Happy Halloween!

What was once a holiday for kids to dress up and spend a couple hours going door-to-door to get a sugar rush, has now become a special occasion where kids AND adults have learned to love to play dress up. By taking a trip to a costume store, or a place like Target, you would think that kids are almost forgotten with how much popularity adult costumes have gained within the past couple of years. The message: even though we are bigger older and hopefully more mature, we can have just as much fun with Halloween.

Although some don’t have the time or money to really get into it and end up settling for something easy or generic, it is much more fun to be creative. This Thursday we are having some of our own fun in the College Of Business. Stop by Bate 3001 to get your picture taken to be submitted into an album on Facebook. Whoever gets the most “likes” wins, and of course, we will be giving out goodies! Even if you don’t have the time to come to campus dressed up, we will have fun props so come by the 3rd floor computer lab and get your picture taken 🙂

In honor of some Halloween spirit here are some cute and quirky ideas I found, while browsing for some ideas of my own:

1.) dunkin
Dunkin’ Doughnuts

2.) energizer bunny
Energizer Bunny

3.) coke
Pepsi & Coke

4.) toothfairy
Toothfairy & Tooth

5.) castaway

Don’t forget to come dress up and have fun with us on Thursday! Everyone have a fun and SAFE Halloween! 🙂

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