Pair of investors on a roll to rehab houses in southeast Raleigh

Alumni Making a Difference in the Raleigh-Area: Meet the Edwards Brothers

Who are they?

Kelly Edwards (MBA ’02) and twin brother Chris Edwards (MBA ’02) are the co-owners of Edwards Insurance and Financial Strategies, a Raleigh-based insurance and financial services firm with five locations in the Triangle. Both are ECU graduates and are making a name for themselves in Raleigh.

Pair of investors on a roll to rehab houses in southeast Raleigh

Pair of investors on a roll to rehab houses in southeast Raleigh

What do they do?

The brothers also own and operate The Edwards Companies – Investment Real Estate Group, a Raleigh-based full service investment real estate firm. The brothers were recently featured on WRAL-TV, as well as the Triangle Business Journal for their work on homes in southeast Raleigh. They buy homes that need repairs and after they have completed the necessary repairs, they rent the homes out as an investment. “More folks come down to downtown Raleigh with Citrix, Red Hat, more jobs downtown, nicer restaurants … people want to live down here,” said Kelly Edwards.

You can read more about the brothers on


Investigate the Business of Healthcare


Since 2008, the College of Business has been collaborating with the College of Allied Health Sciences to organize the annual Business of Healthcare symposium. This year the College of Business is collaborating with the College of Allied Health Sciences to organize the 2014 North Carolina Healthcare Informatics Career and Internship Fair/Symposium at the East Carolina Heart Institute on Oct. 24. College of Business Dean Stan Eakins will give a welcome speech in the morning. Dr. Huigang Liang, Director of Center for Healthcare Management Systems will start the poster session at 1:00pm.

heart institute2

Health informatics is a fast growing field. A new study found that between 2007 to 2011, job postings for positions in healthcare informatics grew by 36 percent, compared with a 9 percent growth in all healthcare postings, and 6 percent increase in all U.S. jobs. Informatics positions now constitute the eighth-largest share of healthcare occupation postings.

Students in management information systems, business administration, and other related majors are encouraged to attend the career and internship fair to look for job and internship opportunities. Faculty members are welcome to join with colleagues from other NC universities and practitioners from healthcare organizations to explore research ideas.

Detailed agenda is available a



Become More Independent, While Learning How Interdependent the World Is- Study Abroad

By Dr. Elaine Seeman, Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

globeabroadMy study abroad experience began when I was in college (a long time ago!).  I backpacked through Europe for three months in the summer between my sophomore and junior years.  I came back a different person in so many ways. Since then I have wanted to help others enjoy this transformational experience.

In 2003, I began leading Summer Study Abroad trips for the College of Business.  Since then I have taken students to Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia and China.  I have gone to Australia multiple times and look forward to returning in 2015.  I always look forward to seeing friends that I have made and visiting my favorite places; in some ways, visiting Australia (especially Brisbane), now feels like going home.


On every trip, I have learned new things myself, while watching students’ view of the world, business and themselves expand. Students become more independent, while learning how interdependent the world is.  I have seen friendships, marriages and business relationships begin during these trips.  Some students have gone to graduate school, stayed to work, or made lasting business connections in the country that they visited.  Others have become determined to see more of the world.  Everyone grows and gains a fresh perspective of our country’s role in this world.

The site visits are one of the best parts of the trip. Here are some of the highlights:

-Amaretto di Savona in Italy asked us to preview and critique its TV advertisement campaign targeted for the US audience.

-Visiting both the UPS and FedEx distribution hubs in China.

-Australia’s Central Bank economists explaining how they developed monetary policy that helped the Australian economy expand during the recent global recession.

-Observing trading at the Chilean Stock Exchange in Santiago

-Google Argentina in Buenos Aires gave all of us an understanding of what working for such a tech company would be like and helped us see how Google operates internationally and within a focused market.


To learn more about the Summer 2015 trip to Australia:


Faculty Friday: Meet Melissa L. Bard

Melissa L. Bard


Bard is originally from Greencastle, PA, and she worked at Penn State before coming to ECU. She attended the University of Maryland, and is currently a doctoral student at Walden University. In addition to furthering her education, she obtained her Senior Professional in Human Resources certification in 2002.

She prefers quieter weekends; however, she still has fun when she is not teaching. Some of her favorite hobbies include running, baking, practicing yoga, reading, and cheering on her favorite sports teams.

Bard loves spending time with her granddaughter, and her favorite quote is “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”. She enjoys the movie Titanic very much, and luckily her favorite color is lavender, so she will fit right in here at ECU!

Welcome to our team, and we hope you have a great year!


The Best Boss I Never Had

Written by Aneil Mishra, Department of Management, Thomas D. Arthur Professor of Leadership


Bob Lintz is the best boss I never had.  If I had worked for him, I would have likely stayed longer at GM.  Nevertheless, I have been privileged to have worked with him for the past 25 years as part of my ongoing research on trustworthy leadership.

When I first met Bob in the late 1980s, he was in the middle of a transformational change effort he was leading at a stamping plant in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  The General Motors stamping plant in Parma’s future had been in doubt in the previous decade because at that time it was one of GM’s worst plants in terms of productivity, quality, cost, and labor relations.  By building a trust-based culture at Parma, involving the local United Auto Workers (UAW) leadership, rank-and-file union employees, and Parma’s managers, Bob created a team-based system, which empowered employees to improve their own work areas, collaborate to develop innovative solutions to long-standing conflicts, and partner with customers and suppliers to reduce costs while simultaneously improving quality.

Lintz and Wife

Bob Lintz with his wife, Karen.

In the decade and a half after I met Bob, the results of this organizational change effort would be significant.  Productivity in terms of output per employee improved almost 10-fold, while quality improved even more dramatically.  This was all due to marked and sustained increases in employee engagement based on mutual trust.  Bob’s example as a trustworthy leader, and his commitment to building trust throughout the Parma organization, stood in contrast to developments elsewhere at GM.  It is no surprise that in 2014 Parma is one of the best-performing stamping plants in the world, and as a result of Bob’s leadership, several thousand well-paying jobs were saved.

 Bob also owned the original Ghostbuster’s ambulance, restoring it to its original condition, complete with the four proton packs worn by Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson.  Bob used it raise money for cancer research among other philanthropies.

Bob also owned the original Ghostbuster’s ambulance, restoring it to its original condition, complete with the four proton packs worn by Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. Bob used it raise money for cancer research among other philanthropies.

Having retired from GM, Bob is busier than ever, helping The Cleveland Clinic’s transformation from a system organized around physicians to a team-based organization centered on patients.  Bob will be discussing how he is applying his insights and experience about employee engagement, world-class quality, and safety as a top organizational priority as part of his leadership work with The Clinic.



I am delighted that ECU will be hosting him as the 2014 Cunanan Leadership Series Speaker at 3 PM on November 12th at ECU’s Hendrix Theater.


PhillipDavis (2)

Faculty Friday: Meet Phillip Davis

Phillip Davis

PhillipDavis (2)

Davis is originally from Greenville, SC and before he came to ECU he was employed by the University of North Texas for four years. He is now in the Department of Management here at ECU after acquiring his BS and MBA from Clemson University and his PhD from the University of North Texas this year.

Although he is busy at work, which includes research about organizational capabilities, small business strategy and entrepreneurship, he still manages to make time for his family. He is happily married to his wife, Tracie, and they have three children Ariel, PJ, and Briella.

When he is not teaching, Davis enjoys spending his time watching college football and being with his family. He believes that, “You have not truly learned something until you share it with someone else.”.

Welcome to ECU, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Amsterdam 2

Participate in a Life Changing Experience

Amsterdam 2

A study abroad experience can be life changing. The College of Business offers study abroad opportunities every summer with the possibility of earning course credit and traveling to a different country. The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) surveyed 3,400 students that had participated in study abroad programs and here is what they found:

There are many benefits to participating in the COB study abroad program. For example, students often cite, personal growth as one of the most important benefits. In particular, personal growth benefits range from increased self-confidence and independence, long lasting friendships, and a higher tolerance for ambiguity. After taking several groups of students I can attest to the fact that long lasting friendships are always created on these trips. Many students join these trips without knowing another person but they always leave with a group of friends that last many years. In fact, it is common for groups to get together often after the trip to catch up and relive some of the great memories.  Increased self-confidence and independence is another benefit I mentioned. After spending two weeks in a foreign country navigating public transportation, language differences, currency exchanges, etc. students often feel they can accomplish anything!

Altavilla Day 2 Group

Some of the most important benefits involve educational and career goals. Participating in the COB study abroad program can lead to fellowships and internships in the future. We visit universities and foreign businesses. These contacts have led to future opportunities for students. They also influence education and career decisions. Perhaps you will decide to continue your education based on something you learned while abroad, or perhaps you will seek career opportunities with a global company. Meeting business men and women and professors provides you with the ability to increase your network as well as the opportunities you have in the future.

There are also intercultural development benefits from studying abroad. Students often leave with a better understanding, not only of the country we visited but their own country as well. Study abroad often provides the student with a more sophisticated view of the world by understanding the differences and similarities between cultures. Many times, while visiting a foreign country, our perceptions and habits are tested and even changed.

Altavilla Day 2 Kyle, Landon, Kyle

As I stated above, there are many benefits to participating in the COB study abroad program. I have included just a few. Please, join us one summer for a life changing experience!

For more information about Summer 2015 Study Abroad:

-Dr. Amy McMillan, Associate Professor, Management


Prepare Yourself for Securing A Job


Tips for success

The CoB Career Center sponsors a variety of career fairs throughout the academic year. This guide will help you prepare for them and help you make the most of your time while you’re there.

Reasons to Attend

Regardless of your major, year in college, or future goals, there are many benefits to attending a career fair. You can:

• Investigate positions and career fields you could pursue with your major and background

• Meet representatives from organizations for whom you are interested in working

• Get more information about specific companies and organizations

• Gain valuable interview / networking experience

• Increase your chances of interviewing with an employer

• Receive sound job search advice from seasoned company recruiters

• Develop your network of contacts



What to Expect

Typically, career fairs host groups of employers from specific geographic regions or employers that recruit for similar industries or sectors. Employers expect to interact with students seeking job opportunities as well as those simply researching careers and organizations.

Most career fairs are held in one large room. Rows of tables are staffed by representatives from the participating organizations and decorated with table-top displays.

Student registration tables are usually located at the entrance to the career fair. Here, you might be asked to sign in, create a name tag, and complete a brief questionnaire. Lists of attending organizations and maps identifying their locations may also be available.


How to Prepare

If you are attending a career fair in search of job opportunities, you should prepare for the experience as you would for an interview.

1. Review the list of organizations that will be attending the fair, then research those employers of interest to you. Visit the CoB Career Center for company literature, and do research on the organization’s website.

2. Ensure that your resume reflects your most current accomplishments, skills, and experiences. Print an adequate supply of your resume.

3. Practice answering specific interview questions and prepare questions you would like to ask the employers.

4. Consider how you will dress. If you are exploring job opportunities, you should dress in professional business attire.

5. Prepare a strategy for working the fair. Prioritize the employers with whom you’d like to speak, identify the information you want to get from them, and specify goals you hope to achieve by attending the fair.


At the Fair

Don’t ask what positions the employers have; tell them what you’re seeking. If you aren’t sure of the job titles, begin by telling them your major, what you enjoy doing and ask where there might be a fit. Employers respond positively to this direct approach.

Keep your communication brief and to the point. You may want to meet with many employers, and employers will want to meet with as many students as possible. Prioritize your time to meet with all the employers on your list. Be sure to give your resume to each employer, and also get a business card from a representative at each organization that interests you.

Sample Questions You May Ask

Do your homework before you attend the fair and find answers to as many of these questions as possible – it shows the employer you are serious about your candidacy.


• Do you have a formal internship program?

• Do you have an internship coordinator I could contact?

• When is the best time to apply for an internship?

• What experiences might I have as an intern in your organization?

• Do you offer both paid internships and those for academic credit?

• What courses or majors do you look for in potential interns?


• After you describe your academic and work experience: What are typical entry-level positions for someone with my major, skills and experience?

• What skills do you look for in candidates?

• What type of previous work experiences do you look for in candidates?

• What’s the best way to apply to your organization, and how long does the process usually take?

• Will you be on campus to interview?

Sample Questions They May Ask You

• When are you available to begin working?

• Are you interested in full-time or internship opportunities?

• What kind of position are you looking for?

• What geographic areas are you interested in?

• Why did you stop at our table today?

• May I have a copy of your resume?

After the Fair

Within two weeks of the fair, make follow-up contact with the representatives you spoke to, unless you have discussed an alternative arrangement. Employers may leave a fair with hundreds of resumes, and they report that less than 5% of students follow up after a fair. This simple step can give you a big advantage.

Recruiters share the ingredients of a great first impression:

“A firm handshake and introducing yourself.”

“Let me know what your major is and what type of position is interesting to you.”

“Good eye contact and speaking clearly.”

“The time with each student at a career fair is brief, so a student who can get his or her point across in about 1 minute is way ahead of others.”

career fair

Susanne Killian

Certified Career Facilitator Joins College’s Career Center

Did you know it takes six to ten months on average for students to land their first job?

Susanne Killian, the College of Business’ new career counselor, says it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. She joined the COB Career Center in October 2013, becoming the College’s first-ever Certified Career Facilitator.

Susanne KillianOriginally from Wake Forest, N.C., Killian brings 20 years of educational and career development experience to her role. She also holds a Ph.D. in Educational Research from N.C. State University. She says she enjoys interacting with business students and exploring their options through self-assessment, networking opportunities, and internships. She works with undergraduates, graduate students, distance education students, as well as alumni – and her services are offered for free through the College’s Career Center.

Killian says she offers different types of one-on-one appointments, with students typically needing a general internship/job search session. At this type of meeting, students discuss their concentration, think about their future ambitions, explore their strengths, and discover tools and resources to network and prospect for jobs. She also offers advice on resumes and cover letters, and she has even been known to help students practice talking on the phone – an important skill to develop with so much done digitally these days.

She says that landing a quality internship is pivotal for many students, helping them gain valuable interpersonal skills in an office environment while strengthening their work ethic – traits that employers stress in today’s marketplace.

“It’s a different world now, so students need to use our services and get on the right track early,” Killian said. “There’s a fine line sometimes between networking properly and being perceived as a job hound. Our role is to support students throughout the prospecting process and enable them to put their best foot forward.”

To make an appointment with Susanne Killian, please contact the College of Business Career Center office at 252-737-1236. For resources and other information, visit online at


College of Business Faculty and Alumni Take Italy


This past summer College of Business alumni, faculty, and friends traveled to Italy.  The trip began in Milan and continued on to Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo, and Capri. It was a once in a lifetime experience! Some of the highlights included a boat tour around the island of Capri, a day trip to the medieval town of Erice, eating a panini from a street vendor in Sicily, and a surprise torrential rain storm in Florence! Some travelers visited the Vatican, while others toured the Catacombs and Crypts. In addition, we consumed tremendous amounts of Italian food ranging from steak florentine to simple prosciutto panini. There was wine and espresso daily, along with delicious desserts such as baba, cannoli, and tiramisu! Luckily, we were able to walk most of it off during the day! It was definitely an adventure.

Burano - Lauren C

The group traveled throughout Italy on a Gran Turismo bus with an experienced driver. He gave us great advice about where and what to eat, places to see, and was always ready to help with a translation when needed! It was a great way to see Italy! Traveling by bus was safe and much easier than traveling by train. It was also much more comfortable! In addition, by the end of the trip we all made new friends. There was a wide range of people from all different backgrounds, which made the trip much more interesting! Another benefit of the trip was that even though we were traveling together, we were not locked into tours or group events, so everyone could move at their own pace and see what interested them the most. Of course almost everyone grouped up to enjoy the sights together.

Colosseum 2 - Lauren C

The trip was such a success that we are doing it again and this time you are invited! This summer we are visiting Italy for 15 days, from June 26-July 9. We will visit Milan, Lake Como, Turin, Genoa, the Italian Riviera, Lucca, and Fiesole/Florence.


For more information about the Summer 2015 trip, contact Amy McMillan at!