First Week Back: Many Things to Look Forward To

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Back to school.  These 3 words have different meanings to different people.  To some, it may mean an exciting time when all their friends come back into town from summer, to others it may mean this is the beginning of a temporary block in their social life and personal freedom.  To me, back to school is a nice mixture of the two.  For a college student, it’s a rude awakening when the only thing you have on your schedule for nearly 3 months is friends, fun and leisurely vacations to having to begin to wake up, look presentable and having to pay attention in a classroom all day.

Education Concept I don’t think anyone would jump the gun to say they’re excited about starting loads of work after a long (hopefully relaxing) summer, but there is always some undeniable excitement in the air in the first week of school when it comes to school supply shopping, being on a set schedule with new professors and meeting new people.  Even though thinking about all the work you will do in the upcoming months may give you a massive headache, there are thankfully many things to look forward to about school starting back.  Whether it’s your goal to make a certain set of grades for the semester,tailgating and some pirate football, or simply just being back with all your buddies, I think it’s safe to say it’s great to be back for the school year.   I’m sure the excitement I’m feeling about all this new freshness will wear off by this time next week when reality sets in, but until then I’m enjoying it while I can…Have a good first weekend back everyone 🙂

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