Summer Study Abroad Series: Leisure and Life

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Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy with 369.98 square kilometers. It lies between Verona, Brescia and Trento.  Due to Lake Garda’s strategic position during World War One, the lake has become very popular ever since.  It is one of the most popular beaches in Italy. The beaches are mainly rocks instead of sandy beaches like we are used to back in the states. The lake had many beautiful sights and a long list of things to do such as visiting the castle, boat tours, various amusement parks, sporting activities and the beach.  It seemed to be that boat tours were the most Alyssa Conlon 2popular activity in the area we visited, so a group of us decided to rent a boat to see all of the beautiful sights and enjoy the nice weather.  We had an amazing view of the castle and also passed the grotto.  It was a beautiful, warm day to relax out on the lake.  We spent most of the day taking in the amazing sights of mountains and other breath taking scenery.  In Italy there are so many pretty sights and everything is very old but still so beautiful.  The artwork is phenomenal and you can tell that they put so much time into it.


There were so many boats out on the lake as well and not just the tour boats for the tourists. Italians seem to enjoy their leisure time much more than Americans; this was especially apparent at Lake Garda today.  Instead of focusing solely on the future outcomes of situations, Italians take time to enjoy the present moment and do not take it for granted.  They enjoy a slower paced life than we are used to back home. Life is so fast-paced in the United States that I think a lot of us do not take the time to enjoy the small every Alyssa Conlon 3day things in life.  In America, people are very business oriented and have a very entrepreneurial mindset and always thinking ahead where as Italians have smaller businesses and are very family oriented. In America businesses are much larger and Italian businesses are much smaller and stay within the family for many years. Both of these perceptions of life have both good and bad aspects to them depending on how one looks at the situation.  In general, the cost of living is higher here in Italy than in the United Sates.  Businesses in Italy are willing to pay higher wages to keep employees and this makes up for the higher cost of living here.  In America, the cost of living is much cheaper, but the people are not paid as much as the employees in Italy.  I’ve loved everything about Italy and am so lucky to be here.  I think this experience has taught me to enjoy the moment and not be too preoccupied about future events.  Visiting Italy has been an amazing adventure and I cannot wait for the next three days!

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