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Don’t Stress, They’re Only Finals

Finals can be stressful.

Stress can take a hard toll on your body, making studying difficult, and the vicious cycle continues.


This semester, refuse to give in to stress with these 10 ways to stay calm and collected during exam week.

1. Take breaks.

One thing many people try to do–with the best intentions–is power through all of their subjects in a row. Just like how your car takes a second to switch between gears, your brain also needs time to adjust to different material. 5-10 minutes of walking, listening to music or grabbing a snack will actually help your brain stay more alert by concentrating on one subject at a time.


2. Sweat it.

I once knew a girl whose father made her study for her SATs after running 5 miles, and then made her run the same distance before taking the actual exam after she had earned a low score on a previous attempt. What happened? Her score almost doubled.


3. Make a plan.

Grab yourself a desktop calendar from Walmart and write out your study schedule. Write in the actual exam and term paper due dates, then on the days leading up to each exam, write exactly what material needs to be studied. Bonus points if you use different colors for each subject.


4. Clean your desk.

Close your eyes and watch the clutter disappear. Better yet, actually organize your desk and feel the cobwebs in your brain leave with the ones from your desk. Decluttering your study area will let you truly focus on what matters without the dust bunnies distracting you.


5. Find some fur.

Countless studies have proven that petting dogs or cats relieves stress. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, combine a few stress relieving techniques and take a study break by going for a run with your dog.


6. Breathe.

We do it so instinctually that we sometimes forget we even need to do it, but closing your eyes and concentrating on your deep breaths are not just one of Leonard’s anger management tactics from The Big Bang Theory. Mindful breathing has been shown to slow heart rates and thus reduce stress.


7. Get off Facebook.

How often have you logged in to Facebook only intending to find out a friend’s birthday, but when you look at the time and 3 hours have passed? If you truly can’t muster the self control to unplug from social media while studying, use the Firefox plugin Leech Block to do it for you.


8. Get outside.

Not only is fresh air invigorating, but getting enough Vitamin D is essential to be fully healthy–especially during finals week. 10-30 minutes outside each day is enough for your body to soak in the nutrients it needs. Extra credit if you get some exercise in the great outdoors.


9. Eat smart.

It has been drilled into us from birth the importance of starting the day right with a nutritious breakfast, but it doesn’t stop at our first meal of the day. If “you are what you eat,” would you be a sluggish jelly donut or an energized bowl of oatmeal? If you need some help making smart choices, Live Better America has you covered.


10. XYZzzzzs.

Getting adequate sleep is always vital for optimum performance, so don’t put it off one second longer. Try unwinding before bed: it can be a few gentle stretches or yoga, reading a book for pleasure, taking a soothing bath, or enjoying a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea. You’ll be counting those sheep in no time.

Sure, finals can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. If you plan ahead and stay healthy, there is no reason you can’t feel completely prepared for each exam and feel confident when the time comes to bubble in your answers.

Finals Necklace Contest

It’s finals time and your swamped with work. What are you going to do!? How does winning a beautiful custom made East Carolina Neckless sound?


 Post a picture of you or a friend studying. Make us laugh, or cry for your suffering.  We know how hard it is to keep strong during these times. Just keep working and send us pictures of yourself studying on Facebook or Twitter. We will announce the winners during finals. Good luck!

Special thanks to Brenda Wells and JUJUBELLE for the necklaces.

The “Secret Sauce” to Cover Letters

On Thursday April 18th, East Carolina’s American Marketing Association invited a local Raleigh woman to come speak. Her name is Olalah Njenga. She is the CEO and Senior Marketing Strategist of YellowWood Group, a strategic marketing firm that helps mid-size and growing companies get better marketing results by aligning marketing efforts with sales goals. She is also an author of “37 What Were They Thinking Moments in Marketing.” Along with being an author, she is a speaker, and multi-award winner in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. She has been spotlighted on, FoxNews and Small Business Trends along with being a three-time Top 50 Catalyst Entreprenuer and was honored in 2011 for the Woman Extraordinaire award for her company growth.

With a lot of ECU students getting ready to graduate on May 11, 2013, there is a sudden scramble to find and secure a job for after we graduate. It’s a difficult industry and a lot of us won’t end up with the job that we would intend on having. In the process of applying, most companies not only ask for a resume but also a cover letter. But what makes a good cover letter? What do employers like to see on your cover letter? In this video below, Olalah Njenga, an employer herself, provides the “Secret Sauce” to cover letters and how to get yourself noticed.

Well, there you have it. Every employer’s “Secret Sauce” to what they want to see in a cover letter and what can get YOU noticed in the job market.

If you would like to get in contact with Olalah Njenga for any questions or concerns, feel free to check out her website at or

Be sure to look for Olalah again next year!

Hidden Treasures Spotlight: Tracy Tuten

Blog post by graduate student Janice Pearce

Hidden Treasures

Dr. Tracy Tuten is a Pirate, having completed her BSBA and MBA at ECU. She finished her doctoral work in 1996. Her most recent book is Advertisers at Work. Dr. Tuten’s publications have appeared in such journals as JournaTracy Tutenl of Marketing Communications, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of Business Research, among others. During her tenure at VCU, her research efforts were recognized with VCU’s Excellence in Scholarship award.

She has consulted and taught in many other areas of the world including Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. For several years, she served as a guest scientist for the Center for Survey Research and Methodology in Mannheim, Germany. As a Fulbright Scholar in Korea (2001), she taught International Marketing and Marketing in Cybertrade at the Graduate School of International Studies at Korea University. Following that experience, she partnered with Korea University to develop a Chief Marketing Officer course Tracy Tuten 2for Samsung Electronics and taught in the program for three years. During the summer of 2007, she served as a Fulbright Senior Specialist, working with the business programs at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa to redesign curriculum in the areas of Internet marketing and marketing research.

Dr. Tuten has also been recognized for her excellence in teaching, having received two external, national awards for teaching excellence (Society for Marketing Advances and the Association for Business Administration), a university-wide teaching award from Longwood University, and a teaching innovations award from the Society for Marketing Advances in 2008. In 2009, she was awarded the O’Hara Leadership Award in Direct and Interactive Marketing Education. In 2010, she served as ad:tech New York’s Social Media Marketing Master.

You too can start gaining insight from Dr. Tuten’s ‘well’ of knowledge.  You can visit her blog, follow her on twitter, or check out some of her publications.  This hidden treasure will not disappoint you!

Listen to what Dr. Tuten’s students have to say about her:Tracy Tuten 3

“Dr. Tuten is an extraordinary educator.  I have learned so much about marketing and the world of social media from her, but the real difference in Dr. Tuten is that she goes beyond instruction and motivates me to do something with the information she has given me! That’s an ironic way for me to put it, since the purpose of marketing is to move your audience to action.” (Janice Pearce, ECU College of Business Grad Student)

Tracy Tuten 4 “Dr. Tuten brings real world experience to advertising and social media.  She is an engaging professor and makes the classes fun.  She opened up a whole new world to me that I plan on using in my future.  She’s an asset to ECUCOB.” (Julie Lidberg, ECU College of Business Grad Student)

The “Real World”: Nothing to Freak Out About

May 11th. If you are a last semester senior than that is the date that is permanently ingrained in your mind. It is the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication. To me, it seems almost surreal. I cannot believe that four years have gone by so quick. It’s hard to even imagine the person I was four years ago; I feel like a completely different individual. My values and my entire outlook on life have changed. The things I’ve learned and experienced have prepared me for the next phase of my life. But like most graduates are thinking, what is the next step? What should I do? Of course, the obvious answer is find a job and enter the “real world”. This leads me to my next point…what is the “real world”?

The Real World

We don’t live in a science fiction novel, and as far as I can tell there are no alternate dimensions. So what is this “real world” that everyone speaks of? What is different from this collegiate environment I am currently in and this  so-called “real world? I have given this a lot of thought and the conclusion I have drawn is that the “real world” is a mindset. College teaches you the specific and technical things that can be applied to your career field, but it also teaches you how to look at things objectively. College teaches you how to divide a task up into specific parts, make a plan, and conquer it. College teaches you how to get things done, and that is an imperative skill for someone living in the “real world”. So, to enter the “real world” successfully one must have confidence in themselves  and a can-do attitude. East Carolina University College of Business has equipped me with this attitude and I am positive I will succeed.

Graduation is less than 3 weeks away and I don’t have a job lined up. I have submitted many applications and been through many interviews with no success, but I still remain confident. I know I have the right attitude to secure a job and I must simply be patient and work hard; and that’s really what the “real world” is all about. So if there are some of you out there that are freaking out about jumping into the “real world”, don’t worry. Just keep your chin up and keep grinding and you’ll be fine. The real world is nothing to freak out about.

Step Outside

“Ninety-nine hundredths of our activity is purely automatic” –William James

Getting lost in the reinforcement of tests and mindless study can build the illusion of intelligence. Where is the spark of creativity? Where are you learning for yourself? Can you remember the last book you read that had nothing to do with your business related coursework?

Creativity is a practice. Habit is what you practice and will control activity. So how do we break out of habits?

  • Start by taking a new way home from school
  • Try a new restaurant with outlandish food
  • Brew your own beer at home
  • Sign up for a unicycle

Try thinking for yourself and building connections with the world that are strange and unaccustomed to you. Intentionally make yourself uncomfortable. Believe me, I understand that this is easier for some than it is for others, but the habit is all yours. By constantly breaking your automation you will see who you want to be.


The old habits are hard to break. Newton’s third law states that the opposing second body in equal force will counter the first body in motion. The counters to the creative thinking body are your habits. Break habits, change the scenery, and build your mind.

Hidden Treasures Spotlight: Craig Williams

Blog by graduate student Janice PearceHidden Treasures

The College of Business at East Carolina is so proud to have Craig Williams on our team!

Craig Williams is a new lecturer in the Department of Management and soon-to-retire VP of Global Organizational Effectiveness for Walmart.

Williams began teaching Human Resources Management part-time at ECU in Jan. 2013. After he retires from Walmart this summer, he will begin a full-time position as a Teaching Instructor with the Department of Management.  Craig Williams

Born and raised in Haw River, N.C., Williams’ 30-year career in Human Resources has taken him to five companies: GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Wachovia-Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, and Walmart. He has also served on the College’s Business Advisory Council for the past two years.

Williams earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology from East Carolina University and his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University.  He is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management and has completed executive programs at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is also licensed as a real estate broker in North Carolina.

Williams’ wife Cindy is also an ECU alumni, and together they have a nine year old daughter, Ashley.

Talented educators, like Professor Williams, at East Carolina’s College of Business are endless.  We encourage you to learn more about those who are shaping our future business leaders on the ECU Faculty and Staff Page!

5 Blogs To Follow That Match Your Personality

Blog: She Takes On the World
Blogger: Natalie McNeil and a host of other writers on many different topics
Personality Type: The Entrepreneurial Woman
About: Women writing for women to offer advice on personal branding, being your own boss, book reviews, work/personal balance, money management, and social causes.  They offer resources that help build your career and run post video interviews with wildly successful women entrepreneurs.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.26.20 PM



BlogSeth Godin’s Blog
Blogger: Seth Godin
Personality Type: The Intellectual
About: Seth Godin is the author of 12 best selling books and a guy who knows business.  His blog is different because he writes short posts about daily reflections, but with a thought provoking twist.  With pearls of wisdom he probes the reader to think deeper and look at look at the bigger picture of business.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.29.56 PM


Blogger: Various writers for the New York Times
Personality Type: The Tech Junkie
About: This blog features a reliable assortment of news in the technology sector of business.  Articles about 18 year old millionaire-inventors, Apple rumors, high tech robots, and security breaches fill this site.  Posts like “How to Spot Suspicious Reviews” are sure to catch the eye of all those tech gurus that are perusing the internet constantly and teaching us tech-challenged how to navigate the waters.  This up-to-date blog is a great read for the trending topics of the industry or some quick posts to catch you up to speed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.31.23 PM


BlogThe Brazen Careerist
Blogger: Founded by Penelope Trunk (hosts other writers)
Personality Type: The Overachiever
About: This blog was founded by a serial entrepreneur (who has a fabulous personal blog who has much wisdom to share about business, launching your career, and personal development.  Each post has a title you can’t help but want to read and offers something that you just know will help you somewhere along the road.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.32.19 PM


Blogger: Any entrepreneur you want to follow (including Marc Cuban)
Personality Type: The Inquiring Mind
About: This Q&A style blog will be appealing to all those forever repeating “just google it”.  Readers can search through business-related questions or post their own inquiries and experts spend time thoughtfully answering.  You can follow topics or people, and the community votes the answers on so the best responses “shine”.  It is a great resource to help answer those burning questions you always wanted to ask the person who made it big.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.33.30 PM

Hidden Treasures Spotlight: Haozhe Chen

Blog post by graduate student Janice Pearce

Hidden Treasures

The College of Business at East Carolina is so proud to have Haozhe Chen on our team!

Haozhe ChenHaozhe Chen (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management in the College of Business at East Carolina University. He holds an MBA from The University of Alabama and a Ph.D. from The University of Oklahoma. His industry background includes eight years’ experience in international trade business in China. Professor Chen has published over 20 articles in leading logistics and supply chain management journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Logistics Management, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Journal of Business Logistics, and Transportation Research: Part E. His research has won recognitions such as ScienceDirect Top Article, Emerald LiteratiNetwork Outstanding Paper and Emerald LiteratiNetwork Highly Commended Paper. He has made presentations at major conferences of organizations such as Academy of Marketing Science, American Marketing Association, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Reverse Logistics Association, and Society for Marketing Advances.


Besides reviewing manuscripts for major supply chain management and logistics journals, Professor Chen also serves on five leading journals’ editorial boards. Professor Chen teaches both marketing and supply chain management courses. His current research interests include reverse logistics, supply chain integration, supply chain relationships, and international logistics. He is especially interested in China-related logistics topics and issues, and in 2012 he was invited to serve as a logistics expert to speak on China Radio International’s flagship live talk show – “Today”.


ECU College of Business: A Fine Institution

When I started my time here at East Carolina four years ago I was a much different person than I am now. I had a plentiful amount of ambition, but I lacked direction. I arrived on campus as a marketing major, but I had no experience in marketing or much of an idea of what I wanted to do as a career. I picked marketing because I understood it, and it seemed like a sound investment. I knew my odds of getting a job upon graduation would be much higher if I obtained a degree in business, but I had no idea that it would change my life forever.

I am surprised at how far I’ve come in four years and all the things that I have learned. None of it would have been possible without the ECU College of Business. The CoB really pushed me to be the best person that I could be. The College puts a profound emphasis on leadership and I think that is something that really helped me along my journey here at ECU. This constant emphasis on leadership forced me to step outside my comfort zone and step up into leadership roles. Honestly I was scared at first, but I knew that I had the support of so many wonderful peers and professors and that is what helped me succeed within my leadership roles.


My most prestigious leadership role was serving as the President of the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. I learned extraordinary lessons in leadership and management that I will carry with me my entire life.

The Leadership and Professional Development (LaPD) program is something that I think definitely deserves to be highlighted and recognized within the community of higher education. The program has taught me many valuable things that I am sure I will apply in future business endeavors. One of the most helpful things within this program was the professional etiquette dinner. I have been in professional situations since that required proper dining etiquette and I felt prepared and comfortable in that situation.

Also, the switch to the online ‘eWebfolio’ was a very good step in the right direction. This new set-up gives students the flexibility to design and generate content that is relevant to themselves and their desired industry. What is appropriate for an accounting major may not be appropriate for a marketing major, and this new change recognizes that. I’m excited to have a digital portfolio that I can show to potential employers, and I think it will increase my chances of landing a job upon graduation.

All in all, I am extremely proud to receive a degree from East Carolina University College of Business. Of course, I am not the only one that feels this way though. Fellow marketing student, Kailyn White, created this video that highlights several students perspectives about the College of Business. It was a pleasure helping out with this video and I hope you all enjoy!


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