MKTG 4752: Advertising and Promotion Management

Today was a big day for students in Dr. Tuten’s Advertising & Promotion class. They presented pitches to their client, the ECU COB Major Gifts Officer. Their task? To develop a campaign designed to create a culture of giving among students and young alumni from the COB.  We thought you’d like to see what the teams prepared.  Below are some of the videos used and all of the pictures in this post are from the campaign created by Jacki Evans, Mike Doherty, Alex Horner, and Samantha Sweeny.  Take a look and share with others!

The first video was created by Ryan Hoover, Aaron Hall, Consuelo Beasinger, and Christina Pridgeon. Their campaign, called East Carolina Rises, tells the story of a Pirate who is prepared to lead toward tomorrow here at ECU. He heads west to make his mark but returns to the Pirate Nation to inspire future Pirates to support ECU.  Check out the video.

Kristina Boycheva, Cassie Hundertmark, Sam Price, and Sarah Shouse made the second video.  The name they chose for their campaign was His Past, Their Present, Her Future, about the past, present, and future of the Pirate Nation.  Their video is linked here.




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  • “Today was a big day for students in Dr. Tuten’s Advertising & Promotion class.”
    Best wishes for you!

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