Important Tips to Know As a College Student

One thing I enjoy doing in my free time is reading.  Not only books, but articles as well.  Usually when people post articles on Facebook I keep scrolling on down, but one of my Facebook friends shared an interesting article the other day that really caught my eye.  It was called “100 Things That You Need To Understand While You Are Still In College”.  While I’m not going to post all 100 bullets, I do want to share my favorite 20 things that were listed in this article.

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1.)    You will learn more from your experiences than you will from class

2.)    You will meet a lot more people if you do get involved.

3.)    Building relationships will get you farther than networking.

4.)    Being smart is sexy

5.)    The way people see you is just as important as the way you see yourself

6.)    Your phone and your computer should not take all you attention. Look around and observe life around you.

7)    Study in different places rather than just the library

8)    Keep a Journal.  You’ll thank me when you’re older.

9.)  People will help you with almost anything if you say you’re a student.

10.) Travel now.  Life gets busy and so do your friends.

11.) This is the best you’ll ever look so make sure to take pictures

12.)  Support your parents. They like when their kid recognizes them for their achievements just as much as they recognize you for yours.

13.)  Karma is a real thing

14.) Shaving is a good thing for both men and women

15.)  Look people in the eyes when you talk to them.  Otherwise you don’t look sincere.

16.) Being financially independent is extremely rewarding

17.) One of the best skills to have is to being able to hold a conversation, regardless of the topic.

18.) No one cares how good you look at 8 a.m.

19.) Anytime there is something (free food) it’s worth it to show up.

20.) Make sure the people around you are happy. It will give your life more meaning.

Most people say college is the greatest 4 years of your life.  This article really emphasized taking all the meaning from the college experience that you possibly can.  The thing I liked about this article was the honesty and relate ability factor.  I’m sure there has been many times in your college career you wish you would’ve had insight to events before they occurred.  I also like how it had points that related to things that occur in a normal college student’s personal life and portrayed it in an informative and truthful standpoint, instead of just talking about academics.  It is true, in the long run you will learn more from your 4 (or maybe a couple more 😉 ) years here than you will in any classroom.  If you want to check out the full article the link is listed below 🙂

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