research conducted in parallel with actually teaching my classes in this format, the accumulated results show that flipped learning works!”

“Students are more satisfied in a flipped class than in a traditional classroom. They achieve better grades. Moreover, they acquire valuable leadership and team building skills as a consequence of having to collaborate to achieve a common objective as part of a group of diverse team members.”

According to Swart, the book can help educators at all levels to embrace the flipped class model in their educational approach.

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