Hello, Fall!

Dictionary.com’s definition of Autumn: “Autumn is the season after summer, when leaves fall from trees. It’s also the season when the days get shorter and colder, and everything turns brown and drab, but people like it anyway, for the cocoa and cider, probably.”

Not the most extravagant definition but it’s probably what comes to the tip of the mind when this time of the year rolls around.  With Fall Break being right around the corner (Next Friday to be exact) I’m sure the majority of your brains are almost out the window at this point.  I think Dictionary.com’s definition left a few things out of the equation including pumpkins, fall candles, Halloween, chilly nights, the fair, scarves, boots, the trees changing colors and probably lots of other things that would basically make any typical girl happy.

Speaking of silly girl fall traditions, I’m a huge sucker for candles, so I’m on cloud nine when fall scents start hitting the stores.


These are just a FEW of my collection.  I’m a feen.

On a more serious note though, every season has something unique to offer and always seems to roll around right when we get sick of the previous season.  The cooler air is great for jogging and hanging out inside.  It’s a new change of pace from the humid sticky summer air we’ve gotten accustomed to these past couple of months.  Whether it’s the weather, football games, being able to exercise without a heat stroke, or Starbuck’s new selection of coffee, I think we can all agree that there is great change in the air right now!

However, just because it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the new season, don’t be forgetting that the Career Fair is quickly approaching 😉   The date is October 10th, the Thursday of the week we come BACK from Fall Break.  So, while you’re enjoying your time off starting next weekend, be thinking about preparing yourself for the Career Fair if you plan on attending.  Be sure to check out my blog post next week on etiquette, dress, and interview tips! In the meantime, go relax and get yourself a pumpkin spice latte 🙂



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