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Pirate Drive: To the Cloud

Cloud computing has been garnering up some attention since the release of iCloud and similar products; however, cloud computing is not a new concept. Cloud computing is the ability to run a program from a remote server, or store a file to a remote server through the use of an application such as Pirate Drive or ECU’s Virtual Computing Lab.

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Every student has free cloud storage given to them when they become Pirates. This will be your little cloud of wisdom until you graduate. Your Pirate Drive can be accessed through your One Stop account.

Pirate Drive is very helpful for storing files for presentations, or saving documents when you’re working at the library. The storage is included in your tuition, and the storage capacity is 1 GB.

Launch Your Dream Business – Try Crowdfunding

For many people, the perceived risk of starting their dream business holds them back. As technology has changed, so has the start-up process of a business. Crowdfunding is a really innovative way to raise money for start-up businesses. It helps mitigate risk by allowing users to give feedback on products and ideas, as well as help raise significant amounts of money in short periods of time.


Crowdfunding is essentially a social network, in which a business owner, or an individual working to start their business posts their idea on a crowdfunding website. The website works as a social networking medium where investors can come and find projects they believe in, with pertinent information of the business provided on the website. There are also fun incentives for investors, such as being immortalized in a game, or receiving exclusive content.

Crowdfunding is very similar to crowdsourcing in the sense that crowdfunding is often a collaborative and/or engaging experience, built around users interacting in a social network or community. The difference in crowdfunding is, of course, the funding possibilities. Crowdfunding can be used for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Business ideas
  • Music projects
  • Charity projects or races
  • Movie ideas

Several of the crowdfunding websites have guides and helpful tips on things to have in order before pitching your idea. They charge a percentage fee ranging from 8%-10% of the overall amount received. Even though there is a small fee, considering the amounts received, and the service provided, the percent given to the website is nothing to sweat.

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Who Runs This College: Administrative Associate Marcie Southward

I had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Marcie Southward the past week for an interview. Mrs. Southward is hilarious. She’s a high energy, fun and easy going person. Mrs. Southward doesn’t take things overly serious and is infectious with her personality. Here is my interview with Mrs. Southward.


What do you do?
I’m an Administrative Associate, I work for the Accounting and Finance departments. I do a lot of things for faculty, like setting up classes, registering students, or setting up student meetings. I basically help the students and the faculty with anything and everything.

Where are you from?
I was born in Orland, Florida. My Dad was in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot. I lived in Germany, Texas, and Grimesland, NC. I live in Greenville now though finally, I move to the big city! 😉

What are your hobbies?
I like hanging out with my family. I also like bowling and going to the beach. I really like relaxing though. I can’t really ski or snowboard or anything crazy like that. I just like to enjoy life.

Do you have any family or kids?
I have two kids. I have a Daughter that is 24, and Son who’s 17. I also have a Grandson who is 3 months old and is adorable-of course!

What is your favorite band or artist?
I really like Adele. I also really like Linkin Park. I pretty much like everything except hardcore rap. I like Lil’ Wayne and stuff like that, but it’s the really hardcore rap stuff I’m not really into.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I don’t think so. If I do, it’s really hidden and I haven’t found it yet. Come back next year!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to be in Accounting and Business Administration.

What motivates you?
Life itself. I want to do well, I love coming to work. I have a good job, and family. Waking up every day is always a good thing.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Fattening food and a cold beer. Oh, and a cheesy bad movie, those are so dumb, but I’m right up there on the edge of my seat.  But there’s nothing wrong with some fattening food and a cold beer.

If you could give one word of advice to a student, what would it be?
Don’t take life so seriously. Do what you have to do and have fun. Don’t let life weigh you down.

Who Runs This College: Meet Administrative Associate Nora Tucker

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting with Nora Tucker a College of Business Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Tucker is really kind and welcoming. She is soft spoken and laid back and seems to really care for the students and their education. Here is my interview with Mrs. Tucker.


What do you do?
I am an Administrative Associate; I work with the MIS, and Marketing and Supply Chain Management departments.

Where are you from?
I was a marine brat growing up. My Dad and Brothers moved around a lot, but I was born in Jacksonville, NC and moved to Greenville when I was 5 years old, so I call Greenville home.

Where did you go to school?
I went to Rose High when I was younger, and went to ECU for my BSBE.

What are you hobbies?
I like to crochet, I also like movies. I used to go ice skating, but there’s not many places to go around here, so I don’t do that much anymore.

Do you have any family or kids?
I have a boy and a girl who are both in high school. I also have a husband who I’ve been married to for 23 years.

What is your favorite band or artist?
I really like Tina Turner, and Rod Stewart. I’m also a fan of Pink, and Kenny Chesney.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?
I got married in Vegas

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Honestly, my husband and kids. You can go without a car, you could just walk places. And I can definitely live without my cell phone, so, my husband and kids.

What is the quality you look for most in a leader?
Comradery. Someone that will have your back and support you with everything that happens. You want to know that someone has your back and is there for you.

What is your favorite thing about ECU?
I love Pirate Sports. I know that sounds cliché to say for the blog, but I really do. I love going to all of the games and seeing all of the students go crazy, that’s so much fun. My favorite color is purple too, so there’s never too much purple and gold for me.

If you could give one word of advice to a student, what would it be?
Study and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to talk to a teacher, and get the help and support you need. If you need guidance, you really need to go out and get the support you need. Collaborate with other students, talk to your teacher, or another teacher. Teachers are there to help you, so if you need help, ask for it.