Follow the Leaders: Tying it all Together featuring Aaron Hall

Blog Author: Aaron Hall

The final class of the Leadership and Professional Development Program, BUSI 4200, was the class where we tied together everything that we learned throughout our four years. This class included working as a team to develop a solve a real world problem and then present the problem and solution to our classmates and professors. This would be the final critique of our leadership skills and professionalism that we would receive before graduation.

Most importantly, it is a neat time to look back and see how far you’ve come over the past four years. In four years I went from reading off slides during presentations to being able to engage my audience and know what I am talking about without notes. I went from leading dysfunctional teams to knowing how to quickly solve problems and delegate tasks to group members according to their strengths.

Upon graduation I was confident and impressed in the businessman that I had become. In just a short amount of time the College of Business molded me into a true professional that is confident in his abilities and has high goals for the future. The Leadership & Professional Development Program elevates the ECU College of Business far above other programs in the state. I say this because I’ve talked with business students across the state that envy our program and see the change it has placed within me.

If you are a prospective student or current student at the University who is undecided, I strongly recommend this program. I assure you that you will learn so many important skills while having a little fun in the process. You will be surprised in how what you learn today, will help you lead tomorrow. 'The Capstone & Post-Graduation'To read the rest of my blog posts, click here.

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