Walking the Plank to Success: Advertising Insight from Mad Man Steve Bayley

A certified pirate Steve Bayley is a graduate student here at ECU whom shared treasuable advice with the current advertising class on what it takes to follow your dreams. With a hearty passion in advertising, account planning in particular, @‏TheLincolnKing (twitter handle) attended Miami Ad School in New York City where he learned from leaders in the advertising agency and worked on campaigns for amazing clients like Red Bull, BlackBerry, Febreeze, Citi Bank and Weight Watchers. His most accredited plan was his team’s strategy for Red Envelope, which won over all other teams and is to be implemented by the company. In Bayley’s twelve-week program at Miami Ad School he gained unimaginable insight of the advertising agency and stressed that to be successful in the industry you must:

  • Be Interesting: remember that you are the voice of the consumer and since there are so many different types of brands, he advised to go out on a limb and live an uncommon, vivacious life where you are continuously learning new things. Not only will you be able to relate to all different kinds of people, but your chances of having a campaign that is similar to a cupcake with sprinkles is much higher than that of normal cupcake with just icing.
  • Be Interested: working in the advertising industry is a lifestyle. You must be willing to work 70-80 hours a week, but remember how lucky you are to have such a fun job!
  • Be Relevant: really listen to the needs and wants of your client to produce the best strategy possible.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Take a Deep Dive: whether it be counting the number of people have BlackBerry’s in Central Park during the BlackBerry campaign or conducting focus groups, the deeper you indulge yourself in a project, the more impact you will make.
  • Believe What You Say: between having a good feeling about what you’re presenting and knowing your facts, you must always instill confidence and clarity to your client. Showing your passion about the campaign from beginning to end will only impress your audience.

East Carolina’s College of Business is beyond proud to call Steve Bayley a pirate that bleeds purple and gold. Not only does he exemplify the passion of a pirate but he envisions the hidden treasure and isn’t afraid to find it, no matter what it takes! The College of Business is so thankful and proud of Mr. Bayley for speaking here at East Carolina University and wishes him all the best as he sails into the world of advertising!


Written by Jacki Evans (@EvansJRae)

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