Get Involved?

pathsWhen coming to ECU I’m sure you’ve heard advice from parents, teachers, and older peers on how to succeed in a university. Manage your time. Don’t party too much. Go to class. Get involved.

Get involved?

What does it really mean to get involved? Does it mean simply joining and organization so you can list it on your resume? Hardly.

Getting truly involved means finding a cause or organization that you really believe in and immersing yourself in it. This is much harder than it sounds though. ECU is home to over 350 student organizations, so selecting the right one for you can be tricky.  It’s important to find an organization that has values and ideals that align with your own, and has a culture that you feel comfortable in. A classic example is the choice of going Greek, or not. Some students find that fraternities and sororities meet their needs, but other students feel the premise behind Greek organizations is unappealing. Finding the organization that is the right ‘fit’ is so important, but where to start?

The first thing you should do is to create an account on OrgSync is a platform that connects all the student organizations at ECU and is a great website to learn about and connect with student organizations on campus. OrgSync breaks down all the organizations into categories such as business, academics, performing arts, military  and service so it is easier to locate a potential organization. This allows you to pursue the organization that aligns with your interests. Perhaps you are a marketing major and want to join the American Marketing Association, or perhaps you want to fight cancer and join the Relay for Life committee. The point is that there are ample opportunities to get involved here at East Carolina.

Don’t feel pressured to dive into a group off the bat though. Many, if not all, organizations will allow you to come to a meeting or two and check it out before you join. Fraternities and sororities hold rush periods which allow you to come out and meet the brothers/sisters before making a decision.

Becoming a meaningful part of an organization has countless benefits on a young person. It allows you to learn more about yourself, test your leadership skills, make an impact on the community, and make lifelong friends! It doesn’t matter what organization you join, but just get out there and join; just remember to give it your all!

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