5 Blogs To Follow That Match Your Personality

Blog: She Takes On the World
Blogger: Natalie McNeil and a host of other writers on many different topics
Personality Type: The Entrepreneurial Woman
About: Women writing for women to offer advice on personal branding, being your own boss, book reviews, work/personal balance, money management, and social causes.  They offer resources that help build your career and run post video interviews with wildly successful women entrepreneurs.

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BlogSeth Godin’s Blog
Blogger: Seth Godin
Personality Type: The Intellectual
About: Seth Godin is the author of 12 best selling books and a guy who knows business.  His blog is different because he writes short posts about daily reflections, but with a thought provoking twist.  With pearls of wisdom he probes the reader to think deeper and look at look at the bigger picture of business.

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Blogger: Various writers for the New York Times
Personality Type: The Tech Junkie
About: This blog features a reliable assortment of news in the technology sector of business.  Articles about 18 year old millionaire-inventors, Apple rumors, high tech robots, and security breaches fill this site.  Posts like “How to Spot Suspicious Reviews” are sure to catch the eye of all those tech gurus that are perusing the internet constantly and teaching us tech-challenged how to navigate the waters.  This up-to-date blog is a great read for the trending topics of the industry or some quick posts to catch you up to speed.

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BlogThe Brazen Careerist
Blogger: Founded by Penelope Trunk (hosts other writers)
Personality Type: The Overachiever
About: This blog was founded by a serial entrepreneur (who has a fabulous personal blog  http://www.penelopetrunk.com) who has much wisdom to share about business, launching your career, and personal development.  Each post has a title you can’t help but want to read and offers something that you just know will help you somewhere along the road.

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Blogger: Any entrepreneur you want to follow (including Marc Cuban)
Personality Type: The Inquiring Mind
About: This Q&A style blog will be appealing to all those forever repeating “just google it”.  Readers can search through business-related questions or post their own inquiries and experts spend time thoughtfully answering.  You can follow topics or people, and the community votes the answers on so the best responses “shine”.  It is a great resource to help answer those burning questions you always wanted to ask the person who made it big.

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