No Need To Stress, Here are Some Easy Registration Steps

It’s that time again! The daunting task of registering for Spring classes is slowly approaching. The stress of registering for classes was something I struggled with until my sophomore year. I have developed a system that seems to be foolproof and makes registering very easy. If you follow these preparation steps, registering will be a breeze.

1. Meet with Your Advisor Ahead of Time

When the time comes to schedule an appointment with their advisor, many students procrastinate and put this off until the last minute. Having sufficient time to make your schedule ahead of time is really important. Your advising appointment gives you the time to ask questions and obtain the necessary information for registering, including your registration time and pin number.Make sure to write down your pin number and registration time in your planner. Trying to register at the wrong time with the wrong pin number will lead to unnecessary frustration.

2. Make Two Schedules Ahead of Time

A part of what makes registering so painful is that often students are unprepared when it comes time to register. Making two “wish” schedules before your registering time will make the process run more smoothly.

Look at the check off list provided to you by your advisor to see what classes you still need to take and from there, make two schedules that you would like to have.
After making a schedule of classes you would like to take, I would suggest using the website as a resource in helping to decide which section of the course you should take. The website will most likely have reviews of the professors who are teaching the courses you want to take. This can help you figure out which professor’s teaching style fits your needs as a student. When the check list and the professors match up to your satisfaction, continue to Step 3 to complete your registration preparation.

3. Write Down the CRNs of the Classes Before Registering

Along with making two “wish” schedules, you need to remember to write the CRNs of these classes down so that when it comes time to register you can just type the CRNs into the boxes all at one time. In my experience, I have never once had a class registration go perfectly. Either a class is full or there is some error in the system. Whether you have to resort to using your second choice schedule or calling the advising department, the CRNs will help in both situations.

Registration shouldn’t be a time of frustration and confusion. Remember, preparation is the key to being succesful, not only in registering but also in life. I hope these steps help!

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