Student Spotlight: Trevor H. Wells

Trevor H. Wells

College of Business Senior Trevor Wells shares with us his successful internship experience.

How did you learn about the internship? Where was it?

ECU and College of Business (COB) alumnus, David Taylor, graduated from the RMI program and went to work for Johnson and Johnson Insurance Inc., in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, which is just outside of Charleston. That was the “one and only” place he wanted to work. His professors, which are mine today, told me of his experience and put me in contact with him.

How did the College of Business prepare you for this successful internship?

The COB leadership conference gave me an incredible amount of confidence. I learned the right and wrong things to say during an interview. Additionally, I was introduced to the best ways to take a leadership role, even as an intern.

Describe your experience at this company.

It was incredible. The first week was all about shadowing and learning how to use the company’s technology. Gradually, I was introduced to new job tasks. With limitations, I was then given the role of an associate underwriter. My responsibilities included reviewing inspections, processing renewals and occasionally writing new policies.

Describe your experience at the College of Business.

ECU was the only school I had in mind. I saw how much the students were happy. They explained how much they were invested in the College, especially the Risk Management and Insurance program. This interaction made me feel that I had made the right choice with ECU’s College of Business.

Additionally, I was taught professionalism and networking. This instruction made me more confident in myself than I’ve ever been before. I was well prepared because I was taught how to write a successful resume and provided great leadership skills through attending the Leadership Conference.

During your internship, when did you know that your education was paying off for you?

All of my fellow interns had been assigned projects. I had not. So, I took the initiative and wrote a standard operating procedure for processing renewals in the transportation risk department. Halfway through writing it, I realized how much I had learned at the College. We learned about taking charge; “stepping up to the plate” and showing what I could do. I realized how much I had learned about writing in a professional setting…thanks to my business writing class.

Eventually, I was offered a job after the internship and was told that I acted professionally by not only doing what I was told but by taking assigned tasks further than expected.

Why would you recommend a College of Business student take advantage of an internship opportunity?

Internships are a great way to land a job early. You get to meet the people you will work with and spend three months learning the way the company conducts its business. So, you’re prepared to be an employee when ready.

And, if for some reason, you don’t like the workplace culture, you can always use that experience at your next internship or maybe your first career job.

You’re going to learn a lot in two to three months. You will be surprised how much you know when you return to class.

What would be the one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I started college full-time at Pitt Community College when I was sixteen years old.

I got a job offer from Johnson and Johnson Insurance Inc. almost immediately following the internship.

I’m vice president of the Gamma Iota Sigma Beta-Theta Chapter, which is the Risk Management and Insurance fraternity.

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