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High Hopes As COB Advising Doubles Their Staff!

Although I recently graduated, I still receive majority of COB e-mails, which is totally fine because I’m waiting to hear back from the Graduate Program. While sifting through these e-mails, I stumbled upon one that definitely sparked my interest. It was titled, “Advisor Assignment Changes”, and I was immediately curious what changes had been made. Upon opening the e-mail, I was pleasantly surprised at the content in front of my eyes. “Advising staff doubled! It can’t be true!” I said to myself. Though, true it is!

In my four years here at ECU, and more specifically with the COB, I have had little complaints in regards to my education. If I had been asked to constructively criticize any part of my experience, it would be probably be in regards to the excessive load that the advising staff constantly had on their shoulders. For such a large program with demanding course requirements and student questions, I have always been impressed with the hard working advising department. Although many, if prompted with statements of COB’s advising department, will provide negative feedback, they are neglecting to realize that they did the best they could with the resources at hand. Yes it was a competitive race to secure an appointment with your advisor and e-mail answers may have not always been quick, but as a whole, the COB advising staff put great efforts towards making sure each student had direction and opportunities.

I’m not denying the stress I endured as I anxiously awaited an e-mail answer, my registration pin, or even as the secretary tried to find me an appointment, but I was never disappointed with the end result. In fact, I applaud the efforts of the advising staff. I never felt as if I was uninformed about advising meetings, when appointments were available, or important registration information, and I blame any inconveniences experienced on the size of the staff.

With this, I think it’s extremely exciting that they have added three additional people to their staff, and have made changes to their assignments. By now having two advisors for first year students, three advisors for continuing students, and two advisors solely for online and transfer students, I think that we can all expect vast improvements. I have very high hopes for this change and transition, and I think that this decision will only better the College of Business.

Be sure to take advantage of our fabulous advising staff, and if you haven’t yet heard of this news, make sure you check and see if your advisor has changed. If your advisor has changed, I agree with what advisor Bradley Mcallister said in his e-mail and truly believe that no matter what “You will be in great hands”.

10 Small Ways To Add Some Fun To Your Summer!

So, school’s out, and once again we are faced with decisions regarding the best ways to enjoy our summer. If it were only fun and games though. In addition to enjoying our summer, it’s necessary to attempt to find ways to make money, be productive, and to most importantly, plan for our future. Summer is supposed to be relaxing right? It can be both relaxing and productive! It’s a great time to take a step back and to do some things that may have been placed on the back burner during the school year.

So, how are you spending your summer? Are you taking summer classes to get ahead? Did you get a great internship or job? Regardless of what you’ve chosen to do, make sure that you incorporate some fun into these few months! A great way to unwind is to travel, whether it be a couple hour drive, a couple hour flight, or a flight halfway across the world.

Thinking small (in means of cost and travel), here’s 10 ways to add some fun to your summer:

  1. Take a relaxing trip to the beach
  2. Get a group of friends together to attend a concert
  3. Visit a museum or local exhibit
  4. Volunteer at a local establishment
  5. Try a restaurant you’ve never tried
  6. Attend a personal fitness class
  7. Get tickets to see a local sports team
  8. Treat yourself to a day of shopping
  9. Go see a new movie at the theater
  10. Attend a play/musical

It’s important to make sure that everyone gets some time to unwind, especially when things get crazy and overwhelming. Making time for yourself is extremely important in achieving balance, and it’s also crucial in maintaining some sanity.

Look to more ways to add fun to your summer in upcoming blog posts!

Summer break doesn’t have to mean a break from the fun in college!