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As of the fall semester of 2012, all freshmen attending East Carolina University, aside from the few exceptions, are required to live in the dorm facilities offered by the University. It has been researched that students who live on campus for at least their freshman year, experience a better quality of learning (and I’m sure rolling out of bed and being 5 minutes away from class wouldn’t hurt either).

Living Learning Community: Cotton Hall need 1

The Living Learning Community (LLC) at East Carolina University has been created to provide first year College of Business students with the opportunity to experience the transition to a larger university in a more personable atmosphere.

There are about 50 students in the LLC program this year who live together in Cotten Hall located in the Central Neighborhood of campus. It’s a great way for first year College of Busines students to be part of the excitement in the very heart of pirate nation!


These students benefit from living among others who share the same interests and goals as they do. Along with living among their peers, they are given the resource of their peer mentors who are upper classmen in the College of Business.

Peer Mentors

First year students are not the only ones who must adjust to new situations. However, beginning college may be the first time many students are out on their own and may sometimes feel left without guidance.

Having the peer mentor program allows upper classmen who have had experience in the College of Business, lead other students toward success. Peer mentors help with common adjustment issues first year students may have.

Spr 2013 Peer Mentors 2

Mentors have been trained in personal development, academic scheduling, programming and other areas that support and strengthen the College of Business core values.  The leadership mentors Jack Prager, Samantha Sweeny, Haley Adams, Caroline Hill, Marisa Melchiorre, Eric Green and I, under the guidance of Kristen Harris, have developed a variety of engaging programs and activities. I think paintballing was our favorite program yet! We encourage active involvement in the university and develop unique events to maintain motivation.

Our programs help us develop a level of comfort between lower and upper level students that create a lasting bond. To be an effective peer mentor one must be knowledgeable about available campus resources, communicate with a variety of cultural and personal backgrounds, and function effectively in a team environment while being a dependable team member.

Melissa Melchiorre commented on her experience as a peer mentor by saying,

“We have helped students adjust to the COB or the college life in general by suggesting classes to take and letting the students know that there are other student available to talk to about school or other personal matters. Whether it is being away from home or adjusting to the busy college life, we are here to assist students to be successful and reach their goals. It is also rewarding to us knowing that we can help freshmen with lessons that we have learned and sharing our experiences with them.”Whole Gang Fountain

(L-R) Michelle Cavallo, Jack Prager, Samantha Sweeny, Kristen Harris,  Marisa Melchiorre, Haley Adams, Caroline Hill

How to Become a Peer Mentor

The LLC program is just beginning to grow. Kristen Harris who runs the program plans to extend this program to the sophomore level during the 2013-2014 school year. This growing program hopes to develop a network of interdependent individuals who can concentrate on academic achievement in a productive and supportive community.

All qualified College of Business students are encouraged to apply for this leadership position. No prior experience is required and the position offers a great work environment, flexible schedule, supportive management, and an excellent opportunity to build and improve on your leadership skills. This is a paid position.


  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Completion of 60 credit hours
    (by August of 2012)
  • 2 semesters completed at ECU
  • 2 semesters remaining at ECU
  • Declaration of Concentration in the College of Business
  • Involvement in campus/community service
  • In good standing with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Full time status (at least 12 hours)
  • Attend Leadership Challenge Course
    (April 1st – 3rd)

Visit this website for more information and to complete an online application!




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