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Engaged Learning and Outreach through the Small Business Institute

The small business management course has a long history in the Department of Management at East Carolina University. In 1972, the Small Business Institute® (SBI) model was initiated through a partnership between the Small Business Administration and eight select universities in the United States. The SBI model is based on an engaged learning experience where student teams complete consulting projects for regional small business owners. This experience allows students to gain firsthand knowledge of the complexities of managing a small business, while providing the clients with recommendations aimed at resolving key business problems. These reports include a section with creative recommendations, along with a budget and implementation plan.

From the most recent SBI Conference

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Tips For Writing A Personal Statement

Written by Sharon Justice, Leadership and Professional Development Program

personal statement2

When do you need a personal statement?  Anytime you want to market yourself.  You are an Entrepreneur of your own career so you better get started.  No one else is going to jump start your career for you, so take charge now.  How you respond to “tell me about yourself” can be the entry into more conversation, or it can be a door shutting on opportunity.

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Don’t Forget To Check With Financial Aid

It’s that time of the year when college seniors are beginning to think about their final exams, their graduation, and their first day out in the real world. One thing I’ll bet very few are thinking about is their student loans. Yet, one of the most important things a soon to be graduate should do is to make one final trip to the financial aid office before graduation.

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ECU AMA To Attend Conference in New Orleans

AMA at a benefit night to raise money for this trip.


The ECU chapter of the American Marketing Association will have 13 students attending the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans March 19-21.  These students (11 officers and 2 committee members) were chosen to represent the chapter because of their active participation throughout this academic year.  The trip was made possible through the generosity of the SGA, Dean Eakins of the COB, and a private donor.  The students will be accompanied by their faculty advisor, Jane Lang, and will compete with hundreds of other collegiate chapters in the US and abroad.

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Alumni Highlight: Paul J. Alar (MKTG ’78)


Paul Alar has led the way as a top investor for 30 years, focusing primarily on various alternative investment strategies. He founded his own Atlanta-based fund, West Mountain Partners LP, in 2002, which was soon recognized as the number one Emerging Manager Fund of Funds by InvestHedge magazine. By 2013, West Mountain Partners had become the best performing fund of funds in the world according to the Barclay Managed Funds Report.

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How to Land a Job Before you Graduate

Insights from a Senior Business Student with Four Job Offers


Senior finance student Tyler Boruff, 22, plans to graduate this spring, and he already has a great job lined up. Actually, he had four job offers lined up by the beginning of 2015, and selecting the best one was the hard part. Starting July 17, he will be an associate production manager for Aramark in Dallas, Tex. as he begins in thecompany’s management training program called Accelerate to Leadership, or A2L.

“The College of Business was there for me all the way and gave me a lot of valuable guidance throughout my job search, from beginning to end,” Tyler said.

So what are Tyler’s secrets to landing a good job?

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