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Top 5 Ways to Utilize Social Media while in College

A post from Peer Mentor Jonathan Greene

In college there are tons of things going on all at once and your job is to make the most of your time here for your short 4 years at school. Social media has exploded on the scene and has impacted the way people communicate in today’s society. These 5 tips were found from an article that I read from USA News by Jeff Greer. These tips will help you make the most of your social media site and put you in the right direction to leave the college setting and easily transition into the working world in no time.

1.) Create positive content

Your goals for social media sites are to create a positive and good first impression for others viewing your site. Make connections with professors and other important University figures with the LinkedIn website that can help create opportunities for referrals for internships and future jobs. Furthermore, Facebook or Twitter is not the appropriate place to host a debate or give your opinion on a political issue. Instead, focus on accomplishments, goals achieved in or outside of the classroom. Talk about light, fun-hearted things that will make your followers smile!
2.) Don’t post questionable photos of yourself anywhere online
This is an absolute no. If potential employers, for even a part-time, or on campus job, see your site, it could turn into not even getting an interview. Posting your crazy spring break pictures could greatly hinder your chances in getting jobs in the future so keep them in your picture frames and off the internet. If your parents might think it is inappropriate, then it probably is not the place for posting on a social media site.
3.) Do Google yourself
On the internet, your information on social media sites is everywhere. My professor last semester Googled our entire class and found me and my classmates’ Facebook information and profile pictures and talked to our class as we sat there in shock that she got to our page, even with security and privacy settings. The point of the lesson was that information is everywhere, especially on the internet. If you haven’t done this yet, your potential employers probably already have. They can easily get through event the toughest privacy settings.

4.) Don’t post negative status updates or tweets While it is understandable for a person to vent after a stressful day at work or school, venting on social media sites can be tempting to post on your tweets or status updates, but try to limit it to a minimum. NEVER post work or school related, confidential information about a classmate, professor or co-worker, it will always come back and haunt you. Most
importantly, don’t complain about your job. If a manager or co-worker sees this on a social media site most likely, you won’t have to complain much longer, because you will probably be fired.

5.) Don’t make your online presence all about you

Social Media is all about collaboration and sharing ideas and giving thoughts and opinions on different topics. If you post what you had for lunch today, or that you are going to the grocery store, what value has been added to your site? Some ways to keep your site fresh and not all about you are to post interesting articles or videos found in the internet, post about upcoming events and invite friends, re-tweet interesting tweets from friends or people you follow, comment on posts giving your opinion and connect with things that interest you and share to your social media pals!

These are just some basic guidelines of things you should keep in mind to help you maximize your social media while in college. My most important lesson to take away from this is to ask yourself before posting “Would my Mom approve of this on my site?” If the answer is no, then it is probably not appropriate, if so, then post away!

A Business degree? What’s in it for me?

A post from one of our Peer Mentors, Jonathan Greene.

With graduation quickly approaching, many students will be entering the workforce and heading off into “The Real World”. This is an exciting time for many people but also can be nerve-racking and stressful at the same time. If you were wondering how and where you were going to land that first job you might want to see which degrees employers are looking for. How valuable is your degree, and what kinds of jobs can you acquire with that degree as well?

According to AG Beat, a degree in Business Administration is the top degree employers are seeking for 2012. They further explain that problem solving and leadership skills are very important and can be learned while completing a Business degree. The AG Beat further explains that Computer and Information Sciences and Accounting are the third and fourth top degrees employers are seeking for.

In my opinion, The ECU College of Business is dynamic in offering a business degree with a concentration in any area that interests you, like Accounting or Management Information Systems. The main thing is to find something you love and then put your mind to it and it will then pay off in the end with a valuable internship or that first job to start your career! I know I am well prepared for the business world with a degree from the ECU College of Business!

#COBBootyHunt Thank You!


The COB Booty Hunt is now over. We would like to thank everyone that played and voted all month long! Thank you for making the COB Booty Hunt fun! The winners for the photo week will be announced this Wednesday, April 11th. Keep checking back for more ways to play and win!

We would also like to thank JuJuBelle for providing the custom jewelry and Dowdy Student Stores for providing the flags!



#COBBootyHunt Photo Week

It’s the final week of the COB Booty Hunt which means – big prizes! Your quest this week is simple, get ready for your close up. Take a picture with Pee Dee (any Pee Dee you would like) and post the photo to the ECU College of Business Facebook page. If you post the photo, you instantly win your free Pirate Booty. The photos with the most Likes and Shares on Facebook will also receive an additional big prize. There are several of each of the large prizes available to win! The top prizes are as follows:


      • Custom made necklaces by JuJuBelle. (  or visit facebook  Each necklace is hand made and is completely original. No two necklaces are the same. Great for our Lady Pirates or your Mrs. Pirate.
      • ECU banners from Dowdy Student Stores. Measurements for the banners are 28×48. Awesome for your dorm/apartment.
There is a Pee Dee in the Bate Computer Lab that you may use for your photo op, as well as a Pee Dee on the Mall in the center of campus. Pee Dee will also be at the Do You Field Day where we will take the photo for you and post it to Facebook.





#COBBootyHunt May the best Pirate win.

Have Twitter? Join the conversation using the hashtag #COBBootyHunt and let your voice be heard.


We would like to thank JuJuBelle for providing the jewelry for the COB Booty Hunt. For more information on JuJuBelle, visit We would also like to thank Dowdy Student Stores for providing the ECU flags for the COB Booty Hunt. For more information and products, visit