Monthly Archives: August 2011

And the Fall Semester Anxiety Begins!

As the fall semester creeps towards us day by day, the anxiety grows in size. Whether it be directly related to your studies, or simply because you miss your college lifestyle, the anxiousness is there. The thoughts of ordering textbooks, getting school supplies, moving your belongings, packing your belongings, and contacting friends linger.  Everyday that goes by brings you one step closer to either entering or returning to the bittersweet reality that you’ve been craving for all summer.

Once August arrives, friends start texting, calling, and posting on each other’s walls about how many days left until school. Everyone starts to think about their schedules, their living situation, and what this new chapter will hold. Isn’t it always like this though? We all can’t wait to get back to school, but when May 1st arrived just a few months prior, we all couldn’t wait for summer. Are the benefits of being back at school only able to overcome the stress and workload for so long before we start to crack? Or is it simply due to the fact that since we were kids we’ve been trained to get excited about returning to school, excited for Christmas break, and ecstatic about getting out for summer?

“Although it’s not always easy, the experience is worth the fight.”

Whatever the reason may be, it seems that regardless of the work, countless study hours, and paper prompts we’re about to be bombarded with come August 23rd, we all struggle to contain our excitement about reuniting with Greenville. If you think about it, when we were kids, summer was always associated with freedom, vacations, and sleeping in. Now, as college students, summer may mean catching up on classes, working long hours to save money, and sometimes living at home under your parents roof. For me personally, returning to my parent’s home after living independently for almost a year is somewhat torturous. The college lifestyle and schedule does not necessarily correspond with the way my parents operate. I’m used to eating when I want to, sleeping when I finally can fall asleep, and coming and going as I please. So, for me, returning back to my apartment filled with people operating on the same obscure schedule comes as a huge relief. Although the school year is filled with sleepless nights, caffeine binges, long days in the library, brick-like textbooks, and a constant whirlwind of notes, the thought of reuniting with friends and returning to the comfort of unique college life only brings a smile to my face.

So now, as we start to near the middle of August, the reality of what’s to come really starts to set in. To-do lists start to fill my purse, trips to Target start to occur, and the teacher’s e-mails start to arrive. This anxiety I feel is not yet a stressful anxiety. It’s a happy anxiousness. It’s a combination of emotions that prepare me for the challenges to come, but feelings that also make me want to hold onto these moments forever.

Through all the times my frustration has made me wish I wasn’t in school, I am so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. College is such an amazing time, and although it’s not always easy, the experience is worth the fight. So as we near the start to a new semester, let’s all fight to make our goals and expectations of ourselves a reality. Most importantly, let us all remember this anxiousness and excitement when our world is going crazy and we’re knee deep in assignments. Soon enough, we’ll again arrive at a break, and soon enough we’ll again crave our return.

Cheers to a great fall semester!!!!