Study Abroad Series: The City of Love

Blog by: Nathaniel Terry

Today, Sunday June the 9th, we have found ourselves wandering around the city of Verona. As you may already know, Verona is also referred to as the city of love (mainly due to the dramatic tale of Romeo and Juliet). When people think of the word love, it is usually associated with romance and passion but in this instance, that is not the case. Merriam- Webster defines love as a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties,” which can be used to describe the over night relationships of the College of Business Study Abroad: Italy. Reflecting on Verona has allowed me to see that within a week’s time we have transitioned from strangers into friends.

At the beginning of this trip, there were a total of 28 professors and students, few who knew each other beforehand and many who had never met. As a whole, no one knew what to expect while simultaneously making assumptions in anticipation of what to come. Initially, people gravitated toward individuals that they shared things in common with, which is natural, being one of the basic characteristics of human psychology. Currently, exactly a week into the trip things are much different. Although many people have their differences, the energy of the group is filled with joy and laughter rather than anger and dissention. We find ourselves together, wondering around Verona, looking at the architecture, shopping for family and personal, breaking bread and drinking wine. Aimlessly, we peruse through the city of little Rome (Verona), taking in the breathtaking views and immersing ourselves in things unknown to us. Also throughout the day, we all are looking out for one another in this foreign land making sure there is “no man left behind.” Though our relationships began quite recently, they have evolved and matured quickly with great care, compassion, and respect for one another.

In the end, we conquered Verona as we had done with all the cities that we had encountered together before (Belluno, Venice, Florence, ect). All the while we were making memories that we will remember forever, whether it is in thought or captured in a picture. All in all, I believe that if you were to ask everyone on this adventure they would say, “we couldn’t have had a better group of students.” Hopefully, when we travel back home and get back into our normal routines, we will look to continue these friendships long into the future, friendships that were kindled in the city of love, the city of Verona.

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