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Semester Wrap Up!

Wow, it is already the end to another semester at ECU.  It seems crazy how the semester is just days away from being over, yet it feels like we just started last week.  This year definitely seemed more memorable than years in the past due to the numerous activities and chaotic events that took place.

The first week of school started out with a bang as the devastating Hurricane Irene came through ECU’s campus and destroyed most of the East Coast.  Trees across the University were uprooted and blown over.  Many Greenville streets were flooded for 2 to 3 days after Irene passed.  One of the dorms on campus, Greene Hall, was fully evacuated due to a pipe that busted and flooded several floors.  Many windows from various administration buildings were broken due to the strong winds of the storm.  Hurricane Irene destroyed more than 1,100 homes in North Carolina and caused $70 million worth of damage.  Just like every tragedy that impacts our nation, we came together, helping our friends and neighbors with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

ECU’s College of Business had many events that were very successful this year.  COB sponsored its first ever Crop Hunger Walk team.  Many participates came out to support the COB team as we reached our goal of raising over $1,000 to support the end of hunger throughout Eastern North Carolina.  Another successful event was COB’s Cunanan Leadership Speaker Series.  We were honored to have General Gary L. North speak about his leadership as the Commander of Pacific Air Forces.  Also, let’s not forget about ECU’s College of Business being ranked among the best in the nation!!

Even though the ECU football team might not have had a successful year as fans would like to have seen, we were very successful in our fans attendance at each home game.  ECU once again led Conference USA in the highest average attendance at their home football games.  We beat out Houston, who came in 2nd, by almost 20,000 more fans.  Though we did not make it to a bowl game this year, no one will forget this season just because of the famous streaker during the Southern Mississippi game.

With all that has gone on this year, the event that I will remember most would be the umbrella scare on November 16th.  ECU’s campus was on lockdown for a solid 3 to 4 hours due to a possible gunman carrying a rifle.  After the lockdown was lifted and students were able to walk around campus, it became known that the suspected rifle was really just a tall umbrella.  Though the situation might have ended in embarrassment, I was just relieved that the whole event was handled with care and no one was seriously hurt.  I think ECU did a wonderful job of securing the campus and letting everyone know what was going on the best they could.  It makes me feel a lot better knowing that if it was a real gunman situation we would have so much police response and that the university would know how to handle it.

Now that the semester is almost over, I am personally looking for a job since I am finally graduating ECU with my MSA in Accounting.

Please comment below on the blog letting me know what you think of the events that have happened this year and what you will remember most about this year. 

Also let me know what your future plans are- whether you are still a freshmen with a few years ahead of you, whether you are about to enter your last semester at ECU, or whether you will be back next year trying to get your graduate degree.

I hope you all had a wonderful, memorable semester at ECU and I wish you all the best of luck on your exams!

Have a nice, safe holiday break and we will see some of you back here next semester!

Student Feature: Andrew Tilley on the CPA Exam

When I became an accounting major at East Carolina, my ultimate goal was to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  So there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to go to graduate school to get my MSA and sit for the CPA exam.  Before I even applied to graduate school I knew ECU had an excellent accounting program that gives students a great opportunity to pass the CPA exam but after completing the program this semester I realize that ECU is one of the best schools to pass the CPA exam on the first time.  Last year (2010) 33% of ECU students with only a Bachelor’s degree in accounting passed the CPA exam the first time.  52% of ECU students with Master’s degrees passed the CPA exam on the first time.  This is compared to the rest of the nation which has been below 10% passing rate for the last seven years.

What is the Block?

The block is within the last semester of the MSA program and it is made up of three classes; Auditing, Regulations (taxes), and FAR (Financial Accounting & Reporting).  Instead of taking these classes all at the same time (like a normal schedule), students take each class one at a time in blocks.  Each class is about 4 weeks long and between each class you are given about a week long break so you can schedule and sit for the CPA exam.  When I went through the block, which was this fall semester of 2011, I had to take Regulations first, then FAR and then Auditing.

 My Experience with the Block

I decided to quit my summer job before the semester even started so I could focus on my classes.  Looking back on it now, this was a very smart decision because there would have been no way I could pass the CPA exam while working a part time job.  I did however get awarded 15 hours of graduate assistantship to work for the school but this job is less demanding in which I get to work on my own time.  This way, I was able to work as a GA and still become successful with my last semester of the MSA program.

Throughout the semester I worked hard with reading chapters for each section and completing about 30 practice problems a night.  I didn’t go out and enjoy the “night life” as much as I usually do throughout the semester because there was no time if I wanted to pass any part of the CPA exam.  I didn’t mind given up my social life for a semester because I knew it would pay off in the end.  Throughout each class it was easy to fall behind on daily assignments.  It became a demanding semester considering I had to go to class three to four days a week and each class was three hours long (hints why I didn’t have much of a social life).  That’s why I had to use my weekends wisely to play catch up on any work I fell behind on.  I did have time to go to every ECU home football game so I wasn’t totally locked up in the library everyday studying.  However, on Saturdays I usually had to study before and after the game so I could stay caught up.

 My Results

I would have to say all my hard work throughout the semester really paid off.  Not knowing what to expe
ct on the first part of my exam (Regulations), I went into the exam thinking I didn’t study enough and I was not prepared like I should be.  After the CPA exam was over, I was sure I completely bomb the test but come to find out I missed passing my exam by 6 points.  For the most part I was satisfied with this score considering I went into the test not knowing at all what to expect.   The second part I took was FAR and I felt more confident about passing this part then I did with Regulations.  I ended up making a 75 exactly, so I passed.  I am still waiting for my scores on auditing and I plan on taking the fourth part, BEC, in January.

Overall I am very satisfied with where I stand for passing the CPA exam.  I felt like ECU has really helped me in my efforts of completing my ultimate goal at becoming a Certified Public Accountant.  I recommend to any student who has the same goal of passing the CPA exam to complete the MSA program at ECU because if I can pass a section of the CPA exam then anyone in graduate school can.

Student Feature: Jon Greene on East Carolina and How Time Flies

Is it really almost over??

It seems like yesterday I was driving down highway 264 on my way to freshman orientation to begin my college career.  It seems just a little while ago when my parents helped move me into my dorm room freshman year.  I cannot believe I only have one semester left of my undergraduate college career at East Carolina.  I have made many great memories here and have learned so much!  I have had many experiences that I never thought I would have had before college and am excited and also sad to be graduating in May.

Why I love ECU..

Attending school at East Carolina has been one of the best decisions I have made.  I have learned inside and outside of the classroom, made many new friends, and experienced many things I thought I never would have.  Being a business major at East Carolina University has set me apart from the rest. As a senior about to go into the “real” world the ECU College of Business has prepared me from everything from that first firm handshake, to having experience in real life team projects that I can show off to potential employers.

I have also had the opportunity to study abroad this past summer, one of the greatest opportunities I have taken!  I traveled to The Netherlands for two weeks and got a global perspective on business.  We learned about topics like European marketing, the European Union, and got to visit various Dutch companies while there, all while experiencing the great Dutch food and culture!  I am so grateful of the things I’ve learned at ECU during my time here!  I am so thankful for all of the things I’ve learned and I will always remember some of my favorite professors who have made a positive impact on my life!

I have experienced many things in my short time here at ECU.  I have had the opportunity to become a founding member of The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, I have had the opportunity to lead as President of the ECU Rotaract Service Club and give back to the community in many ways, and have also become SCUBA certified in completing the Basic SCUBA Diving course at ECU.  I have taken the approach to make the most of my college career by doing new things, getting outside of my comfort zone, meeting new people and I think it has made me the way I am today.  I will remember all the great experiences here at ECU and I challenge all students to do the same!  Everyone can come to school and get a degree, it’s what you do to set yourself apart from the rest and the experiences you will have that will give you the best college experience!