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Happy Break!

After a very busy past couple of days it’s finally time to go home this afternoon! I hope everyone has a good safe and fun break! Eat lots of turkey and make sure to check out my blogpost next week to see lots of pictures from our New York AWNY trip we had this past weekend 🙂

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

What are the benefits of Group Work?

As things seemed to be slowing down mid week last week, they are definitely back in full motion once again. One thing that has seemed to be a constant theme throughout my classes this semester is group work and group projects. I have a group paper and group presentation in every class I’m in, which is a first for me. Of course I’ve done group work before but never in all my classes at one time. All the work seems to be at crunch time right now, and sometimes it is somewhat tricky to plan and coordinate around everyone’s schedule to meet. By the time you are almost done with college, you may be asking: “What is the point of still doing group work?” Between communication style differences, different goals, or lack of patience, even the thought of a group assignment may seem exhausting.

Usually, whenever a student hears the dreaded words “Get in a group” the typical student wants to drink 5 gallons of orange juice after brushing their teeth, rather than doing a group project. The most common problem is one or two people doing the majority of work, and the other members slacking, and not carrying their fair share of work. Being a student myself and doing “group work” for the past 15 years of my life, I can definitely relate to the feeling of dread. However, if group work is done right there can be a lot more benefits than you think:

1.) Being able to plan and manage time
2.) Develop stronger communication skills
3.) Take on certain roles/responsibilities
4.) Sharpen skills on being confident enough to voice your own opinions and ideas
5.) Being able to resolve conflicts if they arise
6.) Increase social skills and social support of other team members
7.) Seeing different perspectives your peers have
8.) Increased efficiency of work if everyone does their share—Things get done faster vs. doing the whole project on your own.
9.) Improve relationship skills
10.) Being exposed to diversity of your peers

The last thing to keep in mind next time you are assigned a group project or some type of team work is that it improves your abilities to be able to work in real world situations. Of course, it is not to say that group work does not come with their fair share of challenges, but when you graduate and get a job, you will be expected to be able to work with others in a team. It is inevitable that at some point in your career you will have to collaborate ideas with other people. Practicing these skills now may seem like torture from our professors, but really it is a blessing in disguise.

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

So much to do, So little time

So there’s that saying:

“So much to do, so little time”.

Which is basically my life in a nutshell right now. As I’m sitting here writing this, it’s about the first resting and relaxing moment I’ve had in the past couple days. I literally fell asleep with my book last night (I should probably stop reading my textbooks in bed…Like I can read and sleep at the same time). The downfall of having multiple tests in the beginning of the week, is like it explains itself in plain text, is having tests in the beginning of the week, when your brain doesn’t seem to be 100% in full circle yet. The good news is, you knock them out and have the next couple days of the week to take it a bit easier. With having a couple straight hectic days where I feel like I’m scrambling around like a chicken that just got its head cut off, it makes moments like this while I’m sitting on my couch with a chocolate bar in hand, all that more worthwhile.

With the spare time I have, I’m doing some research on the New York trip I’m going on next Thursday (eeee so close!) for my advertisement class. Like I mentioned in last week’s post, time is truly flying! New York is such a pretty city, especially this time of year, and I’m excited to represent ECU and learn more about advertising in general, and also the career options within it. Of course I’ll be posting lots of pictures so stay posted! 🙂

Time is Flying

What is time? We measure it with calendars, clocks, and watches but how do you measure it within yourself? Minutes, hours, days, and years are all made up of elements of time, but rarely do we stop to think about the concept itself. It’s like it was the first week of school in August and I blinked and woke up in November. If someone told me at the start of the semester how the rest of the semester was going to play out, and how many people I would get the opportunity to get to know and work with, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. This past semester has flown by to say the least and I am coming up quickly on the last semester of my college career. Between registering for my last semester not too long ago, applying for graduation, and celebrating the last couple of fun monumental moments, such as Halloween, Homecoming, and the last few football games with my friends, it’s all bittersweet!

Classes are in the home stretch, meaning it’s that time in the semester where we’re in the calm before the storm. With final exams starting in about one month from now, it’s easy to get antsy anxious and flustered. Although I don’t have as much free time as I did as a freshman, sophomore, or even just last semester, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being involved and busy gives me a sense of accomplishment. Although the constant theme of my weeks has seemed to be running around from task to task between school, studying, internship work and having a job, it’s always important to remind yourself to stop and enjoy the now.

A couple things I enjoy doing to relax from a busy schedule are doing yoga and pilates with my roommates, having a girls dinner night with some friends whether it’s going out to eat or staying at home and cooking, or something as simple as taking a bath and reading a good book, or going for a quick run. It’s an important time of the semester to remember to relax and keep your cool to stay focused on what’s important! After all I only have one more semester to enjoy being a college student before the real world 🙂

Baked Tacos for dinner with some friends!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin