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Career Fair Success Tips

It’s that time of the semester where it’s time to start preparing for the Career Fair! With it being a little more than a week away, I thought I’d clue in on a couple helpful tips for preparation.  It’s extremely important to be presentable, articulate, and organized.  These 3 things can get you in the door, but you will need to brush up your skills to take it from there on out.

1.)    Firstly, you should do some research and see what companies will be there next Thursday.  Maybe narrow it down to a couple you are mainly interested in, and do some research on the company.  It’s important to analyze the job, and what they are seeking for in a candidate.  Below is a link to a listing of the companies.   It’s very impressive to a company that you can know and understand a little something about them, and even get engaged and ask THEM questions.

List of Employers:

 2.)    Reviewing potential interview questions could help you in an actual interview whether you get similar questions or not.  Either way it polishes your speaking skills and gets you to think about how you will respond.  Maybe even have a friend or family member to fake interview you to get some practice.  The Career Center has an Interview Stream on their website that helps prepare you for interviews online.  It’s simple, fun, and low-pressure.   The link is listed below the Practice Interview questions.

[Practice Interview Questions]

[Interview Stream Set-Up Instructions]

 3.)    First impressions are everything.  Looking polished and put together will definitely send out the right message to potential future employers.  With that being said, make sure your clothes are neutral, tasteful, appropriate and clean.  There’s nothing worse than looking inappropriate or sloppy just because you weren’t prepared, even if you have the right qualifications for the job.  Tidy and well-groomed are key!  If you are having financial issues, or are just tight on money remember to check out non-profit organizations such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Sometimes you can find great things there for a reasonable price!

Also, don’t forget that COB is starting our Suit-Up contest next week!  To make sure you look sharp, you can check out the College Of Business Pinterest page.  We have great boards for business dress for both men and women.




Appropriate Business looks for Women


Appropriate Business looks for Men [Ranging from least acceptable to most recommended)

4.)    Make sure you are completely aware of your body language, manners, and etiquette.  Make eye contact so it shows you have confidence (even if you have to fake it!), have a firm handshake, and pay attention to the questions the employer is asking you.  Going back to tip #1, it will help you respond and have questions back to your interviewer.

 5.)    Turn your phone off, or put it on silent, and make sure you bring extra copies of your resumes!

 6.)    Another interesting thing I’ve heard of some people doing is having a certain song(s) or artist they listen to first to help pump themselves up or even relax themselves if they’re having anxiety before an interview.  Personally for me, I like to get pumped up.  One of my favorite jams to listen to when I need a lot of energy is Who Gonna Stop Me by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Find what works for you, and go for it!


Date: October 10th, 2013

Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Location: Minges Coliseum

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 -Learn about internships and full-time job opportunities


 Blog By: Haley Nowlin


Follow the Leaders: Kendell Harris

Blog Author: Kendell Harris

Whether you call it professionalism, charisma, or swagger, the knowledge students gain in the Leadership and Professional Development Program brings them a degree of confidence that they wouldn’t otherwise possess. Sure an accountant can crunch numbers, and a marketer can generate sales, however, the intangibles are what make professionals top performers in their field.

Kendell Harris


About myself: I grew up in Perquimans County (near Elizabeth City) as the youngest of six kids. To keep ourselves busy, my 2 brothers and I learned almost any sport (from golf to ping pong, basketball and football).  At any given day you can find me in the ECU gym playing a pickup game of basketball.


When I have free time I love to travel. Some of my favorite places I have been are South Africa, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. I hope to visit Europe for the first time next year.

My wife and I have learned American Sign Language (ASL) and joined a Sign Language Congregation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Interestingly, 4 years ago I didn’t know anyone who was deaf, and now I have deaf friends from all over NC.

My favorite class I have taken at ECU is Tax Research. As odd as that sounds, I always wondered how to use law instead of google to answer tax questions. After taking that class I feel prepared to start my career.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am hoping to use my experiences as a student, Graduate Assistant and beneficiary of the Leadership and Professional Development Program (LAPDP) to give real life and practical examples of how the LAPDP can help student’s careers.

Hello, Fall!’s definition of Autumn: “Autumn is the season after summer, when leaves fall from trees. It’s also the season when the days get shorter and colder, and everything turns brown and drab, but people like it anyway, for the cocoa and cider, probably.”

Not the most extravagant definition but it’s probably what comes to the tip of the mind when this time of the year rolls around.  With Fall Break being right around the corner (Next Friday to be exact) I’m sure the majority of your brains are almost out the window at this point.  I think’s definition left a few things out of the equation including pumpkins, fall candles, Halloween, chilly nights, the fair, scarves, boots, the trees changing colors and probably lots of other things that would basically make any typical girl happy.

Speaking of silly girl fall traditions, I’m a huge sucker for candles, so I’m on cloud nine when fall scents start hitting the stores.


These are just a FEW of my collection.  I’m a feen.

On a more serious note though, every season has something unique to offer and always seems to roll around right when we get sick of the previous season.  The cooler air is great for jogging and hanging out inside.  It’s a new change of pace from the humid sticky summer air we’ve gotten accustomed to these past couple of months.  Whether it’s the weather, football games, being able to exercise without a heat stroke, or Starbuck’s new selection of coffee, I think we can all agree that there is great change in the air right now!

However, just because it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the new season, don’t be forgetting that the Career Fair is quickly approaching 😉   The date is October 10th, the Thursday of the week we come BACK from Fall Break.  So, while you’re enjoying your time off starting next weekend, be thinking about preparing yourself for the Career Fair if you plan on attending.  Be sure to check out my blog post next week on etiquette, dress, and interview tips! In the meantime, go relax and get yourself a pumpkin spice latte 🙂



Follow the Leaders: Tying it all Together featuring Aaron Hall

Blog Author: Aaron Hall

The final class of the Leadership and Professional Development Program, BUSI 4200, was the class where we tied together everything that we learned throughout our four years. This class included working as a team to develop a solve a real world problem and then present the problem and solution to our classmates and professors. This would be the final critique of our leadership skills and professionalism that we would receive before graduation.

Most importantly, it is a neat time to look back and see how far you’ve come over the past four years. In four years I went from reading off slides during presentations to being able to engage my audience and know what I am talking about without notes. I went from leading dysfunctional teams to knowing how to quickly solve problems and delegate tasks to group members according to their strengths.

Upon graduation I was confident and impressed in the businessman that I had become. In just a short amount of time the College of Business molded me into a true professional that is confident in his abilities and has high goals for the future. The Leadership & Professional Development Program elevates the ECU College of Business far above other programs in the state. I say this because I’ve talked with business students across the state that envy our program and see the change it has placed within me.

If you are a prospective student or current student at the University who is undecided, I strongly recommend this program. I assure you that you will learn so many important skills while having a little fun in the process. You will be surprised in how what you learn today, will help you lead tomorrow. 'The Capstone & Post-Graduation'To read the rest of my blog posts, click here.

Just Another Busy Week In The Life

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, this is a week of all work, no play.  Between group meetings, the library, studying for tests and work, I haven’t had much time for anything else, unfortunately.  On a more class related note however, something I have noticed while I have been getting my club Joyner on the past couple days, is in the higher level marketing courses a lot of the concepts seem to parallel to each other.  I’m starting to notice certain principles overlapping each other in my classes.  It’s kind of neat how that works and how I’m starting to see a lot of different ideas come together. Speaking of marketing, the American Marketing Association (AMA) had its first meeting of the semester on Tuesday.  I’m excited to see how new officers and board members are going to run AMA this semester!

While I was in the library the other day getting my study grind on, I noticed this little fellow camped out.  It was just a reminder that someone always has it worse than you.  Nothing screams rock bottom like camping out and taking a nap under a cubicle desk in the library.  Seems like I’m not the only one busy with school this week, but at least I have time to sleep!


Blog By: Haley Nowlin


Follow the Leaders: The Start of Aaron Hall’s Professional Development

Blog Author: Aaron Hall


The third and most interesting class of the LaPDP, in my opinion, was the professional development course. This is where the CoB made me look like a businessman. We started BUSI 3200 by learning the basics of professionalism. For example how to write a cover page and resume. Once we completed that, we had the opportunity to schedule a mock interview with local business leaders who would interview us and critique our interviewing skills. In addition to that, we learned how to properly shake hands with people, how to give and receive a business card, and how to act during a group presentation.

The centerpiece of the class is the professional etiquette dinner. For a couple of weeks, we went over proper “mingling” techniques and dining etiquette. Once learning the basics of etiquette, we attended a practice etiquette dinner. The dinner showed us students how to act professionally when talking with people before the dinner and how to properly act once at the table. At each table a professor would guide us through the process and answer any questions we had about certain situations.

I loved this class because it was laid back and fun. It showed me that professionalism isn’t about being stiff and boring; it’s about making yourself and everyone around you comfortable. After graduation, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of dinners that required professional etiquette. I have to admit that without this class I would’ve been lost and could have made myself and everyone at my table uncomfortable. Instead, I used my knowledge to meet new people and enjoy a nice meal with business professionals. The culmination of the skills acquired the past three courses leads me to the Cap-Stone course.

Read more of my posts by clicking here.

Surviving Hell Week: College Edition

As most of you know there are always a rare couple of weeks out of the semester that you would consider “hell week”.  Those weeks where everything seems to pile up on you and you might as well just camp out in the library, maybe bring a pillow and a sleeping bag.  Lucky for me, this week and next week are considered those kinds of weeks.  However, one thing I have learned in my previous 3 years of college is organization and how to prepare myself for these kinds of stressful weeks. 

Firstly and most importantly, it’s almost a necessity to have a planner or agenda.  Take that thing everywhere! Take a few moments out of your week to write down exam and assignment dates, and cross off items as you complete them.  For me this always gives me a clear vision of what I need to do and doesn’t make my schoolwork seem so jumbled and unorganized. 

Secondly, print off all your study guides and review items so you know the amount of work to expect, and can look over your main study points and plan ahead before you actually sit down to do your studying. 

Do difficult assignments first so when you get them over, the rest is a breeze and you won’t have a sense of dread if you’re working on an easier assignment first.

Have special places to study.  This could be in a bookstore, the library or somewhere quiet like your back porch where you know you won’t get distracted and can get into the zone of studying.

Take breaks. Study for an hour and when that hour is up take a quick 5-10 minute break.  Get up and walk around, or go make a snack. 

Although it’s hard for most people (including myself) manage your time efficiently and stick to it!! I know it’s easier said than done, but it does make your days a lot less stressful and gives you a little time at night to relax before bed, if you manage your time well enough during the day instead of pulling all nighters and losing sleep. 

Becoming prepared and presenting yourself in an organized manner is an important thing not only in class, but in the business world as well. The College of Business has definitely prepared my necessary skills in general to think act and prepare myself for the business world by the classes I have taken along the way, and how I prepared my workload per semester. 

Lastly, get a few treats for yourself.  You earned it 🙂


Follow the Leaders: Aaron Hall Steps Out of Class and into the Real World

Blog Author: Aaron Hall

The second class, BUSI 2200, had two parts to it. One was a leadership/team building lab and the other was a class focused on working on a team for a client.

The lab was an interesting concept that I was certain no other business school had. Each week, for a couple of hours, we would spend time learning about our classmates with different personalities/skills and how a leader must understand each member in order to accomplish objectives. The instructors would purposely put us in groups of different people and ask us to accomplish a task that would require communication and identifying who is strong or weak with certain items. We also participated in a challenge course that would also help us improve our communication skills and understanding of each other. This experience was helpful in providing me with the skills to lead a student organization where I had to work with people with different personalities.

In the class, students were divided into teams and placed with a client that we would complete a project for. Our team was given Uptown Greenville, an organization focused on improving the brand image of the “downtown” area of Greenville. Our task was to create a marketing plan that targeted young families with the idea of bringing in better businesses.


While working with the client, I was able to apply the fundamentals I learned in BUSI 1200, as well as the leadership skills learned in the lab, to a real world situation. It was also great experience to work with a real client by meeting with them, learning about their organizational objectives, and making recommendations for a marketing plan. Later in my college career, I would use this knowledge to work with local small business owners and other clients who needed help with their strategy. My experience working with a real client leads to my next blog and the start of my professional development.

To learn more about the Leadership and Professional Development Program, click here.

Pirate Football Rises Again

As most of pirate nation knows, we had a home game against ODU this past Saturday.  My parents are huge pirate fans since me and my sister both went here, so they came into town to join in on a little bit of the fun.  Having years of tailgating experience, my parents definitely know how to tailgate in style.  That includes wings, cookout food, desserts and of course some beer 🙂  Below is my mom, myself and one of my roommates in the Harris Teeter parking lot tailgate where we started the day.  mom

Whether you’re with family, friends, or both, there’s no doubt about it that there is such a joyous level of excitement and anticipation in the air in Greenville on game days. Here at East Carolina University, we are known for our school spirit and energy during football season.  There really is no pride and school spirit quite like ECU, especially at the first home game of the year.  With our team working hard, we beat ODU 52-38, and hopefully can pull another win at this week’s game.



Even my golden retriever, Murphy is rooting the pirates on 😉 Study hard this week, get your work done and don’t forget to wear all black for the blackout game tonight vs. FAU at 7:30!  Arghhh go Pirates!!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin