Follow the Leaders: The Start of Aaron Hall’s Professional Development

Blog Author: Aaron Hall


The third and most interesting class of the LaPDP, in my opinion, was the professional development course. This is where the CoB made me look like a businessman. We started BUSI 3200 by learning the basics of professionalism. For example how to write a cover page and resume. Once we completed that, we had the opportunity to schedule a mock interview with local business leaders who would interview us and critique our interviewing skills. In addition to that, we learned how to properly shake hands with people, how to give and receive a business card, and how to act during a group presentation.

The centerpiece of the class is the professional etiquette dinner. For a couple of weeks, we went over proper “mingling” techniques and dining etiquette. Once learning the basics of etiquette, we attended a practice etiquette dinner. The dinner showed us students how to act professionally when talking with people before the dinner and how to properly act once at the table. At each table a professor would guide us through the process and answer any questions we had about certain situations.

I loved this class because it was laid back and fun. It showed me that professionalism isn’t about being stiff and boring; it’s about making yourself and everyone around you comfortable. After graduation, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of dinners that required professional etiquette. I have to admit that without this class I would’ve been lost and could have made myself and everyone at my table uncomfortable. Instead, I used my knowledge to meet new people and enjoy a nice meal with business professionals. The culmination of the skills acquired the past three courses leads me to the Cap-Stone course.

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