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As One Class Closes, Another Schedule Emerges!

Registration beings today, and with that, the scramble to navigate around closed classes begins. So maybe you mapped out your ideal schedule and when you get on Onestop at least one of your classes is closed? What do you do? What happens if you need that class to take another class? Depending on how many semesters you have left, sometimes the options are minimal. You may think that there’s a possibility of being special added to that particular class, but let me tell you, the chances of that happening are slim to none. The only time I’ve ever seen that actually work out for someone is when graduating on time was dependent on it. So unless this is the case, you can cross that option off your list and move forward to your other alternative options.

First, you can add another class that is similar to the closed class (if it was a class in your major, add a class in your major, and vice versa). This will usually keep some level of consistency in your anticipated workload, and it will also help keep your overall plan intact. If this approach doesn’t work for you, you could do just the opposite by adding a class that satisfies a different area than the closed class. This may change the workload of later semesters, but if you plan on taking the same amount of credit hours each semester, this may be a good option for you.

There are a few other options that one could consider if they were stuck in this position. One of those could be choosing to instead add two easier classes for the current semester. This could be as a result of the closed class having to be taken in a later semester with more difficult classes, or it could be to help lessen the workload in a semester down the road. Lastly, one could also choose to not add any classes in the place of the closed class and decide that taking a summer class is the best solution.

Seeing that there are quite a few options to choose from and a lot to think about in regards to this unfortunate situation, it may be best to have a plan before entering your registration pin. Since there is minimal time to make decisions without being closed out of potential classes, make sure that you have your alternative CRNS ready to go! Registration can be disastrous; I know this firsthand.

I’ve had quite a few bad experiences with registration, but if I had to choose my worst experience, I know exactly which one I would choose. Like I talked about in my previous post, I had my entire schedule all planned out. I had alternative options ready, I had all my CRNS ready, I had logged on Onestop early, and I was simply waiting anxiously for the clock to strike 11 a.m so I could enter my CRNS as quick as possible. The clock read 11 and as I went to go enter my registration pin, BAM, I had a hold on my account! A hold! I was so confused, and when i went to go look what it was from, I found that it was from a parking ticket I had received the day before. The day before! You’d think that I could have just paid the parking ticket and the hold would go away, but no. Once I paid the ticket, I had to wait thirty minutes before the hold was cleared, which luckily only bumped me out of one of the classes I intended to take. I think the anxiety and panic I experienced during that thirty minutes was what made the experience so awful, but then again, almost every experience with registration has been filled with anxiety and panic. Basically, the moral of the story is, just when you think you’ve checked and double checked all possible registration barriers, CHECK AGAIN!

What has been your worst experience with registration?

While Spring Break is Near, So is Registration!

       With three more days until the start of Spring Break, students anxiously parade around campus trying to get through the week. Why is it that the week before and after Spring Break always seem to be overloaded with work? I’ve seen more library Facebook status updates and tweets than I have all semester this week.  Tests, tests, tests, and lots of projects! It seems to be like this every year, full of stress, cramming, and a constant battle to stay focussed. Today is hump day though, and a beautiful day at that! Wherever your mind is, think about where it will be come Saturday! Even if you’re not traveling internationally, to the beach, or home sweet home; a week without class, swiping your one card, and running to the bus is bound to be enjoyable!

Registration is kind of like a race if you think about it.

        So lets soak it up as best we can because as Spring Break ends, the work gets worse. All of those projects that you heard about the first day of class start becoming more and more real, and the joy of group collaboration begins. Half of the semester will have gone by, and students will start to get a better idea of where they stand in their classes and what they need to do to maintain their position or improve it. Think you’ll have enough on your plate? Think again! Dreadful registration is coming soon.

Just a few tips to those who have to experience the tedious task of registration
  • Do a detailed class search prior to registration and make a word document with potential different options if you don’t get your first picks. Also, make sure you don’t have any holds on your account due to parking tickets etc. If you do, get them paid well prior to registration.
  • Include the CRN numbers in your word document
  • Once registration begins, keep checking back on your choices to gage if you still have a chance of getting in
  • Ten minutes prior to your registration time, log on OneStop using a secure internet connection, and open Banner Self Service
  • Check the availability of your choices and make some last minute changes if some are full. Also make sure to have your word document open and ready to go along with your registration pin in close view!
  • The minute it strikes your time, click the link to add/drop classes, and quickly paste all of your CRNS from your word document into the spaces at the bottom of the page and then click add. Enter your pin and this should add all of these classes at once, usually ending in success!

       Sometimes things aren’t going to go your way, but there’s lots of classes. Don’t get down, there’s still the schedule drop date which usually opens up a lot of spots. Registration is usually full of anxiety and frustration, but once its over you feel like you just crossed the finish line in a marathon race. Registration is kind of like a race if you think about it. A race to have more hours than your peers so you can register earlier, a race to get to a computer faster, and a race to enter and add your classes faster! You don’t just run a race without some prep before hand, so don’t go into registration blindly either. Take advantage of the advising resources, keep your registration materials organized, and find a process that works for you.

       Advising for Summer and Fall sessions start the week after Spring Break and Registration begins March 21st, 2011.

How ready are you for Spring Break?