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Happy Halloween!

What was once a holiday for kids to dress up and spend a couple hours going door-to-door to get a sugar rush, has now become a special occasion where kids AND adults have learned to love to play dress up. By taking a trip to a costume store, or a place like Target, you would think that kids are almost forgotten with how much popularity adult costumes have gained within the past couple of years. The message: even though we are bigger older and hopefully more mature, we can have just as much fun with Halloween.

Although some don’t have the time or money to really get into it and end up settling for something easy or generic, it is much more fun to be creative. This Thursday we are having some of our own fun in the College Of Business. Stop by Bate 3001 to get your picture taken to be submitted into an album on Facebook. Whoever gets the most “likes” wins, and of course, we will be giving out goodies! Even if you don’t have the time to come to campus dressed up, we will have fun props so come by the 3rd floor computer lab and get your picture taken 🙂

In honor of some Halloween spirit here are some cute and quirky ideas I found, while browsing for some ideas of my own:

1.) dunkin
Dunkin’ Doughnuts

2.) energizer bunny
Energizer Bunny

3.) coke
Pepsi & Coke

4.) toothfairy
Toothfairy & Tooth

5.) castaway

Don’t forget to come dress up and have fun with us on Thursday! Everyone have a fun and SAFE Halloween! 🙂

Meet Mailin Seipp: COB Student and Traveler Extraordinare

Mailin in Hawaii

Mailin spent 6 weeks in Hawaii this summer.

Mailin Seipp, a College of Business graduate student, has traveled quite a bit in her life. You may have seen her around the computer lab or heard her German accent around campus, but she has visited more exciting places in her 25 years than can be counted on one hand. I sat down with her to find out more about her experiences abroad.

SQ: Why is traveling so important?

MS: Experiencing new cultures and the way other people live is always interesting to me. Trying new foods is always an adventure, and seeing the different landscapes and perspectives is fun, since I always enjoy being outdoors.

SQ: What are some of the most memorable places you have traveled, and how have they impacted your life or career goals?

MS: In the summer of 2012, I hiked from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain along the Way of St. James.

Mailin traveled along the Way of St. James for 10 days.

Traveling with only what could fit on my back for 10 days taught me to live with less, and that tangible things aren’t the most important things in life. I intended to finish the hike for fun and as a way to push myself physically, and I didn’t expect to end up thinking about my life and myself so much, but I guess it was inevitable with so much time on my hands.

There is a story of a millionaire who gave away all of his possessions before hiking along the Way of St. James. A lot of people use the trail as a way to get to know themselves and be reflective. It was an incredible experience to also meet new people along the way, and a time I will always remember.

Another memorable trip was this summer, when I was in Hawaii for 6 weeks. I was there longer than the average tourist, so I got to know the culture and explore the area. Although it is a part of the United States, Hawaii is a mix of nationalities, very diverse, and has its own way of life. I loved that there were both beautiful natural parts of Hawaii and also a city area. After I graduate in May, my plans are to move to Honolulu on the Oahu island.

SQ: How do you think coming from Germany gives you a unique look at business and the world in general?

MS: In Germany, I was taught to have a lot of persistence and to work hard to achieve my goals. I’ve also noticed that compared to American schools, European schools teach more international history and encourage you to experience the world. At my high school, we had exchange programs with France, England and North and South America. We were encouraged to see the world starting early and to learn foreign languages–that’s why I know English well!

SQ: What have you learned from your adventures?

MS: I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned to accept different lifestyles and ways of living and not to judge them and compare them to own way of life. Different lifestyles are not necessarily wrong, they are just different.

One time in Spain, I ate octopus, because it was one of their delicacies. I tried it, I experienced it, but it wasn’t for me.

I’ve also learned how people’s values differ across the world. Some cultures value time with family much more than earning money, and others put money above all else.

SQ: Do you have any advice for students who haven’t done much traveling?

MS: Two words: start traveling. Try to get to know different cultures. Even if you can’t leave the area, experience the cultures at ECU. There is the First Friends Program, and the international management classes through the College of Business will teach you about different countries’ practices.

If you can, go out of the state or even just out of Greenville. It doesn’t need to be a big trip, but getting out of your comfort zone is important to grow and learn more as a person.

If you do find yourself in a foreign country or area, try not to follow the tourist attractions. Those are fun, but you will have more memorable experiences getting to know local people and practicing the local ways to truly learn the culture.

Traveling provides unique insight into the world, cultures, and ultimately helps us see what we are truly passionate about.

If you are interested in studying abroad, the College of Business takes a trip every summer! Follow this link to learn more.

Important Tips to Know As a College Student

One thing I enjoy doing in my free time is reading.  Not only books, but articles as well.  Usually when people post articles on Facebook I keep scrolling on down, but one of my Facebook friends shared an interesting article the other day that really caught my eye.  It was called “100 Things That You Need To Understand While You Are Still In College”.  While I’m not going to post all 100 bullets, I do want to share my favorite 20 things that were listed in this article.

college st


1.)    You will learn more from your experiences than you will from class

2.)    You will meet a lot more people if you do get involved.

3.)    Building relationships will get you farther than networking.

4.)    Being smart is sexy

5.)    The way people see you is just as important as the way you see yourself

6.)    Your phone and your computer should not take all you attention. Look around and observe life around you.

7)    Study in different places rather than just the library

8)    Keep a Journal.  You’ll thank me when you’re older.

9.)  People will help you with almost anything if you say you’re a student.

10.) Travel now.  Life gets busy and so do your friends.

11.) This is the best you’ll ever look so make sure to take pictures

12.)  Support your parents. They like when their kid recognizes them for their achievements just as much as they recognize you for yours.

13.)  Karma is a real thing

14.) Shaving is a good thing for both men and women

15.)  Look people in the eyes when you talk to them.  Otherwise you don’t look sincere.

16.) Being financially independent is extremely rewarding

17.) One of the best skills to have is to being able to hold a conversation, regardless of the topic.

18.) No one cares how good you look at 8 a.m.

19.) Anytime there is something (free food) it’s worth it to show up.

20.) Make sure the people around you are happy. It will give your life more meaning.

Most people say college is the greatest 4 years of your life.  This article really emphasized taking all the meaning from the college experience that you possibly can.  The thing I liked about this article was the honesty and relate ability factor.  I’m sure there has been many times in your college career you wish you would’ve had insight to events before they occurred.  I also like how it had points that related to things that occur in a normal college student’s personal life and portrayed it in an informative and truthful standpoint, instead of just talking about academics.  It is true, in the long run you will learn more from your 4 (or maybe a couple more 😉 ) years here than you will in any classroom.  If you want to check out the full article the link is listed below 🙂

Blog By: Haley Nowlin


Just An Average Week

I wish I had something exciting to update you guys on, but my life has been pretty boring the past week or so.  I think the most exciting thing I’ve had going on this past week was carving pumpkins with one of my friends.


Still got to have some pirate pride, even during Halloween!

In last night’s AMA meeting we had Lee Brown as a speaker.  He gave a presentation on “How To Be A Self-Marketer”.  One thing from the presentation that stuck with me was this demonstration he had students physically act out:


“No one is below another, everybody counts!”

Blog By: Haley Nowlin

Back From Break Blues

All good things must come to an end.  And in this case that means Fall Break.  It was refreshing to get a little break from school, work, and Greenville and go home to see my family for a few days.  Although I’m one of those average people who didn’t go anywhere cool or exciting, it was nice to take the break to simply relax, spend time with loved ones, give my brain a nice little rest from school and get organized.  I have a big test this afternoon, so I had to cut my break a little short and come back early to study.   I tried to get a little bit of my studying done at home over the weekend to lighten the load.  It’s not the most ideal thing to be studying over any break, but you got to do what you got to do!


       Murphy says “Is there anything I can do to help you study?”

Unfortunately my dog couldn’t be there to comfort me when I was in the library all night last night, but in relation to preparing to start back to class this week, I was also doing a couple things to prepare for the Career Fair tomorrow!  That included polishing my resume, doing some research on the companies that are going to be there tomorrow and getting some appropriate business attire.  Being a little person it’s not always easy finding professional clothes that fit you properly and in the right spots.  After a mini shopping spree and some help from my wonderful mother, I found a sharp outfit for tomorrow 😉


Also, show off your professional dress to us via Instagram on Thursday at the Career Fair!  If you’re in the College of Business and are an avid Instagram user, make sure to go follow us on: @ecucob.   I’ll be there snapping pictures of people in their suits and posting them.  We will be choosing winners so make sure you look extra sharp! If you need some tips, make sure you check out my blog post from last week, which is posted below!

Suit Up

Can’t wait to see you guys there tomorrow 🙂

Blog by: Haley Nowlin


Leadership has recently become a commonly used buzzword. With such a term being used so frequently, I thought I’d delve deeper into leadership and it’s meaning to me.

The dictionary definition of leadership is ‘the action of leading a group of people or an organization; the state or position of being a leader; the capacity to lead.’ In my experiences with leadership, merely having the capacity or position to lead is not sufficient to truly be a leader. Simply being in a position to lead is not enough because a leader in today’s world is successful using influence rather than authority.


            Influence highlights the fact that a leader must have followers in order to lead. In order to have followers, a leader must be able to listen and understand. This is an essential skill that emphasizes leadership the most to me. As said by John Maxwell “people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.”

Follow the Leaders: Kendell Harris on the LaPDP

Blog Author: Kendell Harris

I am hoping to use my experience as student, Graduate Assistant and a beneficiary of the Leadership and Professional Development Program (LAPDP) to give real life and practical examples of how the LAPDP can help student’s careers.

My Experience as a Student

In the fall semester of 2010 I transferred from Pitt Community College to East Carolina University as a junior. I had the opportunity to participate in 3 of the 4 LAPDP courses and learned firsthand from business professionals that teach the courses now.

My Experience as a Graduate Assistant

In the fall semester of 2012 I started the Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) at East Carolina University and have worked for the BUSI 2200 and BUSI 3200 classes.

My Experience as a Beneficiary

Between attending Undergraduate and Graduate School, I worked as an intern at Ernest and Young. Using the LAPDP helped me not only get the internship, but to work with teams to successfully complete the internship.