Step Outside

“Ninety-nine hundredths of our activity is purely automatic” –William James

Getting lost in the reinforcement of tests and mindless study can build the illusion of intelligence. Where is the spark of creativity? Where are you learning for yourself? Can you remember the last book you read that had nothing to do with your business related coursework?

Creativity is a practice. Habit is what you practice and will control activity. So how do we break out of habits?

  • Start by taking a new way home from school
  • Try a new restaurant with outlandish food
  • Brew your own beer at home
  • Sign up for a unicycle

Try thinking for yourself and building connections with the world that are strange and unaccustomed to you. Intentionally make yourself uncomfortable. Believe me, I understand that this is easier for some than it is for others, but the habit is all yours. By constantly breaking your automation you will see who you want to be.


The old habits are hard to break. Newton’s third law states that the opposing second body in equal force will counter the first body in motion. The counters to the creative thinking body are your habits. Break habits, change the scenery, and build your mind.

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