Work and Leisure

Nicole, Accounting, Brevard NCToday started off like a regular day here in Groesbeek. Our group had to be up early this morning because we had a company visit planned to NACCO Industries. We all met at the bus stop to make the trip to Nijmegen, where the company is located. Upon our arrival at NACCO, we were greeted with cold drinks and candy. An employee representative then proceeded to show us a couple of slideshows while he presented information about the company.

After his presentation, we split into two groups and were given a tour of the company’s materials handling group. We saw the production lines of the Hyster and Yale brands in action. Throughout the tour, it was interesting to see the logistics of NACCO and how the company is run.

Nicole at NACCO

Once our tour was over, we made our way back to the bus stop and from there, we caught a ride back to Nijmegen. Once we got to the Nijmegen bus station, a couple of friends and I bought our train tickets to Amsterdam for our last day in Europe. Then, we caught the next bus back to Groesbeek to finish the rest of the day as we wished. Amber, Nigel and I decided to walk into Groesbeek to get lunch at an Egyptian pizza place called Cairo. We split a salami pizza that tasted delicious. It was unlike any pizza I’ve ever tasted in the U.S. Afterwards, we wanted to walk around and explore the city of Groesbeek. We happened to find a huge old-fashioned windmill in the center of the city. Ironically, this was the first old-fashioned windmill that I’ve seen since my stay in the Netherlands, so I thought it was really neat. The Netherlands is known for their windmills and is home to over 1,000 of them.

Nicole in front of a Windmill

After walking a while and seeing the quaint town, we decided to head back to the Seven Hills Resort where we are staying. There we decided to just hang out and relax. We rented bikes and rode around the resort and along the roads of Groesbeek. Once we were hungry for dinner, we caught a bus into Nijmegen to eat at a restaurant recommended by Nigel who had eaten there earlier in the week. The restaurant was called Terra Rossa and served Italian-style cuisines. Everyone ordered a different dish and the food was great. After dinner, we waited at the bus stop to go back to Groesbeek and talked with some locals we met. I found it very interesting that they were all saying how badly they want to come to America to live while they also said that they think Americans are loud and a little superficial. It is very interesting to see the differences between America and the Netherlands. I have found many differences in the foods, the dress styles, the transportation, the physical appearances, the laws, the cost of living, etc. Talking with the local people of the country and through my studies at Han University, I have learned a lot and I am very intrigued by all the differences I’ve seen so far. I only wish I had more time to spend here in this beautiful country.

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