Junior Year = Internships

Happy Monday COB! When reflecting on this past week, I will just say it has been a busy one. I spent my weekend in Kingsport, Tennessee at a Leadership Conference with my sorority. Let me tell you, I could use a day of sleep after a nonstop weekend — but life must go on.

I am currently looking for an internship this summer in Charlotte, N.C. I have realized that many companies do not post internships on their websites. So I am going through the process of emailing all companies to see if they offer internships. One thing I am realizing is my BUSI 3200 class is going to teach me everything I need to know to apply to internships. As I am currently taking this class now, it seems that I am taking it too late because I need to know the whole process like now for finding internships, and not in May. I have reached out to my teacher, Professor Justice, to walk me through interviews, and how to prepare for them. She has been a great help thus far. And has offered me tons of resources to look at. I feel that when BUSI 3200 class ends, I will be very prepared for the interview process.


With that being said, I had a phone interview two weeks ago, with a marketing company in Charlotte. I just received an email on Friday that I have a follow up interview this Wednesday. This was so relieving, because I felt that the interview didn’t go so great. One thing I hate about phone interviews is it is always hard to tell how it went, because it is nearly impossible to get vibes from the interviewer. In comparison, a face-to-face interview, you can read the interviewers facial expressions. Thankfully, the interview went well enough to land me one step closer to getting the position. My follow up interview this week is going to be a case study, which will be a phone interview again. I have never had an interview that entails a case study before, so that even more scary! I will put in a lot of preparation time for this interview. I am hoping for the best outcome!

If you have any advice for the process of finding summer internships, or the interviewing process, please comment and share. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Life as a Second Semester Senior

Happy Friday COB and congratulations on making it through the first two weeks of the spring semester! I must admit, the past two weeks have been challenging trying to get back into the swing of things. This is partly because of the long break but mostly because I am now a second semester senior. This means one-thing folks: SENIORITIS. And let me tell you I have got it bad, real bad. This semester I will finally be able to reap the benefits of multiple unpaid internships for course credit. I get to enjoy only taking 10 hours; the real kicker is that 2 of those classes are only being offered online.

I know I should be thankful but the amount of work is proving to be more difficult than expected. As a face-to-face learner, this is a girl that has avoided online classes for 3.5 years and now the majority of my work is completely online. I am struggling. How on earth do people keep up with all of these discussion boards, posts, and comments? I am sure I will be fine and I will get the hang of it eventually, but as of this moment I am really wishing these courses were offered in the classroom and not via Blackboard. However, online classes sure do have their perks. I certainly cannot complain about the extra time I have on my hands. Extra time to work, relax, job hunt, workout and, most importantly enjoy my time at ECU.

Perks of online classes. Class at the Coffee Shack.

Perks of online classes. Class at the Coffee Shack.

Other than trying to organize and catch up with classes I have spent a little time coming up with a “Senior Spring Bucket List”. This semester I have made a goal to soak up every possible experience that lies before me. I know it sounds cheesy but in all seriousness, there are a lot of things I want to do before I leave this place! A lot of memories that need to be made and a whole lot of experiences that need to be had.

The following is the list I have so far:

  • Spend an entire afternoon or afternoons floating down the Tar River
  • Jump in Wright Fountain at least once
  • One last Sunday brunch in the West End dining hall (You know you miss those French toast sticks too!)
  • Midnight on the Mall with all my best girls
  • Multiple days spent at my sorority house front porch swinging, reminiscing about how amazing these past few years have been

To all my COB seniors: What would you add to this bucket list? Do you have any crazy plans prior to graduation? Comment and let me know, I would love to hear your plans!

Is break really over?

WOW! I cannot believe it is already spring semester. When people say college flies by, they weren’t joking! As exam week was stressful like always, I was very satisfied with my grades. It is always good to know all the hard work paid off. Heading into break I was so excited.

During my break, I relaxed a lot. Took a break from everything just because it was such a busy semester with my schoolwork, internship, and sorority. Winter break is probably my favorite time of the year. I started out my break with my family Christmas party, that is always fun seeing my cousins and grandparents. Although I go to college with some of my cousins, Christmas parties are always fun!

Family Christmas Party

Ugly Sweater Family Christmas Party

My immediate family does Christmas a little different than most. We always have Christmas before the 25th; this is because we always go visit my dad’s family up in West Virginia. Ever since I was little I’ve never known Christmas other than being in WV.

Another reason December is my favorite time of the year is because my birthday is December 29th. This year was my 21st birthday so my friends came to Charlotte from school to help me celebrate; it was a really special birthday! To continue with the birthday celebrations, my parent’s surprised me with a trip San Francisco, California!

We flew out of Charlotte on Jan 1st at 7 in the morning. In San Francisco, we went to the Muir Woods (Red Wood Trees), walked the Golden Gate Bridge, rode the trolley car, and went to Fisherman’s Warf — the typical tourist stuff.

In front Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California

In front Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California

We ventured out of the city and drove the coastline, and experienced the 17-mile drive that took us to Pebble Beach golf course, which was BEAUTIFUL! One day we spent in Napa Valley, wine tasting along with seeing the beauty of northern California. This trip was so amazing, just reminiscing on it makes me want to go back! – Thanks mom & dad

Returning back to school has been a little stressful. I love all my classes so far, and I am so ready for them to actually get started – I’m tired of going over syllabus. I also started my internship back at Suddenlink, which I will continue this semester. This year I have also taken over a major leadership role, I was elected President of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. This has sure has kept all of my free time occupied this last week, as I am sure it will continue to do that.

I hope everyone is off to a great first semester. I would love to hear about anything fun you have done over your Winter Break! Please comment and share.


New Beginnings or New Confusions?

Happy Monday COB! Hope everyone is surviving these last couple weeks of classes. As everything is coming to an end, my internship is just getting started. I have only been working there for a month, so the intensity of things are just picking up. I work every day 2-5, p.m. and there is always something for me to do.

Beginning something new is always hard. Everyday I go in, I am always learning something, but I am also in a field that I am not familiar with. The whole television industry is something new to me. I was asked to do an incentive for DSR, that’s all I was told. Would you have known what she was talking about? Because I sure didn’t. And that is the problem that I keep running into. It’s not the actual stuff they are assigning me to do, it’s figuring out what the heck they are asking me to do. In the company I have found a “go to person”, which I have became friends with to ask all the “stupid questions” that I feel like would bother my boss. It is always good to have this kind of person in the company that is very free spirited, and go with the flow. And when that person is not available there’s always one thing I can rely on, GOOGLE!!! This has helped me many times!

The more stuff I do, the more I am use to everything. But also, I am assigned something new everyday. What I am enjoying most so far is learning about what all-different things my boss does that is considered “marketing.” It is surprising stuff that I didn’t think would be classified under the marketing description. Her job is more than just marketing the company, its ordering supplies such as flyer channel guides, etc. for every department.

Found on Suddenlink Website

Found on Suddenlink Website

It is cool because I am using stuff I learn in my classes everyday. For example, entering marketing invoices into a spreadsheet shows variances. This is so cool to me because it is exactly what I am working on in my accounting class. I have also been coming up with incentives for sales reps along with many other promotional events. These tasks can relate back to my marketing classes. When it comes to my operational management class, I can see practices that Dr. Politio talks about in action.

As much as I enjoy my job, it’s also stressful this week with exams starting. I feel like I have the worst exam schedule ever – I have an exam Thursday this week and Monday-Thursday next week. All I have to say for this week is let the stress begin!

The Best Memories

Good Morning COB and happy Friday. This morning I am coming to you with a heavy heart. Last night’s game was a heart breaker for two reasons. First the obvious – coming back and then having a win get taken away within the last two seconds….honestly could not believe my eyes. The second is that it was my last home game as a student.

I never thought i’d see the day that happened. I also never thought i’d see the day that I would care so much about a football team, but thats what ECU has done to me, turned me into a die hard fan! I pride myself on never missing a game and almost never missing my beloved PURPLE HAZE so last night was a tough one for me. Throughout the past four years my favorite memories of college have taken place in and around that stadium. Whether it be putting 70 points on the board against Carolina earlier this year, countless tailgates with family and friends, or forming the senior tunnel on the field at half time last night I can thank Dowdy Flicklin and ECU athletics for the best experiences a girl could ask for.

Last game for these seniors!

Last game for these seniors!

Of course it will not be my last football game at East Carolina but it is crazy to think that its the last one for me as a student here. I know I will be making the trip to Greenville for many years to come and hopefully even make it to whichever bowl game we play in this year! Either way, win or lose I am still a proud pirate this morning!

Now that our last home game is over, the end of the fall semester is very fast approaching. This will be my last blog post until the new year and the spring semester begins. I wish everyone good luck on your exams – I hope they are quick, painless, and that your hard work pays off! Also to everyone, have a very happy holiday and a happy new year! Thanks for another great semester COB!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Welcome back ECU to another exciting edition of a day in the life of an MBA student. It certainly has been an interesting week to say the least. A very long and well deserved break with friends and family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and Christmas is a very close second. Both holidays I get to spend with friends and family, but Thanksgiving involves one of my favorite past times, stuffing my belly until I am uncomfortably full.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for the final grind before Fall 2014 comes to an end and a short break soon leads to Spring of 2015. 1 year down and 1 year to go. Unfortunately during my break I didn’t pick up anything school related at all. I had been working very hard prior to my break so I could fully enjoy the time spent with my family. Now my past week has been spent with early mornings in the library and late nights with my nose in a book. Not particularly what I call fun but we sometimes do things we don’t want to do in order to have success later in our future.

My grades currently, as usual, reflect the effort put into each class. Proud to say they are very well. As previously reported I’ve made some minor adjustments and reevaluated my priorities (once again) and my school is definitely coming first. It’s not particularly my first choice but I understand the importance and have to make an effort to produce this change I desire. These grades aren’t going to produce themselves.

To be “frank”, my father-in-law said something to me the other day I would like to share. This probably wasn’t exactly what I “wanted” to hear, but I don’t mind hearing what I “need” to hear. There aren’t particularly unintelligent people, just people who aren’t willing to put in the effort. If you really want something you’d go to the edge of the earth to reach this goal if it mattered that much to you. In reflection, school does matter to me. It’s time I prove how much this matters to me and travel to the ends of the earth. I’m just not sure how long it will take and when I’ll be back. So long.


Giving thanks

It is hard to believe that November has already come and gone. This past week has been so refreshing. Being able to be home for more than two days without having to turn around and go back to school was such a great feeling. Spending time with loved ones is the only way to bring in this holiday season.

Brandon Wolf's (boyfriend) families Thanksgiving

Brandon Wolf’s (boyfriend) families Thanksgiving

On Thursday, my day was very busy. I attended my boyfriends family thanksgiving in Greensboro at 1:00; it is always fun seeing his family. I also had to attend my family’s thanksgiving in Charlotte at 5:00 — it is only a hour and fifteen minute drive, so it wasn’t that bad. The meaning of thanksgiving has definitely changed for me since I have been to college. It is a time to come home and see everyone again, see old friends, and catch up with family members. When I was in high school it was just a time to eat some good food at grandparents house. It’s crazy how being in different stages in your life can change meanings behind something that you have done your whole life.

When being around people that you haven’t seen in a while, the million-dollar question always gets asked, “So how’s school?” This question gets asked by just about everyone you talk to when you are home from college. In my head I want to say, “Well you see I have 3 test next week, two presentations, and exams starting in a week.” But then again, I am home from school and the last thing I want to talk about is what I have to do when I get back. So I always go with the basic answer of, “It’s good.” Which is always followed up with the question, “Are you having fun?” The answer to this is obviously yes, who doesn’t have fun in college? Or the even better questions of “what are your plans after college?” Every college kid goes through it, and most of us are in the same boat. When finally escaping the questions, the only thing we want to do is go back to school.

Parsons' family at thanksgiving

Parsons’ family at thanksgiving


Regardless of everything, thanksgiving break is such a tease. Its nice to have a break, but in the back of my mind I still know this week is probably the busiest week of the semester and I am still on break mode. Now that December is here, we have 10 days until exams, and everyone is giving that last bit of hope to get their grades up. As I cannot wait for Christmas break, I still have a lot to do this semester. As my internship is gaining more and more responsibility everyday I go in, it is getting more demanding. As I am hoping to get through this next week, the only thing on mind is December 18th when I will have a break!

As I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, I wish everyone the best on these last couple days of the semester! Feel free to comment on this post and share your holiday stories.

Is it Thanksgiving Yet?

Happy Friday COB! After a very stressful week I could not be happier than to have the next two days off! My semester has picked back up again and is headed into the final push so I have been busy busy busy.

This week I had two projects, one presentation, two papers, and a ton of group project meetings so it is safe to say that I am exhausted. Next week I have three tests to get through before heading back to Raleigh for Thanksgiving break and for some much needed time with my family.

I am very excited to watch the Pirates play tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast this season has gone and it’s been WAY too long since the last game. I am ready for some tailgating with family and friends and to cheer on ECU for a win against Tulane! However, after watching the Pirates play tomorrow I will be very, very ready to take these tests and get back to Raleigh. I will be spending my holiday at my aunts with lots of cousins and even more yummy food — she makes the best marshmallow sweet potatoes! YUM!

Ready to tailgate tomorrow with my favorite Pirate fans!

Ready to tailgate tomorrow with my favorite Pirate fans!

I am sure I am not the only one ready to get home for a few days for family time, relaxation, and of course Christmas shopping! I hope everyone has a quick, stress free week and safe travels driving or flying home! Comment on this post and let me know how you will be spending your holiday!

Final Push

Happy Wednesday everyone. Welcome back for another exciting episode of a day in the life of an MBA student. This week, I’m getting extremely busy and starting to notice all the semesters projects are now coming to a close. Final segments are beginning to get wrapped up and the demand and stress of these activities are starting to pay a toll. Over the years as I learn how to manage school, work, personal life, etc… I have learned that when I push my self to the brink, I usually get sick. Well folks, the past week I have been getting over some type of sickness now circulating the Bate building.

Started with a headache, sore throat, and within in a few days I was down for the count. Alka seltzer, Dayquil, Nyquil, and sleep have been my friend for past week. Thank goodness I had a short spurt of staying proactive which allowed me to take a well needed break for a few days. The next couple of weeks and the weeks proceeding Thanksgiving will be filled with some much needed time in the library. I typically get a lot more accomplished when I’m forced into a small cubicle and forced to complete the task at hand. I enjoy my time at home, but the distractions and the beautiful scenery surrounding me is entirely too distracting.

What tools do you use to study? I’ve been putting together small study groups with friends and those seem to help. I sometimes get side tracked but a majority of the time I’m focused in the library and get a lot accomplished. Find what works for you, and maybe share some secrets of your own. I could sure use the help.

My First Week

Happy Monday COB! So this week I completed my first full week of my marketing internship with Suddenlink. And I can say I love it already. When receiving this internship I did not know what to expect. But so far I have learned so much, and it’s only been a week.

I have met so many different people this past week, and everyone is SO nice. While learning about all the different parts of the company, it has made me realize how much goes into Suddenlink. It’s awesome to see the inside of a business that I can see all different departments of business working together. It makes me realize how the College of Business has prepared me to be a part of an organization. Knowing that when I graduate I will have a background in all different areas of business, makes me confident because I can see how it is used in the work place.

Thus far I have done many different tasks that I have been assigned to me by my boss. I am still trying to learn how to do everything. I have been asking a lot of questions, just because I have only been there a week. I have learned that it is better to ask for help the first time rather than getting it wrong.

It is going to take me a couple weeks to really get everything down, along with remembering everyone’s name – but that is normal! I am so excited to have this experience to work in the marketing department of Suddenlink.

Hope everyone has a great week! Last full week of school until Thanksgiving!!