Fact or Myth: Working in NYC

By: Abegayle Neri

Pirates are you looking for an internship or job in the city? Make sure you check out the facts before you let any myths influence your decision on city life!

MYTH: You will DIE if you take the Subway

The subway is NOT a scary place. Thousands of people take the subway everyday, even celebrities. It’s one of the cheapest ways to get around the city, just take precaution if you’re riding the subway after hours, and ALWAYS check the MTA for train changes!

FACT: Taxi’s can be costly and take LONGER than other transportations

No one wants to deal with NYC Traffic, taking a cab can take longer than the subway in some cases.

FACT: Manhattan real estate is expensive

There really is no getting past the cost of living rates in NYC; it’s pricey, but totally worth it. If you’re only there for a short period of time, subleasing an apartment can be ideal. Some schools like NYU offer dorms during the summer for the out of state intern, so keep a look out for those options as well.

 MYTH: Living in the ‘BOROUGHS’ is the WORST.

It is TRUE when they say ‘Brooklyn’ is the new Manhattan. Williamsburg is a trendy area in Brooklyn and can be just as expensive as living in Manhattan. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, AND Harlem CAN be safe and affordable! Astoria is an up and coming area in Queens and has some of the best food around, plus they have two fantastic Beer Gardens.

FACT: New Yorkers, enjoy a fast paced life

They walk and work a little faster than the pace I was used to growing up in NC. Embrace it! People will shove past you on the subway during rush hour and don’t expect a warm embrace from the person behind you if you’re taking forever to order something from a restaurant.

MYTH: ALL New Yorkers are rude  

FALSE! NYC really is a lovely place to be. Some industries can be very highly competitive and cutthroat, but that is just the nature of the beast. New Yorkers tend to keep to themselves, so don’t expect a ton of smiles from people you come across on the street, but do expect the same level of warmth and service at restaurant establishments, retail, and other places of business.

Myth: Ladies, no one wears their 6-inch heels to work.

Have you TRIED walking the rough streets of New York in stilettos? It’s no easy feat, even for a seasoned shoe pro.

FACT: People change into their heels once they get to the office

If you HAVE to wear heels to work, wear flats or sandals until you get to the office, THEN change into heels.

Myth: Times Square is the best part of NYC

Times Square is a very touristy part of the Big Apple and everyone should experience the bright lights and hustle and bustle of the streets, but there is so much more to NYC outside of midtown. Midtown is very crowded, ALL the time! Try venturing downtown for equally exciting activities and a great music scene.

Fact: New York City Cuisine is fabulous!

 There is more to NYC cuisine than the chain restaurants that are located in Times Square! Food trucks have delicious gourmet options and there are excellent local restaurant options that should be explored.

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