Are you on the Vine?

With the popularity of your friends’ meals posted on Instagram, some restaurants have gone so far as to outlaw customers from taking pictures of their food. That means we need something new. How about a six second video with sound? Well that would be Twitter’s new app – Vine. Vine is a louder, more involved Instagram. Vine allows you to create and post six-second video collages to its site, or store on your phone for other networks. Expect to see your friends on Vine in the next few months.  So, how do companies utilize and build content?vine-image-2 Gap is an early adopter of Vine, showing a nostalgic view of their brand over the years to test the waters. If an Instagram picture is worth a thousand words, how much is Vine content worth?

I had some questions about how Vine might be used by business. So I spoke with Joe Quattrone, Vice-President of the social marketing company M80’s New York office.  Here are a few of his thoughts:

“For the time being we’re going through a period by which we all as social media practitioners have to download it personally (which is already happening), and then start to think about it through a branded content lens. That will happen throughout 2013”

“We have several weeks to articulate P.O.V.’s to our clients”

M80 is a leader in social marketing. Their early enrollment of client Audi in Instagram built a following of 300,000 followers in one year.

Facebook is aware of Vine and blocked users from connecting with their network, just hours after Vine’s release. Watching .gifs and Tumblr are nothing new. Vine provides a convenient way to develop creative content for brands and their followers. I’m excited to see how we all interact with Vine. How do you see Vine changing the social structure? Download Vine on your mobile device to explore.


Special thanks to Joe Quattrone: Follow him @Superquattrone


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