The final class: The Job Interview 1001

You have an interview, so what do you do?

  • Did you research the company?
  • How about their clients, rivals, and options?
  • Did you check

Did you even research yourself? What do you have out there? You’re not only showing employers your resume now, but your Internet presence or “brand” that you have online. They say the first impression is the most important and you wouldn’t want it to be of you doing a keg stand, would you? Here’s something else to consider. Why do you dress up for an interview? I dress up to be my best and my mood is always great in a suit. Why would it be any different in a phone interview?

So you are as prepared as you’re going to be for the interview, now how should you prepare yourself for optimum confidence in crunch time?

DentsuThe day before make sure you have everything you need. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF! This will allow you a better chance to get sleep and not be concerned about trivial chores in the morning. You should also grab a hair cut, or not. 😉

The day of the interview you better take a shower. I really don’t understand why people think they smell good when they take showers at night. You stink and no one cares enough to tell you, so I’m telling you now to take a morning shower. You just realized your shirt is wrinkled! Learn to iron your shirt, or hang it in the bathroom when you’re taking your morning shower. There’s another method to this that I use. Buy a no wrinkle shirt, preferably a solid neutral color and bring it with your regular shirts always. These come in handy in a pinch, although they do not have the same feel as a solid cotton shirt.

Play your favorite music to stimulate your brain and get you in the mood you want to achieve. Practicing deep breathing exercises are very helpful so that you are aware of any heavy breathing.

Make notes about the things you may want to discuss in the interview and look over them a few hours before the meeting, you will need some time to relax. Make sure you get to the interview early. Never be late, but showing up too early can also be intrusive. Ten minutes is a solid number.

The last topic on anyone’s mind is food. Eat breakfast! Your body requires energy to focus and make mental connections. I promise you this serving of eggs isn’t going to make you fat. Your body digests what it is used to much better than crashing it with a new diet that night and morning. Find what you normally eat and eat that, it will be the best for you, even if it’s a little bit inconvenient- might help you avoid tummy issues! The final issue is coffee. Your already going to be pumped, so watch out and don’t over do the coffee. This could leave saying things before you think them through-“verbal vomit”

Good luck!

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